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Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It

Does Crime Pay?

Polite society likes to ignore some simple facts associated with crime. Take this one for example; We are raised hearing the mantra that “crime doesn’t pay.” Wrong. Crime does pay. It pays pretty well too.

Some might say it’s one of the best-kept secrets in personal finance, except it’s not a secret. It’s just a fact that makes a lot of folks uncomfortable, so they pretend it’s not true. So what’s my point? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you quit your day job and go knock off a liquor store.

Here’s The Real Lesson

If every criminal got caught the first or even second time they committed a crime, we would very quickly have them all locked up! The reality is that only the bad or unlucky criminals get caught and locked up, and many of those that do get locked up use prison as a place to hone their skills.

Once they’re back on the street, they are even more skilled. That means that if you are targeted by a criminal you must assume you’re going up against a pro. You are more than likely NOT their first victim. They have a plan, they know how to get what they want, and they even know how to get away with it.

They Feed On Our Fear

Frankly, they’re used to winning. Most people shrink when faced with a hardened criminal (or any criminal for that matter). Fearing for their safety, they nervously give the criminal what they want. Criminals thrive off the fear of violence. Violence is their business and they know it pretty well.

If you are reading this then this probably isn’t new information, but it’s easy (even for those of us who aren’t naïve about crime) to get lulled into a false sense of security. The completely naïve think that they are pretty much safe all the time.

Overconfidence Can Work Against You

Others think that because they are aware of crime and have thought about what they would do (maybe they even carry a self-defense weapon) that they are prepared. I’m not here to pass judgment on anyone, but there is a fine line between confidence and a dangerous level of over-confidence.

Remember, many criminals are very good at what they do. You need to train to survive a confrontation with a pro, not a beginner. You have to train to beat the best, so take your defensive training seriously.

Ask Yourself This

If you carry a weapon, when was the last time you trained in drawing and deploying it? Weapon or not, when was the last time you threw a few punches? Do you know how to transition from a weapon to bare hands in case of a malfunction (for firearms) or loss of control of an edged or blunt-force weapon?

Even masters have to go through the motions to keep their skills sharp, so set aside some time each week to practice. Keep your skills sharp, because when it hits the fan you never really know what you’re going up against. You could be facing anything from a rookie who’s all talk or a seasoned pro, and you definitely do NOT want to find out which you are facing the hard way.

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435 thoughts on “Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It”

  1. I’m disabled due to autoimmune dx’s that leave me with an extreme loss of balance. So I can’t flee. Therefore I’ve trained for what I’m capable of. I may lose in an instance of being out numbered, but in the case of someone attacking my home, beware. I have weapons located in and around the house and always something within reach.

  2. My Goodness where do I start?!! I’ve already put in for your blade nicknamed ” Greased lightning. And I’m more excited than a pig in poop!!! Thank you for reaching out to me. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go by and not get one? Would be crazy to.

  3. My Border Collie and I walk my neighborhood every morning around 0430, for him and to see who’s out there. I have him and I walk with a staff, whose origin was as a Jo. I’m also a concealed carrier in a Constitutional Carry state with a CCL I am also Shodan in Kendo and have trained in Shaolin Short Staff. I sometimes meet homeless people, who tend to roam on BMX bicycles. Situational Awareness is key. But, so far I’ve never had a problem. But I can see it could be out there.

  4. In an emergency you rely on muscle memory. If you haven’t trained for that emergency, you are in trouble, because in an emergency you don’t have TIME to think (what do I do). It starts with awareness of your situation/surroundings and progresses to, have you trained for ANY emergency.

  5. We bought a house in this quaint little town, because when we drove through it to look at this house there are more churches than restaurants. Looks like a nice place to retire except we never drove through at night till after we bought it. Moved in and sitting on our porch we watched 3 drug deals in a half block in less than 15min. Then come to find out if it ain’t posted or locked up it’s gone. Now with video cameras all around and bright lights plus they found out me and the misses are gun toting crazy e-bike patriots. Most just walk on by now. So now after all the crazy shit in this town it’s time to move again. I hate moving, but I ain’t giving my stuff away either. Hopefully we can get to the country soon.

  6. Hey Bob, I agree 100%. Crime does pay. That’s why there are criminals. They are more prepared to attack someone than most of us are at defending ourself. The criminal has a plan. Most people who are attacked do not. We freeze, we don’t know what to do. I believe if we practiced more as you mentioned and kept in mind the risks that are in the world we would be more prepared.

