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Simple Knife Disarming Technique

As promised here is the knife disarming video. Pay attention, this is the real deal. These are not showy difficult to master martial arts moves. These are the simplest most effective knife disarming techniques known to man.

As you saw in the video you never want to attempt a disarm technique until your attacker has committed himself by stepping forward with his back foot (if the knife is in his right hand the right foot is the back foot).

Knife Disarming: Commit To The Stab

Once he commits he has lost much of his thrusting power and maneuverability. This is the most crucial part of the technique.

When he commits to the stab you need to throw the cross block while simultaneously stepping back. The cross block redirects the stab downward and stepping back moves your body away from the blade. The combination ensures that you don’t get stabbed.

Knife Disarming: The Cross Block

The cross block is great because like Randy says in the video it doesn’t have to be aimed perfectly to work. You have a wide range where you will still deflect and redirect the knife.

This one of the most important knife disarming techniques you can learn. It is crucial to practice this technique to get it right. You will need a training partner and a dummy knife. If you don’t have a dummy knife you can simply use a wooden dowel or some other safe item that resembles a knife.

Practice slow at first to make sure you understand the joint lock and gradually speed up the motion. The goal is to be able to use this technique full speed without letting the blade touch you.

Randy and Bob make this technique look easy (and in truth it is a simple technique) but don’t be fooled. They have years of experience. It will take some time to master, but it is well worth it. And even if you don’t have the time to spend to master it, simply being good enough can save your life.

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