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Fight Fast is dedicated to cutting through all the BS that people have been convinced of regarding learning how to protect and defend yourself, your loved ones, and to protect things/people that are dear to them.

Contrary to popular myths perpetuated by Hollywood and stereotypical beliefs regarding martial arts, karate etc., learning to fight can be easy, fast and brutally effective. I’ve spent the past 20 year working with some of the most feared and respected men in the self defense and hand to hand combat industry. Together with them TRS Direct (parent company of has produced and sold the highest quality self defense instructional videos ever made.

The instructors include ex Navy SEALs, former Delta Force Operators (the elite special ops unit of the army, even more elite than the Green Berets), Black Ops Soldiers, Department of Defense Contractors, Federal Agents, Countless Expert Martial Artists, Street and Cage Fighters, ex Gang Enforcers, and many more.

In my video packages they will show you exactly how to protect and defend yourself, while giving you a huge boost in self-confidence knowing you can “handle” just about anything.

The best way to get started is to get my Free 15 Brutal Fight Enders Package.

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28 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ve been receiving your emails with all the videos that you offer. I am 65 with little time to practice. Plus at my age it’s hard to retain what I see. If you could only recommend one video for someone my age to purchase, which one would it be? and why??

  2. Hi,

    I have some questions about one of Christopher Clugston’s DVDs. I came across Chris Clugston’s DVD on Cohmrac Bas which claims to be an instructional DVD about techniques which have been rediscovered from the gladiators of ancient Rome. It also claims that it “BEATS all the Oriental martial arts ever developed-hands down!”. I think that it a very bold claim to make about the effectiveness of this art over all the Oriental arts. Surely, it would be difficult to adequately respond to techniques which you are unfamiliar with such as the ninja choke or various Hwarang Do takedownws. Not only that, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been evolved far beyond the original Japanese version. It has a real focus on street fighting applicability now. In addition this, the Japanese Kyshu jutsu is an art which is almost entirely dedicated to pressure points or vital point striking. That would have to be a hard match to beat I would think.

    How is this fighting system more effective than all of the Oriental martial arts?

  3. I would like. To thank trs for the life changing dvds and making me a street survivor and for sending me the best instructional dvds ive ever seen

  4. Her safety is her responsibility as a human. I don’t hear many responses from the ladies out there, and we need this training the most!..Cathy Long is a great role model…after watching and training with these DVDs, I feel very secure in all situations. Alone in an elevator with a strange man? I smile and am as comfortable as can be…because I’ve identified targets, and am always ready to become “brutally effective”…cuz if he thinks he’s attacking me, no, IM ATTACKING HIM!! (inside joke if you havent watched 15 brutal fight enders.) Remember,Boyfriends might not always be there.

  5. need videos of protection oneself in a wheel chair, the ones I’ve seen of standing helped a lot, thank you. If you can show someone protecting himself in a wheel chair would be appreciated.

  6. I think and appreciate, all these quick take down and follow through videos..
    There affective, to the point and with the more practice the better..
    Awesome stuff..
    Why did it take so Long for your team of experts to get this out to us ??
    Thanks for this Vital information..

  7. Howdy very cool web site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds also…I’m happy to search out so many helpful information right here in the post, we need work out more strategies in this regard, thank you for sharing.

  8. I became a Hotlist member and I’ve purchased several items and videos from FightFast over the last couple of years. The information provided in your videos is something that everyone can definitely benefit from. The information provided in your instructional videos is world class! The techniques that are shown in each video are the techniques that are thought to some of our elite military special forces. These techniques are proven in real life and death scenarios in some of the ugliest places in the world. Each different instructor always shows multiple angles of each individual technique. And they break down each movement so that anyone can duplicate them and incorporate into their training regime. They give the viewer simple proven techniques in a step-by-step fashion. They provide every day people with the knowledge needed to hopefully save their lives and their families lives if needed. FightFast is simply the best!

  9. Question…..I’m looking for a handheld knife sharpener. I came across a brand called Sharpens Best. Has anyone purchased one of their knife sharpeners? What brand of knife sharpener do you recommend? I prefer a handheld knife sharpener and one that’s easy to use and will put the sharpest edge on my knives. Any and all help with this will be greatly appreciated!


  10. I would like to no if a guy in a Street fight is taller and had a much longer reach!! Can u please give me some information about how to put them down quickly and painfully

  11. This series of real world fighting techniques is invaluable in today’s world. WTSHTF for you may be in a parking lot with a robber or just going hiking or walking and being accosted by an idiot. When you get each DVD or free online video lesson practice, practice, practice. Just watching without practice is silly because you will make all your beginner mistakes at the worst possible time.

  12. I’ve absolutely enjoyed all the videos sent from you to myself, very good help if ever in a situation that can happen even in safe places.

    Thanks once again, Many thanks and i do hope to keep getting your videos and hopefully the offers too one day.


  13. Good Day Mr. Pierce.
    I like the videos, such simple techniques are vital to a successful fight. I am a former PKA fighter(1979-1983), and have been studying TKD and other Martial Arts for 42 years now. I studied under Grand Master Hee Il Cho for over a decade, and I am studying under Grand Master David Kovar presently when I can. In your technique video with Kathy Long, the grab from behind is simple and excellent, if I may suggest one thing, when grabbing then head for a takedown, for more stability in the left hand, while turning the head either, hook a finger in the ear or grab the chin, the left hand could easily slip off.
    I have also been teaching for 41 years. Please keep me informed and if there is anything that I can do, please feel free to ask.

  14. I would really love an opportunity to watch instructions on knife throwing…could you assist? Requards-