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Screw Driver Tracheotomy – Wicked Knife Throwing Secrets

Time To Put Your Knife Throwing Skills To Work

This video demonstrates that once you understand the how to throw and stick your Stinger Knife, you can also stick just about any pointed object with deadly force. In this case I’m throwing and sticking a set of screwdrivers deep into a torso of some very tough ballistic gel.

The X8 Stinger

If you’ve already ordered an X8 Stinger Throwing Knife along with the DVD, then you should seriously consider using your new skills to transform improvised weapons such as pens, sticks, re-bar, and other stuff you can find lying around into flying weapons.

It’s not only cool, but it can be a powerful personal combat tool in case you’re ever faced with a life and death confrontation and need to stop someone in their tracks — fast.

While the Stinger instructional DVD features a highly-trained U.S. Special Forces combat vet who also happens to be a knife-throwing expert, I personally have had NO experience throwing knives.

And yet, after only a short time — a matter of hours — I was not only able to throw and stick the Stinger knife, but could throw a set of screwdrivers with what would certainly be lethal force.

Here’s A Killer Deal

If you have NOT ordered the X8 Stinger Throwing Knife package, then I encourage you to do so NOW. Typically I do NOT use this blog to pitch product, but in this case I am starting to run out of Stingers and am not sure when or if I will get more manufactured.

So, to clear out the remaining inventory I’ve set up a killer deal for my hotlist:

  1. A 3-Pak of X8 Stinger Throwing Knives.
  2. One very tough nylon sheath to hold the knives.
  3. The Stinger DVD package.
  4. Free shipping and handling.

All that for just $19.95.

And of course with all TRS Products come with a 100% guarantee, so you’re taking no risk here.

Killer price… free sheath… free “how to” DVD… free shipping… and no risk. Doesn’t get any better than that.

But if you’re interested, you should do this now. It’s unlikely this Stinger 3-Pak deal will be around for long.

World's Fastest Drawing Knife.

You wanna try out the fastest drawing knife on the planet? Good. Because here's your chance to get it for FREE.

It even comes with a video showing you exactly how to draw this folder from your pocket (one-handed) so that it snaps open and is ready for action in the blink of an eye. (Your buddies are going to be sooo freaked out when they see this).

>> Your Lightning Fast “Striker” Here. <<

For a safer life…


Jimbo Curley
CEO, FightFast/TRS

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43 thoughts on “Screw Driver Tracheotomy – Wicked Knife Throwing Secrets”

  1. Please send me your x8 , stinger throwing knife package . What would be the best kind of practice target I could use. Thanks

  2. The stinger is awesome, never being a knife thrower after watching the tape and a little practise I was amazed how accurate I became, just a word of advice, if you have a squeemish wife don’t show her. I was proud of myself her not so much, however if put in a bad spot she would be grateful if it came down to saving her. Once again thanks Bob and the whole TRS crew.

  3. Hey man I have to hold on my comment !!!!! Because I’d say everything is a weapon, thank GOD I didn’t say anything about circumsizing or castration, thank you.

  4. Wicked skill development. Like to give it a shot . STill haven’t ordered stinger yet. Maybe tonight or wait till morning.

  5. Great demo, I am looking forward to receiving the x8 stinger package. Recently I lost my excellent TRS 325s Tactical Survival knife while fighting for my life, I had ended up in the water and in the struggle had lost the use of left arm. Thank God I did not drown, I’m still nursing injuries.

  6. would like to order lots of offers but they would be seized by customs even though i have a firearms license and even if it was allowed they would put large import duty on unless it was marked as a gift or a present the last time i was sent a free dvd customs wanted 20 dollars tax i refused delivery but that is england not so free as you think, John, English Defence league member.

  7. Hi,I am Prof Kachelhoffer from South-Africa.Awful video. I think one should be ready for a fight with what you have, like screwdrivers. Unfortunately, here in South-Africa, we havent got post delivery services at the moment. In fact, we havent received any post for the last 7 months. One cant order something, because you will just loose your money and never receive it. What about online DVD’S?

  8. Nice video except for one thing, the person never said how to throw the screwdrivers, is there a specific way or what technique did he use to propel them???? All we see is how they hit the target not how they were thrown.

  9. I would assume that most any hard object could be used as a self defense weapon as well as a screw driver. I never got a copy of the knife throwing video that he mentioned, but I would imagine that it would take a little knowledge and skill to make these screw drivers and a nail hit the intended target correctly.
    Thanks for the info.

  10. keep me in the purchase loop im interested but need time/money right now to accuire this knife/dvd at a later date so keep me posted in interested give me about a month or two to accumulate some cash and i will for sure order this

  11. I can’t watch anymore ; reminds me when I was attacked by someone smarter then me and I took his toy’s away from him an used them the against him . Oh by the way somebody tell Jimbo the lungs are a little lower there on the GEL torso please..

