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Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake

This Is Critical

If you own a handgun this is some crucial information you must know. Having a gun can give you a huge advantage in a self-defense or home invasion situation. The problem is that although most gun owners know how to shoot their weapon at a range, many are lacking in close quarters shooting and weapon retention skills.

Even worse, some gun owners base their stance on what they see in movies. This can get you killed. This simple technique is one of the best ways to ensure that when you draw a weapon on an attacker, the gun stays in your hands, not his. One of the worst things you can do in any self-defense situation is to lose control of your firearm.

Breaking It Down

Like Bob said in the video, this technique will double or triple your chances of maintaining control of the weapon, even if your attacker is able to get close enough to attempt a disarm technique. The technique itself is so simple there is simply no reason not to learn and use it.

All you need to do is make sure your elbows are at your side and against your body. You don’t have to have them right up against your rib cage but they should be close. Keeping your elbows in will bring the gun closer to your body.

This stance puts your arms in a stronger position. Joints are most stable when they are right in the middle of their range of motion. This setup puts both your lower arm and upper arm roughly in the middle of their ranges of motion. Because of this, you are able to use your shoulders, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi (the big muscle in the back) to stabilize the weapon, not just your arm muscles.

If you own a firearm go and try this out. If you don’t have a dummy gun be sure to clear the weapon before practicing.

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338 thoughts on “Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake”

  1. That was an excellent suggestion-there are a number of cop shows on tv now, and they carry their weapons in a hollywood style-look cool, act cool, and get yourself shot.

  2. Examples of fundamentals of leverage. Basics not often televised or practiced. In a close encounter, why would you want to extend your weapon to within reach of your opponent? Close encounter with a handgun does not require precise sighting, only accurate pointing. I have been told to practice close weapon hold by draw and point then freeze to examine point accuracy, most easily practiced with mounted laser or light.

  3. Thanks for posting this useful information that can be overlooked by anyone caught off guard. Now the unarmed person can see that they may have a chance to get out of a situation like this if they use a little basic physics.

  4. This is definitely good information and well presented. However, it is unlikely, but possible, an aggressor would get that close to me before being shot

  5. It seems like the step back would put you in the weakened position for joint manipulation unless you shoot the second you step back….

  6. I hope I never need this info, however these video’s are a real game changer when it comes to self protection.

  7. I was a combat firearm instructor for nearly 25 years….
    This was a VERY GOOD reminder; good technique, when entering close spaces.
    Especially the reminder about the step backward to re-acquire target.

  8. A handgun should never be “pulled” ie;drawn from the holster, (or concealment) unless it’s going to be “put to action” that is to say,THERE’S GOING TO BE A SHOOTING! If your opponent is that close-0 to 21 feet away, the better option is; as soon as the end of your barrel clears gunleather it’s snapped-up & on your intended ktarget. An average male can reach you in 1&1/2 seconds! You MUST COMMENT if you’re sure you need to use your handgun to defend your life or the life of another! Which makes what we’re talking about here is elementarial dear Watson. RECOGNIZING THE THREAT, is key here. What you do after that is call the law 1st, & your lawyer 2nd!!

  9. Very good video. One comment , I was taught to keep gun parallel to ground since we wouldn’t be trying to kill gophers.

  10. This is one of those things that once you’ve seen it you say, “Glad I haven’t had to do nuttin’ ’til now!” Very useful info.

  11. Nice!
    I was just feeling a bit strange this evening…. Yea ole ‘funny feeling’….
    Thought It would be pretty dumb to have access to your information and Not review it.
    Timely, that’s for sure.

  12. Good training!!! Most good. Combat pistol classes will teach keep weapon close to body!!! Also to NOT let actor get hands on close!!! Good info!! Thanks again!!

  13. The gun mans Stance is not the problem, letting his opponet get that close was inexscusable, or just plain stupid. If you feel that the approaching opponet is enough of a threat to pull your weapon, You must be prepared to use it, or run.

  14. Don’t use a ‘Jeff Cooper’ stance when someone is that close to you. Blade your body and hold the gun back relatively close to your own body. That way anyone trying to disarm you using their hands has to get past your lead hand, lead arm, and lead shoulder. As some have mentioned before, when someone is that close to you, it’s not about precise sighting, only accurate pointing.

  15. excellent,,,this was taught in law enforcement school,when I did drug enforcement on
    the high seas,, when searching vessel’s on board a ship you only have 48 INCH,in the
    passage way,,, average size hallway for the non sea going people,,, the hardest part was going up and down stairways, in the dark, with min, light,,, keep up the good info,
    all these tips remind me doing L/E.

  16. I hope I don’t let someone who is trying to do me harm get that close, but this is real
    good advise. I am a Granny, have two dogs to alert me, so I am hoping that the intruder will never get that close. Thanks for all the good tips. Granny

  17. For real close quarter contact. Using one hand with the grip hand against your side to stabilizer the weapon, rotate your body with the weapon against your side to point weapon. Your free hand to fend off. On a revolver, the cylinder will be just past. Even in a face to to face it gives you quite a bit of control. As soon as you move the weapon forward, manipulation becomes much easier.

  18. Excellent point! In the traditional basic stance the fulcrum is only at the shoulders, a single point of strength. With pulling the upper arms in adds a double fulcrum at both the elbows and the shoulders, naturally adding a second point of strength. This is probably why my CCW instructor taught us to hold closer to the body especially when clearing your house, coming around a corner, entering a room etc.

  19. only potential issue I see is when he stepped back and extended arms. You still could have removed that weapon, or at least altered his shot. Just keep elbows tucked, and gun firing as you move away if they persist in attacking you/gun…. just my .01Cent worth. good vid though.

  20. Really? Where have most of you people that have responded been trained? 1st if you are clearing your house in the middle of the night and you turn the corner and the perp is standing right there, guess what he is “that close” you didn’t “let” him get that close! 2nd one person said that they were trained to keep the gun parallel to the ground “your not shooting gophers” Well your “trainer” should have taught you to never ever aim your gun at anything that you don’t intend to destroy, i.e. your clearing your house, you turn the corner and see someone standing there and your gun is “parallel to the ground” or “aimed” and you pull the trigger, who did you just shoot? Your spouse, brother, sister or one of your kids? That’s why you go down to the “ready position”

  21. Thanks for the information like you said world of difference between the two ready stances. In life threatening situations there are no do overs. Tip was extremely helpful will be sharing with family and friends.

  22. If you own a hand gun get informed of it’s features and how to clean it and oil it properly to prevent rust and to make sure it will fire at that moment when you need it most, also take it to the practice range so you can become more accurate in hitting your intended target. Now if you pull your pistol use it,do not show it and do not try to scare any one with it, if that happens the other person could take it away from you and shoot you with your own pistol.

  23. Wow! That’s at great tip! Passing this on to
    all gun owners. This could easily mean the difference in whether you get to go home or not. Thank you very much for sharing this information!

  24. Excellent knowledge for someone to have thanks Bob for the video. A great reminder for those of us who become complacent.

  25. Rubbish, I would put my weapon down, talk politely to the bad guy, call the police, put on a pot of coffee and wait for help to arrive. Maybe I will re think this one! great video, and info!!

  26. Thank you very much for taking the time and other resources you spent in educating our citizens. The technique that you have just shown is excellent. It is a refresher course for our armed Americans and a valuable knowledge and technique in self defense for a novice like me. I just don’t know how you could maintain this initiative without asking for compensations or financial donations.

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