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Do You Have Bad Intentions?

Welcome Back!

Jim West was recently at our studio to provide some expert instruction on a few new weapon projects. As expected, we had a great time. Jim has a way of tossing out nuggets of combat wisdom in passing that really stick with you. Here’s one thing he brought up that many of us don’t give enough thought to:

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“Bad Intentions”

Jim pointed out that in a life or death self-defense situation, you MUST have bad intentions. If you aren’t mentally prepared to hurt your attacker, you are much less likely to survive. The survival mindset is an aggressive one.

For Jim, it’s about flipping the switch from polite citizen to “ass kicking” mode as quickly as possible. How fast can you make the switch? Seriously, think about that for a minute…

Most of us grew up being told we have to be kind to others… and we should. Most of us were scolded for hitting others at a young age… also a good thing. Because of our parent’s strong values and guidance we developed into kind and respectful citizens.

Here’s the Problem…

If kindness and respect are your norms, how do you “flip the switch?” For some, it’s very difficult and can take a second or two. For others, they just can’t seem to make the switch. Why is it so difficult for us? We are conditioned to be non-violent. Criminals expect good victims, and for the most part, people are. The criminal’s instinct is to take what they want through intimidation, deception, and violence. Ours is to earn what we want through honest, hard work.

In the critical few moments leading up to physical contact, most of us are looking for ways to de-escalate the situation, or are simply paralyzed by fear (or an ingrained hesitancy to hurt another human being). All this works to the criminal’s advantage.

So You MUST Be Proactive

If you wait for a life-threatening situation to decide what to do, you are leaving too much up to chance. You must decide ahead of time where your “line in the sand” is. And if it’s crossed, how far will you go?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How dirty will you fight?
  2. Are you out for blood?
  3. Will you wait to be hit first?

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Don’t Get Me Wrong

I’m not suggesting you fly off the handle at the slightest chance of a conflict. But when trouble comes knocking, you’d better be mentally prepared to take care of the problem and resolve yourself to do what you think is necessary.

Keep in mind hundreds, if not thousands of people have been killed with just one punch. So, as far as I’m concerned, there are no “little scuffles” in the street. This isn’t the playground. A grown man trying to hit me IS life threatening, every time. When you engage you must truly intend on hurting the person. You can’t fake it.

Aggression and self-preservation are basic animal instincts. Use them. If you are simply defending (as in, only using defensive moves) your attacker will likely keep at it, until he has worn you down. Your defense has to hurt him. It must have those bad intentions.

The Reality Is This

With the exception of a skilled counter-fighter, aggressors control the encounter. If you willingly let the attacker maintain his role as the leader in the encounter you are leaving too much up to chance. Hoping he’ll give up, hoping somebody will come to the rescue, hoping he won’t hurt you too bad, or hoping he’ll leave your family alone.

Don’t hope… ACT. We’ve talked about mindset before and this won’t be the last time we talk about it. But I think Jim West has a unique and valuable way of looking at this issue, that may resonate in a different way than some of our previous articles.

What Do You Think?

When trouble comes, will you have the strength to flip the switch? Let me know in the comments below!

For a safe life…

Dean Horine, Special Projects

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696 thoughts on “Do You Have Bad Intentions?”

  1. What jim said is very true. I can and will flip the switch. My line in the sand is my life , and the lives of my you want to live or die? What will happen to your family with out you?

  2. In these troubling times and at my age I firmly believe in “tried by 12 not carried by 6” . I am an old warrior but still a warrior, my military training is old but needs to be refreshed and sharpened

  3. Never really thought about this much until I became homeless several years back. There really is no way to know which way you will act until the situation presents itself. I always thought I’d be the one to fight. But when the situation presented itself I tried to talk my way out of it. I really didn’t want to hurt anyone and, since my luck is like a bald man winning a comb, end up in prison for defending myself. This is something I know I have to work on.

  4. I carry, and yes I am mentally prepared to pull my weapon and use it to protect myself and my loved ones.

  5. I was born a free American and I guarantee you I will die a free American. Anyone threatens me or mine I will do what it takes to end that threat immediately including lethal force. I believe in the constitution and especially the 2nd Amendment. I`m the guy you don`t want to mess with because I`ll just think you made a bad choice and then shoot you in the face.

  6. Great article guys! Yes, we have to learn to ‘flip our switch’ if we’re going to survive a brutal attack. Keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks that’s all good advice. My last scuffle was with a dog vs little girl. I’m out in my yard and I heard her screaming help, save me! So I have a pistol in my pocket holster but I grabbed a 4’ metal pole as I ran out my gate. I found the about 4 houses down the street inside her yard. She is huddled in the corner of her fenced yard holding a bloody hand and screaming. The pit bull was jumping back and forth barking. Four people were standing on my side of the fence and yelling at the dog. Without hesitation I was over that fence and between the dog and her. I shoved the pole into the dogs mouth and pushed. He flipped over that ending the fight. A bystander gave me a rope so I tied the dog up. That screaming set off fight reflex in me.

