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Scott Pilkinton’s “Trachea Hold” Video Post

Hey, Gang!

Our most recent instructor is a Golden Gloves Champion U.S. Marine Corps boxer with serious street credibility working as an executive protection specialist and nightclub bouncer in some of the most gang-infested cities in CA. He’s earned serious respect because he knows how to both kill, and/or control crazed lunatics with his bare hands. Instead of me talking him up, I’m just gonna let Scott speak for himself as he demonstrates to you how to make this work.

How To Pick Locks. (Who Needs Keys?)

You may find this shocking, but picking open a standard "tumbler" lock, (like the one on your front door), is pretty damn easy when you know how it's done.

And in a "meltdown" survival situation, (once the smash-n-grab crowd has stolen everything not tied-down), the food and water and secure shelter will all be behind locked doors, (which explains why Special Forces are often trained in lock picking... and why they carry a set of lock pics with them).

It's a lot of fun learning this skill, (it doesn't take long)... and kinda nice to help out that buddy locked out of his house after the wife discovered what really happened on that "no money down" real estate seminar in Vegas.

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Be careful! This is not a hold you go throwing on your 12-year-old or—heaven forbid—your wife so you can test whether or not it really works. Hope you enjoyed this short, albeit painful, lesson from Pilkinton.

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367 thoughts on “Scott Pilkinton’s “Trachea Hold” Video Post”

  1. A great move, however at age close to 75 I doubt it would work for me, Mr.Pilkinton is a muscled man, this move would have come in handy many years ago when i grew up in NYC, but Thank You for sending it.

  2. I was taught this move by a correlation officer and he said this is the most dangerous and will submit the trouble makes mind and corporate

  3. Used this hold in the bars (working)several times and once on my ex-wife. She was angry, intoxicated and firing a gun in the house. When I took the gun away from her she stabbed me in the eyes with her fingernails, blinding me. I wrapped her up and applied this hold, about 30 secs to unconsciousness. No bruises and a short nap.

  4. Looks like a great move/hold but what about their free arm and hand? Will the trachea squeeze if tightened work to stop them from throwing anything from their free arm?

  5. Ok.
    I’m 5′ 6″, and female. 120 lbs.
    My assailant was 6′ 3″, and 270 lbs. Male.
    How would you use this hold on someone 9″ taller…???

  6. I have used this technique before.
    That person did not want to fight any more.
    He wanted to go away and fast.

  7. It works on an average person! I found that if they work out especially shoulders and neck You might have a hard time putting the squeeze on them!
    Or even getting a grip on the neck might be a challenge! In that case instead of grabbing the neck you can punch them in the throat or chop them in the same are ! Thanks for the input!

  8. Very successful move. I’m 60 years old and am in pretty good shape. I used this on a much bigger guy years ago and removed him quickly.

  9. Most women have stronger hands than they think they do but the move would have to be done correctly and aggressively because they will flail their arms . If they try to get out of the hold by lifting up so much the better. How to get out of that hold is what I’d like to learn.

  10. I ve used this before bouncing in some of the roughest bars . Controlling someone is a lot better than hurting somone unnesasarily .

  11. This is for you young folks who enjoy hand to hand combat! At my age(84), no such adversary is going to get so close to me, without going down permanently! He’ll never get to know what a choke hold feels like, unless he behaves himself!

  12. Nice move, but I have one that works a little better that I’ve performed successfully many times. I’m also smaller that the instructor. Hit me up to dicuss.

  13. Keep up on the videos, there’s great self-defense videos about the videos etc. I know a lot of moves already but it’s good to see someone is trying to teach the public , On self-defense I want to see it in the video, it helps sure exactly what needs to be done! As a martial artist, are used to go for the girl in the eyes and throat and I’ll take anybody down no matter what size they are, but I love your videos keep them up, thank you you’re a loyal customer PW

  14. I have used that hold on several occasions and I know it works very well to control a bad situation. Good move

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