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How To Block The Feared Thai Kick

The Most Feared Kick

The Thai Kick is one of the most feared fighting moves. Skilled Thai kick boxers have been known to break the femur of their opponents with a well executed Thai kick. While the Thai kick is powerful, and a worthwhile skill to develop, it CAN be effectively blocked.

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Breaking It Down

Unfortunately, most martial arts teach ineffective blocks for these powerful kicks. This is good if you are a Thai kick boxer, but bad if you have to fight one. As you can see in the video the normal block (where your raise your knee and move it to the outside) leaves you in a weak position if your opponent is skilled. It will work in a pinch, but not something you want to rely on. The block shown here by Mike Goldbach is a much more effective self-defense technique.

As explained in the video, the power in a Thai kick comes from the body rotation. Any effective self-defense against the Thai kick must include a way to stop the body rotation. Ideally in any self-defense situation you also want to take the offense as soon as possible.

The block shown in the video above accomplishes both of these tasks. You are able to stop the attackers body rotation and move him backwards. This removes his ability to use a powerful kick a second time and allows you to follow up your block with an attack of your own.

Go grab a partner and try this out for yourself. Remember a simple block is okay, but good defense won’t get you out of a dangerous self-defense situation. That’s why you need to learn blocking techniques which transition you into an offensive position, like the one shown above.

About Mike Goldbach

Mike Goldbach is a 5th Degree Blackbelt in Shorin-Ryu Karate, but he set most of that training aside when he began learning Muay Thai from Chai Sirisute (the godfather of Thai Boxing in the U.S.) who founded the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. From personal experience Mike found that traditional martial arts simply didn’t hold up against the powerful moves used in Thai Boxing.

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74 thoughts on “How To Block The Feared Thai Kick”

  1. I agree with Luis, it is amazing how people try to make things overcomplicated, when really simple moves like these do the job. Van Damme movies may be great for entertainment, but they will get you killed in the real world. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Why is he so far apart from his opponent allowing the kick to even been thrown at all.
    The closer one is to the opponent the greater the chance to take the opponents balance.

  3. @ darcy mckee: because you can’t always control where a foe is. If someone out foots you and gets into effective kicking range, and is fast enough to snap one off, you should know how to respond.

  4. Mike’s being nice about it too. There’s a pressure point on the anterior point of the sholder. That balance shove could easily be a palm to that point numbing the entire arm, or a strike to the collar bone. Thank you gentlemen

  5. now that was a sweet know how kick man bob i love these quick tips now ill practice that too lol along with oblique kick thanks trs

  6. Hey Bob,
    Great video, this is a very informative video. This sets the opponent up for some serious problems!!!!!

    Thank again for these videos.

    Ken M.

  7. Man!
    I’ve used that first block for years! I’ve never been cut kicked… probably lucky I wasn’t fighting Mike, or I would have been schooled! Thanks Bob, another video I just got to have at an affordable price considering the cost of not knowing this.

  8. I bought his 3 fighting secrets on VHS 13 years or so ago. Can’t tell you how valuable it has been to me ! Got to get this man back in the studio for more !

  9. I was pleased to see this blocking technique I’ve always had doubts about the usual
    way of blocking a Thai round kick a) you could have a very sore shin! b) you could be e
    easily knocked off balance

    I shall buy this video as soon as I believe I can avoid UK customs duty.
    They penalize all packages that do not describe what is in them i.e. educational dvd!


    John Watson

  10. I was always taught to block low to medium kicks with the bottom of your foot avoiding shin contact. But with this tactic the block would be more on the side muscular portion of the lower leg, and the rest of the move is very easy and effective. Thanks I learned a new one..

  11. The stupidity is that people (namely martial sports athletes) just stand there and take the punishment by blocking such attacks. Shouldn’t footwork, evasive manoeuvres and offensive-counters be utilized? His blocking technique only varifies that what I have been saying for at least 5 years now is more effective than the “stand there and block it” method.

    Case in point, anytime the enemy rotates their torso you can “cut off” their movement by stepping in (with an attack) and slightly to the inside of their rotation…everytime. And for those who like to think they are using psychological warfare, it does play in on the attacker’s psyche. Most attackers expect their victim to cower or fold in defense. Their demeanor changes when that victim comes straight into their face with a “fuck you” type attack of their own. THis also greatly reduces their power as well.

    P.S. the same can be said when facing another with a weapon (bat, chain, pipe, etc.). YOu never want to remain on the outside where they can reach you and you can’t reach them. Most people react by backing up or rocking back on their heels…this only definitiely defines you as their prey at that point. Leaving you at the mercy and offensive skills of the attacker. People never think to move into the attacker. This greatly cuts down on the power of the weapon and you quickly/instantly gain access inside the enemy’s “guard.”

  12. How about a shin check to block any kick? Whenever you see any kick coming? Kick that leg before he kicks you. After you have kicked that leg 5 or 6 times. The kicking attacker will have to rely on something else and his leg will be hurting.

  13. Effective move. I notice that the most effective moves involve moving toward your assailant. Stay inside, and he can’t use power to throw punches or kicks. I worry about the speed in which punches or kicks occur. Can I misread someones actions and get mlyself injured in the process? Good stuff, keep ’em coming. Thanks.

