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Do You Have Bad Intentions?

Welcome Back!

Jim West was recently at our studio to provide some expert instruction on a few new weapon projects. As expected, we had a great time. Jim has a way of tossing out nuggets of combat wisdom in passing that really stick with you. Here’s one thing he brought up that many of us don’t give enough thought to:

“Bad Intentions”

Jim pointed out that in a life or death self-defense situation, you MUST have bad intentions. If you aren’t mentally prepared to hurt your attacker, you are much less likely to survive. The survival mindset is an aggressive one.

For Jim, it’s about flipping the switch from polite citizen to “ass kicking” mode as quickly as possible. How fast can you make the switch? Seriously, think about that for a minute…

Most of us grew up being told we have to be kind to others… and we should. Most of us were scolded for hitting others at a young age… also a good thing. Because of our parent’s strong values and guidance we developed into kind and respectful citizens.

Here’s the Problem…

If kindness and respect are your norms, how do you “flip the switch?” For some, it’s very difficult and can take a second or two. For others, they just can’t seem to make the switch. Why is it so difficult for us? We are conditioned to be non-violent. Criminals expect good victims, and for the most part, people are. The criminal’s instinct is to take what they want through intimidation, deception, and violence. Ours is to earn what we want through honest, hard work.

In the critical few moments leading up to physical contact, most of us are looking for ways to de-escalate the situation, or are simply paralyzed by fear (or an ingrained hesitancy to hurt another human being). All this works to the criminal’s advantage.

So You MUST Be Proactive

If you wait for a life-threatening situation to decide what to do, you are leaving too much up to chance. You must decide ahead of time where your “line in the sand” is. And if it’s crossed, how far will you go?

Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. How dirty will you fight?
    2. Are you out for blood?
    3. Will you wait to be hit first?

Don’t Get Me Wrong

I’m not suggesting you fly off the handle at the slightest chance of a conflict. But when trouble comes knocking, you’d better be mentally prepared to take care of the problem and resolve yourself to do what you think is necessary.

Keep in mind hundreds, if not thousands of people have been killed with just one punch. So, as far as I’m concerned, there are no “little scuffles” in the street. This isn’t the playground. A grown man trying to hit me IS life threatening, every time. When you engage you must truly intend on hurting the person. You can’t fake it.

Aggression and self-preservation are basic animal instincts. Use them. If you are simply defending (as in, only using defensive moves) your attacker will likely keep at it, until he has worn you down. Your defense has to hurt him. It must have those bad intentions.

The Reality Is This

With the exception of a skilled counter-fighter, aggressors control the encounter. If you willingly let the attacker maintain his role as the leader in the encounter you are leaving too much up to chance. Hoping he’ll give up, hoping somebody will come to the rescue, hoping he won’t hurt you too bad, or hoping he’ll leave your family alone.

Don’t hope… ACT. We’ve talked about mindset before and this won’t be the last time we talk about it. But I think Jim West has a unique and valuable way of looking at this issue, that may resonate in a different way than some of our previous articles.

What Do You Think?

When trouble comes, will you have the strength to flip the switch? Let me know in the comments below!

For a safe life…

Dean Horine, Special Projects

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530 thoughts on “Do You Have Bad Intentions?”

  1. Having been the only girl among 4 brothers who absolutely hated me for being a girl, I had to fight all the time. There is nothing wrong with defending oneself. There is nothing wrong with ending someone’s aggression’s against you. Its time to recognize that among us are enemies. It will not save your life to be unaware of their intentions. I am not here to be a target. We can no longer assume that we can walk the streets in safety. Those days are over.

  2. Not only do you need to be mentally prepared to change your attitude but you must be offensive minded first not defensive minded you need to strike first.

  3. I disabled with movement difficulties I I’m not able to make Swift moves without encountering some resistance and my body to executing flawlessly and freely I wish there was some other techniques specially made for Mobility problems and disabled people can help themselves whether they are in a mobile scooter or in a wheelchair or use a Rollator walker I know there’s ways to use a cane but if you are not able to stand up properly or very long or move without the use of support there needs to be specific techniques for these type people like me not only that but with my disability I can’t even afford your cheapest prices thank you for your free videos that I can at least plug in my mind and hope that one day God and my body can accomplish that which is needed without even thinking about it it will be a trained reaction but I can’t be trained without being able to work a reaction properly and execute a smooth move

  4. I’m disabled with back problems and I live in Greenville ms so anytime I go anywhere I’m in danger. I’m always scared that we could be a target. I used to bartend so I used to be pretty tough but those days are gone. I really dont think i have the mental thinking because of pain I’m in to be aware and do anything.

  5. I’ve read several comments on here about disabled folks wanting to defend themselves but not being able to move fast enough to do so. This is a real problem and one that I hope can be addressed. I really hate to see these type of people get taken advantage of.

  6. A real physical threat HAS to be naturalized.. Whether it be friends or family, neighbor, female, or anyone being bullied or intimidated, any of these, if the situation calls for physical action, the ones that know me or are around me, I shall defend.. period.

