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Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake

This Is Critical

If you own a handgun this is some crucial information you must know. Having a gun can give you a huge advantage in a self-defense or home invasion situation. The problem is that although most gun owners know how to shoot their weapon at a range, many are lacking in close quarters shooting and weapon retention skills.

Even worse, some gun owners base their stance on what they see in movies. This can get you killed. This simple technique is one of the best ways to ensure that when you draw a weapon on an attacker, the gun stays in your hands, not his. One of the worst things you can do in any self-defense situation is to lose control of your firearm.

Breaking It Down

Like Bob said in the video, this technique will double or triple your chances of maintaining control of the weapon, even if your attacker is able to get close enough to attempt a disarm technique. The technique itself is so simple there is simply no reason not to learn and use it.

All you need to do is make sure your elbows are at your side and against your body. You don’t have to have them right up against your rib cage but they should be close. Keeping your elbows in will bring the gun closer to your body.

This stance puts your arms in a stronger position. Joints are most stable when they are right in the middle of their range of motion. This setup puts both your lower arm and upper arm roughly in the middle of their ranges of motion. Because of this, you are able to use your shoulders, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi (the big muscle in the back) to stabilize the weapon, not just your arm muscles.

If you own a firearm go and try this out. If you don’t have a dummy gun be sure to clear the weapon before practicing.

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338 thoughts on “Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake”

  1. Same thing for a knife. I got a knife away from a crazy lady who was swinging it around out beyond her upper body range. I made her drop it. She was trying to stab me, but it never happened.

  2. Thanks so much, Bob! –

    Even the most seemingly simple techniques that you so generously teach, may well save a life, or more than one life one day!

    I was recently confronted by a REALLY bad situation, and although I did not have to intervene to save a woman’s life, I would have.
    And although it was so unexpected and risky, and I quite honestly couldn’t think of a single technique you taught me, nevertheless
    I remember staying strangely Calm, and used controlled verbal intervention on the situation. – Thankfully, no knife or gun was
    produced, and only my Cell Phone got totally-trashed! – But that’s a tiny price compared to my life, or the other woman’s – and I was
    not forced to try to save her life or mine, (i’m a woman too)! — THANKS, – FightFast!! — With help of God and you, we are unscathed, -big fright!! #

  3. I have the entire DVD, is there anyway to secure a Mossberg Shockwave from getting grabbed? What about AR or AK pistol woul a strap like the Shockwave help?

  4. This short video is veary helpful when it comes to needing to use your firearm, In a safe and controlled manner it makes total sense to keep the firearm closer to your body so that you keep control of the firearm and not giving the criminal the opportunity to take your gun away from you in a struggle especially if you are weaker than the criminal I will be showing this to my family members so that they to can be prepared for any situation that may arise thank you

  5. As a Security Officer I take my safety and the safety of those around very seriously. I’m so glad that you’re teaching this stuff. We need more than ever. Keep up the wonderful work.

  6. Thanks, another way NOT to carry a gun(cattlemans special 45 revolver) is fully loaded as it WILL go off if dropped even partially on the hammer. I have a hole in my leg as living proof, in one side and out the other without hitting the shin bone, the doc was amazed it didn’t hit the bone. Carry without a shell in the chamber!

  7. That was great. Such a small thing, but critically important. This is the kind of stuff I am looking for. People who are always open to new ideas and willing to question techniques in order to find better ways or to improve the way skills are taught.

    I have always and still do, feel that there has always been a sort of quiet struggle between people who blindly follow and stick to what they were taught and people who appreciate others experience and teachings, but are still able (without malice or ego) to adapt, improve and even disprove current training, methods and techniques.

  8. as a single woman who lives alone, if I ever have to use a gun, it’s nice to have a better chance to hang on to it!

  9. Thankyou, that suble adjustment to the ready position grip and having the elbows slightly closer to the torso, limiting weopon loss , was very helpf

  10. Good advice I see in to many movies the guy has his arms stretched way out in front with no control and the bad guy knocks his weapon away or either takes it from him

  11. Excellent yet simple technique for those who are new to carrying. Can’t wait to show my wife. Also, a great refresher for the rest of us. COMPLACENCY KILLS!

  12. Very good teaching,was always taught to carry my weapon to one side as you stated in the video,I think that protects the weapon better in my opinion!!!

  13. Thank you for this video. I have worried about this sort of self protection and use of my smaller pistols. I truly appreciate the elbows in lower extension stance.
    I was also wondering about the pistol grip. I don’t have any problem with my ‘normal sized’ Taurus or Sig…my hands are “huge” for a woman (I wear medium sized men’s gloves and can’t even get any woman’s size past my fingers) so I can grip with both hands well. However, my smaller S&W is a challenge. The ‘overlap’ of fingers gets to be a problem. Suggestions?
    Would you have any suggestions for how a woman can carry without using a handbag (one of the easiest ways to lose a gun is in a hand bag unless shooting through the hand bag. I don’t in the normal course of events use my handbag while home…and when I am out it is a cumbersome detail I’d rather forego. However, I do feel much happier if I am carrying, so…
    Ankle holsters, waist on a belt holsters aren’t very good for many women…we don’t tend to wear belts such as would hold up the weight of a gun.
    I have found the ” elastic/velcro wrap arounds” of the thorax or abdomen holsters works O.K. for me. However, like every carry I’ve had in women’s clothing (I do not wear jeans every day!) I fumble around trying to get at my gun.
    I am sure there are solutions to these situations. I have never read any from the woman’s point of view.

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