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Improvised Weapons

I get asked about improvised self defense weapons all the time so I’ve decided to share with you guys some simple ones I have learned over the years. But before I get started I want to explain briefly the key principles of improvised weapons. These principles are crucial because they allow you to “improvise” your own weapons in the heat of conflict.

  • Principle #1: An improvised self defense weapon should be an everyday object you can either carry with you all the time (would not be considered a weapon by others) or it should be something you can easily find on the street, in an alley way, in a bar, etc.
  • Principle #2: No gimmicks! Fancy tricks or MacGyver weapons, that take 5 minutes to create are cool to know but lets face it… unless you are an undercover CIA operative trying to fashion a weapon while you are behind enemy lines, these kind of build your own weapon tricks are useless (yet I must admit I too love learning about them).
  • Principle #3: Distract or Destroy. Any improvised weapon should fulfill one or both of these criteria. It should either distract an assailant giving you the chance to take the offensive or run, or it should inflict lots of damage. This seems pretty basic but the key is that you don’t use a distraction weapon (like a small sharp object) thinking you are going to do major damage. A small sharp object like a piece of glass etc can easily distract a person with a small flesh wound or the sight of their own blood but if you think that will end a fight or you can scratch them to death you may have another thing coming.

Okay now we can get into the fun part.

Two Highly Effective Improvised Weapons

Sand, Dirt, or a Beverage

This age old trick is age old for a reason. It works really well. A fist full of dirt or debris found anywhere from a street gutter to ash tray sand, to crushed up pretzels from a bar, will distract an attacker just long enough for you to get a good shot in, putting him on the defensive. Any beverage hot or cold can be thrown in an attackers face with a similar effect, temporary loss of vision and distraction (pain if it’s a hot beverage).

Like I explained above, this improvised weapon is a distraction technique and it will only be effective for a split second. You must move quickly to exploit this temporary distraction. The slightest hesitation on your part will end with one even more pissed off attacker who is still on the offensive. Don’t let that happen to you.

Car Keys

Or any metal object for that matter. The key to this weapon is that it enhances one of the weapons you already have, your fists. Place your key ring in the palm of your hand and lay a couple keys in between your fingers so they stick out in between your knuckles. Viola! Instant Brass Knuckles (key just happen to be made out of brass too).

There is really no trick to using this simple weapon. The key is that you are making your punches that much more devastating. Especially if you land a punch to the face. The keys won’t do too much damage to the stomach if the attacker is wearing a few layers of clothes (although it will hurt a lot more).

This weapon is based around destruction. You are able to make your punches count for a lot more than his. You will also make the attacker bleed. This has a psychological effect on most people encouraging them to give up or flee.

The best part is everyone has keys and if you don’t have any keys you probably have more pressing problems than needing an improvised weapon (better call the locksmith).

You will want to practice the improvised brass knuckles while you are walking around. Try aligning them in your hand while your keys are in your pocket. An attacker isn’t going to wait for you to pull out your keys and arrange them in between your fingers. You have to get really quick at preparing this self defense weapon in your pocket. Surprise is crucial. He should have no idea what you are doing until its too late.

Even better, get into the habit of holding your keys in this position as you walk to and from your car every day, especially at night time.

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