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Scott Pilkinton’s “Trachea Hold” Video Post

Hey, Gang!

Our most recent instructor is a Golden Gloves Champion U.S. Marine Corps boxer with serious street credibility working as an executive protection specialist and nightclub bouncer in some of the most gang-infested cities in CA. He’s earned serious respect because he knows how to both kill, and/or control crazed lunatics with his bare hands. Instead of me talking him up, I’m just gonna let Scott speak for himself as he demonstrates to you how to make this work.


Be careful! This is not a hold you go throwing on your 12-year-old or—heaven forbid—your wife so you can test whether or not it really works. Hope you enjoyed this short, albeit painful, lesson from Pilkinton.

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343 thoughts on “Scott Pilkinton’s “Trachea Hold” Video Post”

  1. What if the person is much taller than you. Wrapping your arm around theirs isn’t going to lift him off balance is it? I understand that grabbing the throat like that would get someone’s attention but it your not as big or strong as the other guy you might have just made a grave mistake.

  2. Thanks so much for the recent info; I’m not looking for a fight, but if one comes my way at least I know I’m ready!!!!! Please keep the videos coming????

  3. If your smaller than the guy your hold. Your gonna die if you do this without working out your next move. I suggest a off Ballance backward trip of the nearest leg. Behind the knee and as he struggles backwards to loosen the grip he will go down. Don’t let him get up again.

  4. I’m looking for the video blog that was done when someone grabs you and you twist their wrist off u with your fingers and put your thumbs in their knuckles. I can’t seem to get it down right bi have weak hands.

  5. hi scott, i’m art,thats a nice move. Im no longer in martial arts, but I still like to see what other ma do and teach so thanks for the lesson.
    by the way,for #6 Scott a nice ridge hand or tiger claw to the throat works very well also.

  6. I Have a move called the chewy move. It involves delivery to the pressure point on the chin. A chewy Is a pack of Wrigley gum. Try asking your attackers if they would like some.

  7. That hold works very good
    Iin high school a kid 3 years older and 50 lbs heavier grabed me by my shoulder muscle. To make it worse he was in the seat behind me
    I guess he was showing off to hisiers saying to me does it make you wanna cry. When i grabbed his throat i asked him the same question as teard rolled down his cheek he never bothered me again

  8. Dear fightfast,
    Wow, thanks for sending me these incredible fighting techniques. The magic finger, the finger splitter, the head slap. Really appreciate you sending them to me.

  9. How about just punching them in the trach! That’s even faster and more effective…no one wants to stop breathing!

  10. The trackia hold is very much effective,along with many of the other moves I’ve seen of yours.How about some advanced moves!?

  11. Where’s that magnetic whip that goes around your neck, which is an actual weapon? Wanted to get one but lost that e-mail.

  12. Moves are Great. To apply them while attempting to fight is something to have self control. Great moves for a quick stop.

  13. That is something everyone could use. But couldn’t your opponent come down with his free arm and knock the hand holding the throat down?

  14. As an eye doc, please allow me to suggest an additional reason this is effective: it cuts down or off the major blood supply to the front of the brain, including, of course, the eyes.
    Hesitant to perform this on a person a lot larger than I am, as it leaves open his left arm and right knee.

  15. I am a older man, legs are not the best. I’m not sure someone will let an old man that close to use your move. Have you got a better move for older people?

  16. Yes very effective I used this as a Bartender / Bouncer at my Mothers Tavern a few times to get control of unruley patrons who stepped way out of line . The biggest thing about it is once word got around I had very few problems after the those first few times I used it . Heck I am not really that big of a man 5′ 10″ and at that point in time only 160 lbs , basically a skinny runt . But wiry , I have had my days and been had a time or two but all I was attempting to do was keep the peace at Mom’s place . Most respected that and for those that didn’t well They learned , at times fairly painfully that you don’t misbehave at Mom’s Barroom and Grill .

  17. enjoy the self-defense videos, with practice the advise and means for self-defense can be learned and the best thing is most are not complex

  18. I’m familiar with the effects of crushing the trachea as a defensive move in a life-threatening situation. Good to know there’s an effective “alternative” move that needn’t be life-threatening to the opponent, but the difference between the two is a little complicated — getting one’s other arm in a position to hold the opponent in the “come along” position looks to be rather tricky.

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