  12. OK, I’ll bite. But since our wonderful VA here in Florida just took me from 100% service connected disabled to 10%, and I’m 68, I really don’t have the extra cash at the moment. But cheaper than a box of shells.

  13. Ralph Thorne style, no flip, combat knife throwing. Great Stuff! The “Stinger” used to be made by Harry McCovey at True Balance, but subsequently the company was bought out by Cold Steel. Oh yeah… better be close when you throw your knives because they are too easy to dodge if thrown from a distance.

  14. Bob,
    Thanks for these knives. I ordered 1 set then I ordered another 4 sets. I had never thrown a knife before. Within days, I was sticking them every time from about 12-18 feet away. Then I started throwing at 9″ paper plates for accuracy. I hardly ever miss. The extra sets I bought I gave to my friends. Now we are going to put up 9″ paper plates in a tic-tac-toe fashion and have some fun, while improving our skills. Thanks, Bob!!

  15. Whoa! That’s some damage! Jimbo, how much force did you have to put into the throwing? Did you just throw normally or did you put your full strength behind the throw? I haven’t seen the video so I don’t know how you trained. Thank you for showing me how a simple tool (even a nail) can be a lethal weapon.

  16. Hey Jimbo, once again you’ve really wowed me with the most kick- ass info I’ve ever seen. The videos in this email I recieved from your FightFast archives are second to none. I think it’s about time, ( and the way things are in this world anymore ) that someone, that being you, stepped up and obtained this valueable information for regular guys like me. Yes I own plenty of guns and rifles and knives, but do I really know how to use em when it matters most? Hell no, but thanks to you and your FightFast collection, this 57 yr old guy is damn sure gonna learn. The same thing goes for the hand to hand self defense videos, all I can say is FightFast kicks major ass and I recomend it to any guy, ( or gal ) that wants to learn from the best real- life baddass guys who have been there and actually done it. Not movie stars if you know what I mean. Thanks again Jimbo

  17. I remember as a kid throwing screw drivers into the ground and also knives, we used to play this stretch game and throw close to are feet eventually going into the splits. That is if your flexible enough. Just remember trying to get to know the balance of it!

  18. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you that I most definitely enjoy your “how to” videos. I could actually watch this stuff all day. Thanks very much for sharing these ideas. I will continue to enjoy watching these informative offensive and defensive tactics.

  19. Yes, here in the UK, screwdrivers used to be a favourite weapon for burglars to carry. So you’d probably get arrested and charged if found with one, certainly if it was sharpened. On the other hand, a guy in the Territorial Army once told me that to lethally disrupt the Heart Muscle you needed something an inch wide. So I guess this guy should practice thowing a chisel.

  20. I bought a five in one survival knife from y’all.
    I somehow lost the magnesium fire starter.
    I think it was lost when I dropped the knife.
    I didn’t even have a chance to use it.
    Is there any way I can get another magnesium fire starter or do I have to purchase a whole new knife ?
    I have a camping trip coming up in a couple weeks and I would really like to be prepared.
    Please respond promptly.
    Much respect; Dustin LeClair

  21. I would like to be able to order just the DVD. I carry one of your knives all the time because my job precludes me from carrying a firearm but no one has ever paid any mind to the nice basketweave sheath my 325S rides in. Knowing how to throw it effectively would be a plus.

  22. Good to learn skills that may one day save your life as well as the lives of family and friends thanks for sharing this knowledge

  23. If you happen to buy the stinger knife throwing set, don’t be surprised if you only get one knife and no DVD and they give you a hassle sending the other 2 knives and DVD to you. I still haven’t received my other 2 knives and DVD and this has been about 7 months, so I just finally gave up. Lesson learned the hard way.

  24. Hi.

    I have a set of the TRS.x8 ‘Stinger’ throwing knives, and I’m wondering if it would be possible to purchase a sheath or two, as they did not come with one. I’d really appreciate hearing back from you.

    I like the feel of these knives and also got the accompanying video some time ago. I have been carrying a couple of them in the cardboard ‘sheaths’ they arrived in., but have been meaning to get around to asking if there are separate sheaths available for them.

    Thank you.

  25. Just a quick note(not so quick, I actually type)to give an ata-boy where it’s earned. I want to let you & your team know that I appreciate the work your doing to inform people on how to stay safe in this ever increasingly hostile environment we call our home. As a Marine I was taught to survive, but I never thought violence would be so prevalent in America. People in the know, know a nation as great as ours has very little to fear from outsiders. However, the strongest nation on earth can be weakened by strife from within. We are our brothers keeper. May we turn back to God is my prayer for our great nation. I also pray for your wisdom in dissifering information. God bless your great little company. Your friend, Rev. Kenneth Willis