  7. Thank so much for doing this, and even making it possible for citizens to learn this.It is so critical and life saving,it is changing my entire mindset already.I do not have to be afraid.I can know what to do when the criminals threaten my friends or loved ones,and you know no one is coming to save you.Yes.I agree.Criminals do not get caught,and they do get away with it,and they will threaten your life.This whole thing helps me so so much.I can finally know what I need to know.God bless you all.Defense matters.Thankyou.

  8. I agree, the longer someone can commit a crime without being caught the more confident they will become. Then probably begin to commit more serious offenses. By then they’ve realized that crime pays more per time and probably easier than going to work 40 hrs a week. Who wants to give up good paying easy money? Probably not the criminal who’s had a good taste of it for a few years. If he has to go to prison for a couple yrs. after making some money from being a criminal for several years he can’t wait to get back on the streets again. In fact I have actually seen this scenario before. But if he has to be on parole for a long enough period of time he will likely get caught again because, then he’s known by law enforcement and being watched. Now if he were to get caught committing a crime while on parol he would likely be put back in prison. Getting caught the first or second offense and, parole both are good deterrents. Also l feel that most people including myself are not prepared for a confrontation with a criminal. I would likely be taken by surprise. I most always carry a blade or six plus often a taser. If I see someone approaching I am usually prepared before he’s in my face. With a taser zapping in one hand and a knife in other telling the person to go in another direction I havnt had any problems of yet. I do beleive that people should be more prepared for such a confrontation. I think that Bob is right in saying that we must think of this problem at all times when out and about. The criminal mind is usually heartless toward other people. I’ve talked to some and have been told that they don’t even feel guilt for what they have done. So we need to be prepared. I could go on for a while but if anyone knows how the world is becoming these days you should know to expect anything could happen. I have many thoughts on many subjects. I would like to end my comment by thanking Bob and his crew at FightFast TRS for providing some of the legal weapons that I carry at all times. Even when I go to take a shower. That is how serious I feel that self defence is these days. So if you don’t know about the crime or, if you prefer to look the other way I suggest you wake up and realize that it is becoming very dangerous in our world; it is only going to get more dangerous.

  9. I was always taught the the only rules in fighting was there is no rules. Punch, kick, stomp, gouge their eyes, but them with your head, but above all, fight to win like your life depends upon it. No mr. Nice guy.

  10. I have a 80 piece knife collection. yesterday i had a 8 inch Bowie on me and tesr gas. im a old school street brawler with a bad attitude button !If it gets pushed, it gets ugly!

  11. I appreciate your time, dedication and sacrifice to instructing other in self defense. Sharing your skills. It is greatly appreciated. I’ve boxed black belt in Karate. That was too many years ago.
    Dennis Myers

  12. This is the first time I have really read and followed through with one of your articles. I have done some prepper things like stock piling, But you made me realize that having stuff makes you a target. If you aren’t prepared to protect your stuff you won’t have it very long.

  13. Hey Bob, Information is the most valuable Commodity there is. I try to keep my mind and body sharp. I still get out early before daylight and check out the property in my rural settings. I take notice of the cars traveling to and from both ends of the road. I had one recently come up my driveway and it’s marked with a camera sign warning, and they still come over 300 feet on a steep incline to check out my location. The last instance was on New Year’s Eve. Windows blacked out and perps inside didn’t think i was at home. Approached them and asked what they wanted. He stuck a cell phone out the window and asked for directions of which i new was a dang lie. I knew the location he spoke of and it was 7 miles away. GPS doesn’t work like that here. So, I sent their Keester down the road. I had a Personal Defense Company that i ran for years and am well aware of a low ball pitch to retrieve info. Just be aware they are coming to the Suburbs to try and steal your valuables.

  14. I enjoy getting your little “rant’s and raves”. They get you to thinking what could really happen to a person whether in-home or out and about. I wish you could offer a few tips on the best way to defend yourself if you are disabled. I’m not in a wheelchair or confined to my home but, I do suffer from RHUMATOID ARTHRITUS and my hands and feet aren’t as strong as they were 10 yrs ago.

