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Survive Having A Gun To Your Head

A Last Resort

If you are held at gun point, your first goal should be giving the attacker whatever he wants (within reason). This usually means your wallet, car keys, or any jewelry you have on you. If this is the case, give the guy what he wants and consider yourself lucky. However, we all know that there are some circumstances where an attacker wants something we are not willing to give up.

For example, if you are with a loved one (your wife, child, etc.) and it’s clear that the attacker wants more than your money, you may be forced to act. This self-defense gun disarm technique is specifically designed for these last resort situations.

Don’t Pull Away

In this scenario it is crucial that the barrel of the handgun be touching your head. I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but if it is touching your head don’t pull away. Instead, put more pressure on it. If you know the gun is close but not touching your head, slowly move so that it is touching your head.

This may seem strange, but having pressure on the gun gives you two distinct advantages:

  1. It lets you know exactly where the gun is.
  2. It allows you to more quickly and efficiently roll your body off the target line and move inside the weapon. Both of these are crucial if you want this disarming technique to work.

Breaking It Down

Now that you are off the target line and have closed the gap between you and your attacker you can go for the disarm. Here are the next steps:

  1. When you roll to the inside of the gunman’s shooting arm you must simultaneously bring your inside arm up and over the attackers arm.
  2. Continue by wrapping your arm under his. His forearm will be locked into your armpit while you drive his elbow joint upward, extending his shoulder joint past its range of motion. At this point you have the attacker in a joint lock, but depending on his strength and size this may or may not cause him to lose control of the weapon.
  3. Finally, use your outside arm to drive the attackers elbow upward. This will damage the shoulder joint, causing even bigger, stronger attackers to drop the weapon.

End The Fight

Your job doesn’t stop there. Once the weapon has been dropped it is best to follow up by maintaining the joint lock and striking the attacker with whatever self-defense tools you’ve got. This includes eye gouges, ridge hands to the throat, a leg sweep, or a strike to any other target that presents itself.

Once you’ve distracted him with a sufficient amount of pain, your goal is to gain control of the weapon and create distance between you so that you are not disarmed by him.

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Additional Considerations

There are a couple of extra factors to consider about this self-defense gun disarm technique.

  1. When disarming a gun there will usually be at least one round discarded from the weapon. This usually happens as you are turning to clear your own body from the target line. It’s your job to make sure an innocent bystander will not be in danger from the stray bullet (this is especially important if you are with loved ones). If necessary you may be able to slowly move in such a way that you position any bystanders off the target line before you attempt the disarm technique.
  2. For this particular self-defense disarm technique to work the attacker must be carrying the weapon with one hand. Keep in mind, there are countless different self-defense scenarios involving being held at gunpoint and what we’ve shown here is simply one example, not a universal solution to weapon disarming.

Learning From Failure

As with most things in life, these live demos don’t always go exactly as planned, but Bob refused to simply do another take and edit those parts out. Instead he used them to show how thinking on your feet, combining different techniques, and rapid use of weapon malfunction drills can salvage a situation even when things don’t go as expected.

About The Instructor

Every gun disarming technique taught by Bob Taylor has been rigorously tested using simunition (including with wax bullets in the early days). He and his training partner Randy Warner ran every gun disarming techniques they could find through their gauntlet of tests. The result is a package containing gun disarm techniques (including the one shown here) that have the highest probability of success.

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118 thoughts on “Survive Having A Gun To Your Head”

  1. Pretty slick move. I was sitting in drivers seat first time it happened. I just reached up and grabbed it diverting barrel direction to back floor board, left hand and grabbed a gear with the right and took off into my garage let my husband take care of the rest.

  2. Sounds good Will be practicing this to become a good fighter cause around here attackers comes with guns. Thanks so much for all this information it’s really helpful.

  3. An outstanding and simple technique, I was never taught to lock the aggressor’s arm, now that is a nice new wrinkle on the old techniques. Any pistol, rifle or gun is almost useless at point blank range, they are not a poking weapon. In close quarters a knife is far more useful as a projectile weapon is only dangerous at its muzzle. I have never had anyone touch me with a firearm, although I have been shot at from a distance several times, I did not like that experience at all, however, I know that if a criminal or a terrorist was to push a weapon into me that the advantage would be mine. I enjoy the instructional videos that Fightfast make. They are filled with out of the box thinking. Thank you.

  4. This was a good lesson,you never know what will happen in these situations.So I think watching different scenarios is great for the unexpected.Remember first give them what they want and maybe the gun to the head wouldn’t happen.

  5. great. I like this move. I am a 5’10 elderly woman with rhumatoid arth. and yet I can see if I don’t wimp out or get all scared but instead lean into the gun and then move quickly , I think I could do this move VERY EFFICIENTLY BECAUSE he would not be expecting me to do this and I definitely could knock his leg out and hit him in his jjunk and then his eyes and get the gun. The only bad thought would be maybe is if the gun wasn’t loaded then what ???
    i really enjoyed watching this and hope you will include some moves for seniors that are not wimps but do have disabilities. we are more and more being targeted these days. My dad was a cop, and I have always been a big woman with a big voice and worked with many prisoners in our ministry . while I have only had a couple of incidents in my life time that were scary but I handled them with ease. for the most part no one took me on I think because of my size and the way I was always taught to present myself. however I do find myself more concerned now as I walk in the parking lot at a walmart or strip mall. because I walk with a cane and a limp and am not really stable on my feet. As i view people sometimes sizing me up it does seem to bring up a feeling of helplessness and fear that I am not used to feeling. Sooo if you have any hints would so appreciate them. also loved the fact that there were no 4 letter words needed to explain your moves. WELL DONE. VERY PROFESSIONAL THANKS SO MUCH.

  6. Love Kathleen back his response.I too am a senior but still have a little crazy in my blood.Soooo I so appreciate your info on how to deal with these fools who have nothin better to do than target us but thanks to some of your weaponry for sale and great self preservative lessons it’s GREAT to have a little air prize wait in for these idiots.THANK YOU ..THANK YOU ๐Ÿ€โ™Ž๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I never thought about putting more pressure on the gun but it makes sense for getting the motion started. Thanks for the info. You’re an amazing person who obviously loves what you are doing. I just wanted to thank you for the free service. I hope i can get more of your instruction in the future.

  8. Since all of this is going on behind your head, any way to tell that the perp is holding the weapon in his right hand and not his left? I suppose odds are that he is right handed, but what if he’s not?

  9. How does one know if the gun is in right or left hand (of a behind your head gun attacker)? The demo video shows a Right Handed Gun attacker. What if he were left handed (10 percent are Lefties)?

  10. Hi Bob, this is a good lesson to learn. I didn’t know that disarming a guy with a gun at my head was possible. Hopefully, I’ll never need to do it.