  8. Let’s do this. The development of the warrior mentality should and must be the first point of order! I’M IN ! !

  9. It’s 100% about mindset! Of course, besides that, you should have knowledge and skills enough to know how to take an aggressor out. I’ve experienced that if you have the mindset, you can come out on top. Great advise!

  10. Stay aware and keep your power on. Your adversaries will flip the switch when they issue just cause. You must maintain control until then. At that point, LET IT FLOW. Otherwise, there will be negative consequences.

  11. I have no problem flipping that switch or in hurting my opponent to be able to survive and protect my family. I’ve done it before and will do it again. Even though I’m much older now the instinct is still in me.

  12. I’ve only been seeing your blog a couple of times, and have purchased one knife so far. It came in yesterday, and I must say that I think it is awesome, with a great price. Looking forward to seeing more articles and purchasing more weapons.
    Thank you,
    Donald L. Simpson, Sr.

  13. I’m born TEXAN, and yes everything in Texas is bigger. So its no surprise when I move to California at a young age of 13 that I’m constantly being picked on and told not to fight. For me not to engage in physical combat. I absolutely know what it’s like to take the first punch, or two. Or three. At the point of bleeding even. Not until I’m in that life threatening situation do I turn into the hulk and smash ppl. I wish it weren’t like that and I’m afraid If I flip the switch I could kill a man. That leads only to one place and I don’t want to go there. I’m in SanFrancisco now, and there’s no limit to the amount of stupid you can find in this city.

  14. Firm believer in self defense. 4 that reason I appreciate your company and the products u offer. I especially like your training videos.
    And…2 answer your question…yes! I can definitely have “bad intentions” if necessary. Keep up the good work.

  15. Have been on the receiving end of beatings & someone trying to kill me. As such know how fast a situation can escalate in a bad way & know what my level of tolerance is for violence–that would be ZERO. Am an overall peaceful, law-abiding citizen. HOWEVER, will NOT go back down that road ever again & anticipate living or, God forbid, dying in a pile of brass if my life (or my loved ones) is threatened. Army vet here & possess a warrior’s heart & mindset. May not be able to run anymore but I can surely send some rounds

  16. Hello Mr. Dean, Luke here, and actually I flipped the switch today on a guy trying to grab my little niece. My first thought was kill, knife at the ready, but I grabbed my war club and well he want be grabbing anything for a long time. NOR will he be able to speak. I hate being that person but yes I’m very fast fighting and with switching. I can see the how the fight will go before it happens. I’ve always seen it, is that weird?

  17. Thank you for everything you do for our community keeping us safe and, putting the control in the hands of the ones who need it. I respect everything you do for us all again Thank You

  18. I am just a tired old man with a walking stick, but a Tiger will always be a Tiger. If you force me to run you do not want to be at my destination.

  19. Insightful. Always appreciate the tips and teaching on developing a Warrior mentality. Hoping I never actually need to put into use. Stay safe.

  20. If you want bad attitude & intentions, come see me!! I will fight until it’s over , a warrior at heart!! I will stand for my God & Country !!!
    Thank you
    Gail Bell

  21. Always be prepared and know your surroundings! What this man can show you could one day save your life and others.

  22. Yes , absolutely I do . We must have that warrior mentality as you’re always rightly saying . As Jimbo says , it’s about us flipping that switch from polite citizen to vicious warrior – targeting targets . Paul Vunak , Jim West , Dale Comstock , Bruce Lee , WW II combatives , Derek Smith and all the great other warriors you have on your team . From kind , decent , respectful persons we Must Instantly turn lethal towards a thug , exactly as a Police / Military German Shepherd ( I Love Dogs ) goes Instantly into Kill mode . I greatly appreciate your very fine company and am very grateful for all you do to keep good Americans safe . I’m all about realizing that this is strictly for the Protection of all Innocent Human , Canine and animal life . We all need to make more people realize that there should be a Citizens’ Campaign that I would call CRUSH THE THUGS – CCT . Just a thought I’ve had the last year or two . Again , I thank you all for your wonderful service . All best regards and respect to Bob Pierce and Jimbo ( my Wife and I Love his promos ! ) . They’re eloquent , succinct , incisive and insightful and also include some witty remarks of sheer truth , injecting just the right amount and type of humor at the right times in all his presentations . With this most serious subject of security and self-defence , Jimbo does a superb job of laying out the facts with total clarity : crystal clear . And his very professional explanations really bring home the point : so what I’m saying is that whenever he does the occasional remark ( in gentle humor ) , it’s always extremely well-placed in the midst of his very serious talk . So my point here is that he very appropriately places such a remark at exactly the right times to make the Point even more seriously . In other words , not like comedians do ; he interjects some good one-liners as in the manner of Mark Twain ( a smart man ) and in so doing , he really drives the serious point home . So I greatly appreciate all you do , and the fact that I’m on your hotlist . As a senior I can say I’m very grateful . One last point is that I want to keep on ordering more and more great products from you and because I’m on a fixed income (soc.sec) , it’s slower than I’d like . But I’m gonna buy as much as I can from you every month because I need to . Thanks so much again , and God bless you all . Thank you ,