  15. No one wants to get me riled up , period. I have several of your knives laying out (ready to grab in a wink of an eye) a double barrell 12 gauge , and 38 snub nose. I’m well prepared and it is all thanks to you and the fact that you do not hesitate to come out and say and let folks know exactly what “could” be lurking around at home or anywhere they may go. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT AND WISDOM AND COMBAT TEACHING AND MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO OWN SOME REALLY AWESOME WEAPONS. Have you ever tried to come up with a really good andnbright FLASHLIGHT that has a legal SWITCH BLADE THAT WOULD POP OUT OF IT ???? I think it would be totally awesome and would be the 1st one to purchase it. I don’t know how it would be made but, I’m sure if there was a way, YOU could figure it out.

  16. I was a correctional officer in a maximum security facility. I was assigned the duties of Investigation Officer. Since the facility has around 2,000 convicted felons confined within it I was kept busy investigating crimes from petty “nickel and dime” scheme up to murder and anything in between.

    The average citizen has no conception of the criminal mind and what any and every criminal is capable of doing.

    After leaving corrections I was involved in public and private sector training for sworn law enforcement and private security personnel. I also conducted firearms training for private citizens with emphasis on personal protection based on my experiences.

  17. Your insights about how we might avoid dangerous criminals is vital to many of us, including me as I enjoy doing neighborhood walk about `Warmly Kare Christine Anderson

  18. Thank you for the info. I have a tendency to downplay the very real threats that are out there. It’s a scary world out there. Your insights are always appreciated on how to stay safe.

  19. As the Shadow introdution says, “Crime does not pay”
    and I always reply, what my dad added “But the hours are good”
    I try to read all the articles here, very informative.

  20. I moved my family for a large South Florida city to waaayyy out country in Florida 6 years ago. It was and continues to be challenging but worth it.
    We have 4 acres fenced off and posted. We have bull dogs that ” love” unannounced visitors. Motion detectors with audible alarms and motion detection lights everywhere. We have a large raised bed gardening area and greenhouses. We have chickens and other livestock. Like I said, it is challenging but worth it. We own firearms and a backhoe.
    God Bless.

  21. Any skill worth having, especially when it comes to survival and protection, MUST be refreshed by constant practice and refinement. You use it or lose it. You may be able to retain the skills at a basic or slightly lower level if you used them over a long time period (military, law enforcement, street skills etc…) buy the highest levels can only be maintained by doing.

    As much as I may have rehearsed a scenario in my mind, or drilled on them hundreds of times, I know that I’m likely not going to perform as well as I would like to when it’s go time. And I don’t want to do that to myself or my family should it be necessary.

    So, no excuses. I need to get out and practice what is important to me, whether that be skills, rights, privileges or philosophies.

  22. yes, I am awear of this and more. After being followed in my van by Traffickers and they were able to call my phone over and over.I managed to get away but it left me shaken badly. I got a doberman Atlas and have been learning to protect myself. I went online when I got home to see if there is tech that allows for someone to get access to your phone when you are driving. Yep there is. I didn’t answer it as I knew as close as they got to the back of my van they may try to run me off the road if I let down my guard.

  23. Thanks Bob for sending me the link.

    Always good to train at different levels and training is Very important these days.
    For close to two years now I have learned from two of the best, in my book that is.
    Chris Sajnog, former lead instructor, US Navy Seal sniper school and Mike Ox, creator
    of Dry Fire Training Cards.
    The vast majority of my training is done at home via dry fire with multiple targets.
    I spend 10 to 15 minuets per day three to four days a week going through different
    drills and building muscle memory.
    Fact is, no matter how good any person gets, bad things can take place in a sticky situation.
    With that said, over confidence is something to avoid.
    And for hand to hand, I have learned quite a bit from Tim Larkin of Target Focus Training.
    Not to mention life itself and the people I have had the blessing to have met through my Dad
    who was in the Navy. I will leave it at that! No, he wasn’t a Seal.
    And yes, my neighborhood is full of garbage. I live right next door to a heroin dealer with traffic
    in and out all hours of the day. Life is grand!

  24. I am unconcerned.

    I live on a rural road. My home is on top of a hill serviced by a very long driveway [500′]. Anyone approaching the house by car will think twice for fear of having their only means of egress cut off.

    There are many other residential targets in the vicinity that would be far easier to access, and there would be no problem in an emergency egress, associated with them..

  25. Once training starts and you get a taste for it, like I have. One never stops learning.Changing training with age and capability is of the most importance. Know your limits and work with them but knowing the “opponent.”
    Thanks for the article…
    Always keep learning, never stop !

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