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Devastating Oblique Kick To Take Out An Attacker’s Knee

Simple But Devastating

The simplicity of this kick is exactly what makes it so effective. When adrenaline is rushing through your system this is exactly the kind of simple and effective move you will be able to remember and execute in the heat of the moment. This self-defense technique targets the knee, which as you know is a very vulnerable joint. Not only is it anatomically vulnerable, but it is rarely defended by an attacker who is much more worried about a punch to his face.

Breaking It Down

As Paul says in the video, it doesn’t get much simpler than this, and since most common fighting stances put one leg (the lead leg) in front of the other, most attackers will be sending you an open invitation to take out that lead knee.

The key to making this move successful is to strike the knee right when your opponent shows signs of throwing a punch. By making the move quick you will strike him first, taking out his ability to stand and deliver the punch, but keep in mind, this is not a lead-off move. Your attacker must be distracted in order to use this little self-defense trick.

Practice Tips

When you are practicing this self-defense technique be sure to have your partner keep his knee bent and aim for his shin. The knee is very sensitive and even at practice speed landing your foot on a locked-out knee can cause a lot of damage.

With that said, go practice this technique. It’s way too easy not to learn and adds one more self-defense technique to your bag of nasty fighting tricks.

About the Author

Paul is a Jeet Kune Do master who learned under Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s main student and training partner). He is also a master in several other arts and is so well respected in the industry that he was hired by the Navy to teach his hand-to-hand and knife fighting skills to the Navy SEALs, including the elite SEAL Team 6.

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191 thoughts on “Devastating Oblique Kick To Take Out An Attacker’s Knee”

  1. Thanks for the Great moves, I am short, but its better to know what to do when big farts try you out, the Element of Surprise!!!

  2. Thanks for these simple and effective techniques. Now I have one more added to my arsenal. I like the simplicity of this too, not a lot you need to remember like some moves. I’ve never been nimble enough to high kick, so all kicking at waist level and below has always been more interesting to me. Thanks again.


  4. Thank you for these video clips. They may very well one day save one of my daughters lives or mine. As a single mother and disabled I appreciate the advice and guidance you gave us through the video clips

  5. Hi Paul
    I am a retired police sgt. and Master sgt. USMC. I enjoy your videos very much. Being 70 years old I do not want to have a real longer fight with a young buck. You show ways of ending a fight easy. Keep up the great videos. Have a great day

    Master Sergeant James Alexander USMC retired Vietnam Vet 67-68

  6. I’m too old now to take a whipping and spar around, so quick, easy techniques like this will be quite handy. Even in my late 70’s I can kick high enough to hit a knee.

  7. That for sure is a great move and I know about knee damage. If I had 2 descent legs I could use that move. I just thank the good Lord for what I have left.

  8. Looks and sounds good to me, us old farts don’t like to have to go to the ground if we don’t have to.

  9. That looks like a very simple and painful move. I messed up my left knee when I use to race. It still bothers me to this day. I have had surgeries on it but I still have to be careful with it. That was about 40 years ago.

  10. Again, Paul Vunak is so calm and explains the technique so clearly it’s so easy to learn from him. Like the head butt it’s another technique that can be priceless when you’re trying to find a solution to end the fight or turn the situation to your advantage.

  11. Nice work guys I’m a South African staying in Cape Town ex old”” SADF and your videos bring back a lot of memories and have helped me out of a lot of tight spots in the past and I hope your viewers will learn from you guys. Simple and invaluable.

  12. I was shone a similar technique but with a different kick. The kick he showed the class to do it with was a sidekick. I have to say l like Paul’s way better because it’s faster. The sidekick is powerful kick but it’s slower and takes more time to master. ?

  13. Thanks from the age 65 and up crowd. We are not going to over power a younger punk so a few quick tricks and separate are my plan. From there regroup and decide if deadly force is your best option. Keep up the great teaching and maybe develop age specific training.

  14. Simple,quick,effective and easy to recall in a street fight situation.
    Thanks for the vids guys.
    Keep ’em coming!

  15. That is good info. I find it easier when someone grabs me with both hands they have just tied up 2 of their weapons. Go in for a knee lock rock forward to break the knee they also go to the ground with ease and you will have the chance to finish them or if they are in so much pain and don’t want to engage you anymore you can simply walk away or call police which ever you prefer.
    Thanks fight fast

  16. Paul is amazing,
    My female friend and i love his videos, and practice.
    Paul is a perfect example of a low key, mellow looking guy, looks like a tennis coach, no hard guy tude,
    but total stealth ass kicker, really admire him.

  17. Paul Vunak is a good instrutor one of the best I like the way he breaks it down for you no pun intended he also throws in the 4 ds keep up the great work

  18. It is good that someone can teach people, with no matial arts training , some simple move that can save their LIVES!!
    Many thanks.

  19. Thank you for the daily lessons. I have a martial arts background (participated and won tournaments) but now realize that it would be less practical than what you’re showing me.

  20. Great stuff but I find practising in very slow motion teaches the subconscious mind to do it accurately from the outset. Practicing at speed means eliminating the “Wrong” way before the mind learns the correct way. Slow motion eliminates this and shortens the time it takes to learn accuracy. Just sayin’

  21. As a Yang Tai Chi combat guy its good to see the use of this devastating kick – all Tai Chi Combat kicks are designed to foot check, sweep and / or kick under the waist – and knee on to Bl 7 & 8, Liv 3 & 6, Sp 6 & GB 32 in the thigh (cork leg) or any thing inside the shin etc etc. Great to see

  22. Thank you.. will definitely practise the self defense method.
    With all the daily farm attacks, attacks in general currently in SA, I do not want to feel paralized if ever.. praying never.. in such a situation.

  23. Thanks for showing me this technique it’s really good it’s real simple easy to learn and I like it because I have to agree you take out their enemies knee and can’t stand he can’t fight plus it gives you time to get the hell out of Dodge is not going to chase you with a broken leg