  23. I am a consealed carry person and I have other things I carry every day that can injur with out drawing my pistol , also I am not afraid to act quickly my upbringing was in a very bad neighborhood so I learnt to act an turn on the switch. The problem is turning it off. Your article’s are very insightful. But I’m getting up in age I just turned 69 so bringing the physical fight is tougher than when I was younger. That’s why I carry to protect me and my family and others in need. Thanks for all your articles , I’ll keep reading them.

  24. You better believe I agree with everything that Jim had to say. with the way the world is heading and all the crap that’s happening. You really have to have your agame 100 percent ready at all times. There’s to many creeps out there in this crazy world to count. So you can bet your sweet ass my switch will flip if you mess with me or my family.

  25. When I was a young Marine, everyone said that I had been brainwashed, that I wasn’t the same and I always denied it. As I grew older and had been out a few years, I agreed with them. I found that even though I had been away, all it would take is one trigger and the “switch” would flip, tunnel vision with black edges and I could very easily do the Devils work, and when the smoke cleared… was as if nothing happened and I’d go about my business. I’ve always believed in strike first, strike hard and don’t stop till you’re the last one standing.

  26. I’m more than confident that when the time comes I won’t have to flip the switch it’ll creep over on its own to the point of being proactive and striking the first blow. Case in point , a 20 yr old, on mass transitcomes into my space throws my bag on the floor. I told him to keep his hands off my stuff. Cuss words, insults. At my stop this kid gets off with me. I knew a sucker punch was coming, so i acted. At the bottom step he ran into an elbow. I’ll be 55 yrs old in 3 weeks. I find it difficult to control the monster not let it loose.

  27. I hope this puts a shiver down at a few spines.death before dishonor as one thing in myind at all times.if having to fight back then fight back even with your last not surrender to Evel except in death only.

  28. Footballers say the best defense is a good offense, and I agree. I also know after spending 20 years in the military that a plan never works effectively once the enemy is met. Being prepared is considered to be the best offense in my opinion. As the author says, if you’re always on defense you will always be retreating.
    Learning in a safe environment is a good beginning, be it your backyard or a self defense class. But as is said so many times, always think “what is my response?” And let instincts guide. Practice that kick, jab or punch on a medicine ball or fighting dummy.
    And hit the range often.

  29. Understanding that some people have no remorse; ie. take what they want from you without any conscience or remorse. – as long as there is no chance of them being seen or very little chance of injury to themselves. They attack when no one is witnessed and they lie and make up innocent stories when are finally confronted by the police of injuries to their victims. They may want your life. Be ready. I bought a combat knife and haven’t seen him since!

  30. I have thought about this before and nobody wants to hurt anyone because of our good morals but when it comes down to it. The attacker has bad intentions so you are really beating them to the punch so to speak.

  31. I know when I’m ready in a situation. It’s when it comes outta nowhere that can throw my mental preparedness off a bit. I don’t wanna walk around in life thinking about always defending myself. But I’ve got a keen sense of awareness when things change and I have no way out. I was taught you’re done when you can make a quick and safe retreat after neutralizing the threat to self.

  32. Hello thanks for the great info and tips and techniques of fighting. I have 11yrs of Combat Arms training and all of what you explain in your videos it reinforce what I remember for the most part.
    Thanks again

  33. First I want to, Thank TRS for all the information , Videos and Products . I’m a Veteran and have the Warrior Spirit inside once let loose wants to destroy my attacker . Earlier in life I would play both the Defense and Offense in a self defense situation . Now I am older and slower than I used to be , sooooo I have to end the encounter as quickly as possible . With the help of TRS , It is possible to stay alive with the right tactics , movements and weapons . Thank you so much for the Training . A person can never know too much . I’m retired and can’t afford all the items you sell but I try to purchase what I can and use efficiently . Thanks for letting me join .

  34. Situational awareness always be prepared. Especially when out amongst strangers. You never know if you got a target on your back. Learning combat self defense is very helpful when a Situation presents it’s self. It doesn’t go by a point system or a tap out. Meet force with a equal or greater force if need be. I am humbled I don’t go looking for trouble but not gona back down from it either. Blend in with the environment don’t bring attention to one’s self. By being loud or flashy clothes waving your finances around in front of everybody and their momma to see. Be the gray man

  35. As my Kung-fu instructor said years ago to the newbies: “If you’re not willing to fight back, you’re wasting your time & money here”.

  36. I’m a grate guy but don’t walk on me or hurt my loved ones or a weaker opponent I’m getting older and I’m 300 lb but have trained all my life and I’m more then capable of turning on the ultra Terror rip tear and out of there 🧌

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