  14. This is what I call “Scientific fighting” which emphasizes proper procedure and logic in the methodology that a person must utilize in order to counter a more experienced or stronger opponent.This one is a keeper!

  15. I just want to thank Fight Fast for delivering great videos on fighting technics and defense moves. Each one is very insightful and easily learned. Preparation is everything. Again I that you and please keep up the great work.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with We the People. I am a 64 year old great grand mother of 3 adult children, 6 grand kids & 4 great grand kids. I am single & have stage 4 cancer & currently mostly bed bound & on oxygen 24/7. I remember when I was in high school & was into gymnastics & my boyfriend was trying to show his friends what he had recently learned in Karate & was trying to use me as his guinea pig, but my knowledge of gymnastics automatically kicked in & I was able to reverse his attack & reverse flipped him onto his knees in utter shock & shame. He was so shocked & embarrassed in front of his friends he tried another 2 times to achieve his agenda to make either me physically hurt or to save face, but I was in excellent shape (thunder thighs) even @ 5’2″ 103 LBS & I twice more threw him to the floor. So I am hoping that God will grant me the strength if need be & I am able to protect myself with these helpful tips you have shared. God Bless you & all the other Patriots that are informing us on different ways to survive through the hard times that lay ahead for We the People (the elderly & ill) especially & I am going to share it with the little ones in my family in case some one tries to hurt or harm them. In “God We Trust”, until our Nation is restored back to “One Nation Under God”, Forever and Ever Yours Truly, Colleen Campbell

  17. Don’t know who the gentleman has been talking to that makes him think that they are teaching to turn their leg into a round kick, but it is certainly not in any traditional karate style I have trained in or with. In Isshinryu we know better than that. I have never been hurt doing a leg block the way I teach it nor has any student. If you have someone who wants to make statements as to someone else’s technique, be sure of the facts. I have yet to see any functional technique here that I have not practiced myself, but I have seen a few non functional ones that I that I wouldn’t touch.

  18. All of your instructional videos are valuable information and very useable tactics
    Thanks a Bunch for all your work

  19. It seems that some people are butt hurt and comment as such over every video that is shown.
    Well guess what!!!! The guys on the videos live this everyday. The people that watch these videos are from all walks of life and are thankful for FightFast for putting them up and giving us new ideas to try. If it works for you, great. If it doesn’t then so be it, keep working on what works for you. With that said, don’t sit back and act like you know everything because no one does.
    I am thankful for the lesson shown here and have put several in my jar of stuff to use to get out of a dangerous situation. Thank to the guys at FightFast for doing what they do and keep up “helping the good guys win the fight!!”

  20. This is my first time to make a comment, I’ve watched most of the videos and they are very informitive and have tought me a lot of very useful fighting techniques for which I thank you for everything you have tought me, of course I’ll probably never have to use any of them. But I do know a young man that knows kick boxing and there is a chance that some day I may have to fight him and this lesson will give me an advantage that I didn’t know untill today. I am a 78 year old 150 pound man with COPD and the young man I meantioned is in his mid 20’s and wieghts about 250 pounds, maybe more, so that tells you what my chances would be if I knew only common fighting skills.

  21. Great training. I have always worried about that leg attack. By adding this move I will devastate an attacker and be able to escape.

  22. If he blocks your first kick in that way,the next kick can go right in his groin, or lower gut & just take him out completely,I have never had a guy take a good hit that way & keep his food down it made a lot of my opponents just start throwing up

  23. OH YES, I’m very SORRY, I should have said THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your TIME & VIDEOS, THEY’RE ALL FIRST CLASS!!!!! I love to watch & LISTEN to your pointers!!!!! PLEASE keep up the good work that ALL of you guys from FIGHT FAST do!!! OH & I LOVE YOUR DEALS & offers, they are GREAT!!!!!!

  24. That’s a great move. With my age, 74, I would need all the advantage With the attacker going backwards it would give me time to back off and either get my knife or if I’m carrying, time to draw. Two incidents in 4 days on the bike path I ride every morning make me real cautious. I reported one, drug paraphernalia and other items scattered around like there had been a fight, and this AM, a trash barrel stuffed with police tape.
    Appreciate any help. Thanks. Really like my knife. Hope the people who got it practice, draw, open, draw open. I do it before going out and any time I take it out of my pocket.

  25. Great move as always I have learned a lot from your video blogs and I am very greatful thanks a million

  26. If you have extremely slow reaction times, then nothing does much good.
    My reflexes basically suck.
    Is there a way to improve them?

  27. Mike, Thank You for your insight and taking the time to share this. Another good one for the “team”! Thanks Brother!

  28. This block leaves you standing on one leg. He can feint the kick, spin you round with a sweep instead, then attack you from behind. But while he’s standing on one leg, he’s lost his mobility. You can cover up, step in and crowd him, then use Harai-Goshi or Uchi-Mata to sweep the leg he’s standing on. But with throws like these you need to justify the amount of impact when he hits the deck.