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Simple Ground Fighting Choke Hold

Ending A Ground Fight

As you know, I don’t advocate taking a fight to the ground. In fact, I suggest you avoid the ground in a street fight at all costs. However, sometimes you simply can’t avoid it and that’s why you need to have a few ground fighting tricks up your sleeve in case you ever wind up there. What we’re about to show you is a great technique to know.

Easy, Right?

As you saw in the video, this is a pretty simple move, and believe me, simple is good. Simple means you will remember it in the heat of the moment when your adrenaline is pumping. What’s happening here is you are essentially using your attacker’s own weight to bring him into the hold.

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Breaking It Down

  • If he is throwing punches at you while you are on your back or coming in for a choke, you simply knock his arm off of you and let his weight cause him to fall forward into the choke.
  • One key to making this work is that you must have your legs wrapped around his torso and lift your hips off the ground right when you are deflecting his arm. This will give you more control because it will move his hands away from your body momentarily (removing the support for his body).
  • After you have deflected his arm you need to let your hips come back down to the ground so that he will fall into the choke. You can also pull his arm as you saw in the video to get him into the position you need.
  • From this point you simply wrap your outside arm around the outside of your attacker’s neck, blocking off the blood supply to his head with your bicep and his opposite shoulder.
  • Remember to secure the choke by locking your hand into the crook of your arm and placing your free hand behind your neck. Locking your free hand behind your neck gives you leverage which is crucial.
  • When you lift your hips and push your legs away from your body, the added leverage of the hand behind your neck will allow you to separate the vertebrae in your attacker’s neck. This allows you to not only cut off his blood supply, but also cause a lot of pain.

Ending The Fight

As with any fight, having two ways to end the fight is better than having one. If for some reason you are not able to get the blood choke (i.e. he has a really short neck, is somehow tucking his jaw to block his shoulder, etc.) the separation of the vertebrae will give you a second chance to end the conflict.

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129 thoughts on “Simple Ground Fighting Choke Hold”

  1. So very practical. I have had to use this method before. I’m a second degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and earned it in the traditional Form. This was not taught in the classes. Use it cause it works.

  2. I am really enjoying these defense videos. I am 67 years young and do not fight physically. Up to and including now my mouth gas been enough and I STAND MY GROUND. But you never know now days what will happen or who might challenge you. It doesn’t hurt for an older lady to be prepared. Thank you.

  3. Hello Bob, that looked a handy move to know, just to hopes the ground Is not wet or we are going to get a bit on the wet side, or snow covered, bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr, baby it’s cold outside.

  4. Ideally a great move however; for those who are not strong at all those who don’t lift anything more then a couple pounds maybe once a day or those who have little flexibility having the strength to knock away the arm then be flexible enough to reach around the neck and try to lock it in and hold on with vigorous opposition would be next to impossible. For those who are able to do it it would take good timing to grab the arm if the attacker is throwing quick 1-2 punches or elbows especially if your eyes are swollen or have blood in them. I love your instruction alot of quality teaching to practice for veteran street fighters to teenagers preparing for neighborhood and school fights for the first time. All the other comments were Pats on the back so I put another side or train of thought out there for people possibly thinking similar thoughts. Keep up the good work. Oh, if you could add a second opposite side camera and a slow motion view of the moves it would help considerably.

  5. Excellent. Your videos are top notch, and I have had my wife, children, and friends watch them, to absorb the critical moves for Self Defense, in what is an often brutal world. I want to thank you, and your Team, and all the Instructors for your time and talent.

  6. Very good to know cause im just a little guy so if it gies to the ground chances of me on bottom are good

  7. For most of us this looks a lot easier than what reality would prove .
    Would the average woman have the strength to do this to her attacker ?

  8. It Should Never End On The Ground ! 1 Really Powerful Blow Should End It From The Off ! Be Dirty Apologise Then Throat Attack !

  9. I have nobody to practice on.. I’m a single woman.. I absorb every thing I read in your emails.. it has already gave me more courage,, from what I read
    Thank you.. should I stuff clothes and pretend it’s a person? Thats my thought .. ?

  10. VERY good move. I’ve been in the martial arts for a very long time and that’s the first time I’ve seen this one. There’s a lot you can learn from many other people.

  11. I think that it’s great your teaching folks how to protect themselves from the bad guys. I really like collecting all of your cool knives and gear.
    For protecting my self, I will take a .45 any time.