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My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy for Doing This…

Am I losing my mind?

Maybe… But I sure as hell never want to be caught without a knife. That’s why I recently started carrying two of them, every day. Why two knives you ask? Here are just a few reasons:

For Everyday Use

Pocket Knives

First, I use a knife every day for utility purposes. By carrying knives with different sizes and blade shapes it’s more likely that I will have a better tool for the job. I can also carry one knife that is my “beater” (The one I don’t hesitate to get muddy, sticky, or greasy).

For Self-Defense

Next, in a self-defense situation you never know if the knife kept on your dominant side will be inaccessible. Perhaps an attacker has you pinned against a wall, has control of your arm, etc.

Also, if forced to stab an attacker, it is very possible the knife will be difficult to recover, a grisly thought but it is a real problem (Muscles tend to clench around the blade). If there is a second attacker you’ll be glad you brought a backup.

Self-Defense Situation Number 3 (okay, my overactive imagination is probably the real reason my wife thinks I’m crazy): Carrying blades on different portions of the body can be an advantage if you are taken to the ground. This is a great reason to carry a boot knife. I can keep going with the self-defense scenarios but I think you get the point.

As a Survival Tool

A knife is also one of the two most critical survival tools we have (a fire source being the second). As the old saying goes “Two is one, and one is none.” You can expect that if the SHTF you’d immediately drop your one and only knife into a mud hole, or it would fall out of a pocket in the dark. A backup is just common sense.

Okay, you can see that there are a lot of good reasons to carry two knives. Even so, some people may question my logic by saying that if this were the case we may as well carry two of everything—two sets of keys, two wallets, two cell phones, etc.

Here’s the Thing

It’s possible for us to take preparation to such an extreme that it becomes impossible to lead a normal life. The difference, especially with knives, is the relative ease of carrying two. With so many knives on the market it is easy to find a backup that is inconspicuous, small, and comfortable. What I’m trying to say is that the downside is so small and the upside so large that it’s simply a no-brainer, at least for me.

So what do you think?

Am I the only one who carries two knives? Let me know in the comments below!

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1,124 thoughts on “My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy for Doing This…”


  2. For the 75-year-old lady with arthritis and a bad back. No knife you just carry will be of much benefit because you would be unpracticed with it. A medium-size, easy to open folding knife would be best for you. Use it all the time to cut yarn or thread, sharpen pencils, clean your nails, etc. so that you are familiar with it. You probably will never need it for cutting a bad buy or slicing a rope you’ve been tied with, but on the very slim possibility that you DO need it for something like that, you’ll have it and know how to use it.

  3. When I’m in public I have 7-8 potential weapons
    on me (none of them visible). I have two hip replacements and cannot run from danger. I would have to contend with my assailants. Let the chips
    fall, someone’s going to bleed!

  4. You’re not crazy, any more than I am. I carry three. AT ALL TIMES!!! I carry one in my right front pocket for every day, cutting wrap no round bales of hay, etc… I also carry one in my left rear pocket that has a clip on it, so it doesn’t fall out. The third on is on a chain around my neck. I learned the value of that in some very narrow tunnels in southeast Asia.

  5. If you are crazy then I must be a complete nut. I’ve been carrying two knives for years. Hell if I’m completely honest I carry three …. or more. It depends on where I’m going or what I’m doing and there is always plenty of options in the night stand beside the bed. Like you said, “no brainier”.

  6. I agree 100% with you. A carry 1 pocket knife for every day use and one clip on from you for self defense. I also keep one from you at bed side and one in my office.

  7. I am a life long martial artist and Kravist. I am also an electrician. I use a knife everyday and Yes I do carry more than 1. I have a Fox Dart on my left side for easy opening with my left hand. Folding utility knife in my front right pocket and the Krudo Snag in my rear right pocket. Always stay prepared!

  8. I’ve carried a knife every day since I was 8 years old, that’s over 50 years. Left front pocket has a 4 inch folder and multitool.

  9. I carry at least three knives on me at all times. My primary is a Cold Steel Ti Lite VI. I showed it to my local sporting goods dealer and he said, “My God man, thats a sword not a knife”. It is for self defense only and actually fits in my pocket without notice. My secondary is a Spyderco Tenacious. It does the bulk of my grunt work. I use it virtually every day. My third is a small SOG with a 1 1/2″ blade for those small chores like taking the paper cover under Ketchup bottle tops off. I use this knife is almost a daily use also. I live in an earthquake prone area and those knives live in my two front pockets of my pants and there if I need to evacuate quickly and for any multitude of uses. I forgot to mention that I also carry a Gerber Dime mini multitool that also has a small blade along with other useful tools that I actually use.

  10. I have carried 2 or more most of my life. I don’t know what to do without atlest 2 on myself daily. I have been collecting cence I was 8 years old, and after cancer I have made it to 52,I also like fixing them.

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