  7. Nothing is wrong with defending yourself. I will end their aggression. He has become my enemy. He is my target and my mental state is to fight. I will destroy what wants to inter fear with my family.

  8. It’s true. The streets are a jungle out there on the streets. You have to move fast and guick and get out. Thank You So Much. God Bless.

  9. The only reason that I have been looking into all this stuff for a while now. I am afraid to fight, your course has helped with my fears a lot . I still not looking for a fight but I am not as afraid as before I haven’t had a fight since I was in the 3rd grade and I am almost 72 yrs old now. I have relied on my sinces to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many times I had bad feelings so I left the place to find out later that all hell broke out after I left and sometimes killings. When I get the feeling , I obey them. But your courses and products has helped me a lot not to have the fears. But I still hope to continue the practice of not being there when the shit hits the fan.

  10. This article “Do you have bad intentions” has.given me something to chew on. I’ve read this article with much interest. I have always been taught. to be kind to others ,avoid confrontation walk way from trouble but sometimes walking away its not possiable. I believe I am going to face confrontation in the next two week’s that will cause one of us to get hurt and in my opinion it damn sure won’t be me.

  11. I am a small, in 60’s woman. Your articles are informative. Due to my size, age and health, physical confrontation I would be in a lose situation, hence I carry, with no problem with using. But your articles keep me in the correct mind set, since it is easy to be relaxed living away from the majority of people. Biggest threat right now are bears LOL. Thanks again.

  12. When I was younger I was confident I could defend myself and others, and did so when I had to. I guess I did flip some kind of switch, because I don’t remember much about the fights except that the other guy ended up on the ground bleeding, and I didn’t. At 77 with osteoporosis and arthritis, I no longer feel confident. I know that, if I punch someone, my hand will be broken. I try to avoid places where problems are likely to occur and hope I can figure out something to do if I have to. Carrying is a possibility, but with a tremor and lessened vision, my shooting is not what it used to be.

  13. I want to thank you for the literature. Even tho i do not have the means at this moment to accept the wonderful gifts you offer i as many have to endure the streets in more than desired amounts of time. In turn i have been reading your emails and the things you have sent and i am able to read are strong enough and supportive enough for the parts i do know to gain strength and give confidence to my rather insecure and modest ways of responding to the encounters i cross thru my daily moments. I just wanna thank you for the encouraging and strength building words and positive feed. A woman in circumstantial position…. My gratuitous acknowledgement to YOU….TY AGAIN

  14. I cant wait every segment of fight fast…it empowers me. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of self preservation. I tell my wife…if confrontation should happen…this ole boys gonna get the surprise of a lifetime!

  15. Things are going to be worse before they get better and crime and people with bad intensions are everywhere so you have to ask yourself what are you going to be a victim or the Victor! You have to woop some ass sometimes!

  16. I’ve always had that mindset… at least as an adult. Alot of times people looked at me a little weird or even thought I was ruthless, leaving me to say something like “Did you already forget the scenario? The scenario is YOU are being attacked and YOU’RE life is being threatened, and in that scenario I’m going to be as ruthless as possible and absolutely anything goes that will help me walk away from that scenario alive and literally be able to live to fight another day.” Like you said, this isn’t some playground scuffle. It’s a life-threatening scenario we’re talking about. And if I ever find myself in one, absolutely anything goes… anywhere from biting and eye gouging to throwing hot coffee in their face or stabbing them with a pencil… Anything! You only live life exactly once and not even for one second am I about to let some street bum ruin that for me because it’s the only one I have and I am thankful for it and I value it and I take it very serious because I understand just how precious and sacred it really is. No matter who you are, you come into this world with one thing and one thing only, your life. Understand the value of it, and treat it accordingly.

  17. Good Mornin’, Your philosophy & recommendations leading to action is well commended. However I was taught that when trained in these deadly skills, that there is the MORAL OBLIGATION to allow those attempting to intimidate & or attack that this pilgrim is not without backbone or abilities. This is not for their benefit but MY own peace of mind. I like to be able to smile back at myself in the mirror. Thank you Wally “Da Wall”

  18. I have been lucky so far, lost my father at 11 vr s old. Have 5 sisters younger than me and as big Bro I had to take care of them.

  19. I respect your comment about a skilled counter fighter as in karate in most cases you must “receive” before you can “give”. Translated properly means let someone commit themselves and thereby opening themselves to a serious counter attack. I’ve been in karate for fifty years and still workout. However, as you stated, there are instances where your intuition should prevail and attack first. However, that is a rather difficult concept to teach a normal mortal. Nice talking to you.


  20. My mind set every day is that if/when I am confronted, it was the attacker that initiated the situation, and he/she will have to accept my response. I will be fighting for MY life, not to save theirs.

  21. there is no such thing as fighting dirty, there is only fighting to win and you start out with what other people would call dirty, I call it survival. Nothing is off the table when you are threatened, go for the throat, eyes, palm blows to shatter the ear drums, mandible claw is never expected and crotch, maneuver to get behind them and hit as hard as you can for nerve bundles and the temple.

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