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Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake

This Is Critical

If you own a handgun this is some crucial information you must know. Having a gun can give you a huge advantage in a self-defense or home invasion situation. The problem is that although most gun owners know how to shoot their weapon at a range, many are lacking in close quarters shooting and weapon retention skills.

Even worse, some gun owners base their stance on what they see in movies. This can get you killed. This simple technique is one of the best ways to ensure that when you draw a weapon on an attacker, the gun stays in your hands, not his. One of the worst things you can do in any self-defense situation is to lose control of your firearm.

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Breaking It Down

Like Bob said in the video, this technique will double or triple your chances of maintaining control of the weapon, even if your attacker is able to get close enough to attempt a disarm technique. The technique itself is so simple there is simply no reason not to learn and use it.

All you need to do is make sure your elbows are at your side and against your body. You don’t have to have them right up against your rib cage but they should be close. Keeping your elbows in will bring the gun closer to your body.

This stance puts your arms in a stronger position. Joints are most stable when they are right in the middle of their range of motion. This setup puts both your lower arm and upper arm roughly in the middle of their ranges of motion. Because of this, you are able to use your shoulders, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi (the big muscle in the back) to stabilize the weapon, not just your arm muscles.

If you own a firearm go and try this out. If you don’t have a dummy gun be sure to clear the weapon before practicing.

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338 thoughts on “Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake”

  1. Thank you for this information.
    Every bit helps.
    Hopefully I’ll never have to do this, but your articles keep me on the edge.

  2. I Am a retired law enforcement officer for NEW CITY PD. I have more weapons in my Car., my bedroom has weapons unbelievably. I even carry Chinese chop sticks in my pocket. My wife carries 2 chop sticks.

  3. I was very aware of this, but this is great advice because 90% of gun owners I have noticed even trained ones do not do this. Just the slightest change in your stance makes a huge difference between life and death. Thanks for the information hopefully this will help those people out there have a better chance of not being disarmed.

  4. Great idea to share with others. As a former Marine and a cop, this is standard operating procedure…having the weapon at ‘low ready’ and proceeding forward slowly, all your senses at 110%, with elbows against your sides. It’s the absolute best way to stay safe as one prepares to take care of the situation.

  5. I really appreciate the fact that you guys are really trying to help people and i do hear about money all the time.To help someone who if i could buy alot more stuff but i can’t.I’m a disabled vet and i need to know a lot more now that I’m older thanks and God bless.

    Ps keep up the good work

  6. Thank you for this info. I shall make it my primary drill for using my firearm if, God forbid, I need to draw.

    Pat Kennedy

  7. I’m glad you repeat this teaching from time to time. I do practice it, but to have it refreshed with those of us who don’t do defensive shooting daily or weekly, it’s a great refresher. Thanks!

  8. I like this listen because it shows how to properly hold it so it can’t be taken away from you and at the same time it shows that you get a shot off on the individual as soon as you step back this is a good video

  9. Great short video and very applicable. Totally enjoy and learn from about a list of Great
    Carry guns, proper Caliber and same for home defense,Shotgun?12 or 20 gauge??
    Thank You

  10. Thank You- what great instruction- I had forgotten to keep my elbows touching my “love handles” – moving your elbows back 2″ makes a real difference. Well back to practicing

  11. Hi Bob,
    Guns are illegal in the UK, although there are plenty of illegal firearms around, even young kids get hold of them, you may have seen some press reports on TV, if I could get one in todays world, I would, but I would only use it for the better, where some victim is in trouble, I would not hesitate to shoot the perp.

  12. Great tip. Never crossed my mind. An idea so simple I’ll bet many of us never thought about it. Thanks for the valuable advice.

  13. That is amazing what a difference that made by just holding his arms back to his sides. That for sure is one to remember.


  15. Love your video’s and info. Very good info for the common man and skilled pro as well. Thanks and keep it coming.

  16. Good sound advice. If you get this close to your adversary without shooting him/her – you need to rethink your whole strategy – just a thought ( been there and got the Tee=shirt ! )

  17. Thanks for the tip. This is very helpful to know. I hope that they never get that they never that close.

  18. Enjoyed your presentation concerning the position of sales.So simple as that. I own alot of pistols but I didn’t Know HOW to correctly KEEP the gun! But, wouldn’t it be easier to just blow the attacker away to begin with and let GOD straighten it out? Just a thought……… Thanks

  19. I have been using that stance for quite a few years, but actually a long time from when I was shooting as a 7 year old kid. I had good teachers. I have spent all most of my life, firing weapons. Also 21 years in the military, plus hunting. You are right, that I have seen numerous people firing there weapon, and not doing it rihgt.

  20. If you let someone take your weapon,you shouldn`t have.there is no way in the world that should happen……stance or no stance,just shoot,you don`t let someone get that close to you and don`t pull your weapon to scare someone…when you pull it,shoot it,plain and simple.

  21. Thanks for the help, for me being a petite woman this info is great. I will practice what I have learned at a practice range, so I can be accurate and comfortable in that stance.

  22. As a long time student and teacher of martial arts but a relatively new commer to concealed carry, I found your information useful and immediately upon watching your video said to myself “I knew that!” Still it was good to have it reemphasized. Thanks, send more!

  23. Ihave a question: I’ve had my 38S&W semi for at lest 15 yrss and haven’t shot it in ten. It needs cleaning and me re-training, I live in remote area. Oldtown, ID near Sandpoint. Recommend facility to hep me, PLEASE

  24. In action for twenty years plus a long time ago. n
    Read Your site and really enjoy it.
    I’ve even picked up some very good pointers. thank you, happy holidays 😃