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Turn A Wrist Grabbing Attacker into a Whimpering Idiot

Don’t Hesitate

An arm or wrist grab is an extremely common tactic used by street thugs to intimidate and gain control of their targets. Luckily, knowing a few tricks will allow you to take down even large attackers who attempt to attack or restrain you using this kind of grab. As a side note, an arm or wrist grab (which some people don’t perceive as a violent move) is often the first move that is followed up by something more violent. Bottom line, if someone grabs your arm or wrist you must act.

Breaking It Down

We’ve covered countless reasons why grabbing hold of an intended target is the dumbest thing an attacker can do in other articles and videos, and this move adds one more reason to that list. To top it off, this move is fairly simple, making it easy to commit to muscle memory. This means that you will be able to reflexively use it in the heat of the moment without locking up. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Once an attacker has grabbed you, rotate your arm so that your palm is facing your face. You’ll also want to bring your hand upward.
  2. Flex your hand toward your body, creating space between your hand and your attacker’s hand. This space allows you to grab the meaty part of your attackers palm with your other hand. The important thing here is that you reach under and around the hand that’s being held so you grab his hand on the outside.
  3. Once you grab his hand with your free hand he won’t be able to maintain his grip on your hand. This is when you use your now free hand to grab the other side of his palm.
  4. At this point you simply rotate his hand to apply the joint lock. The thing that separates this fight move from other similar moves is the take-down. Don’t simply rely on the twisting of the joint lock to force him to the ground. If he’s bigger and stronger he’ll likely be able to put up a fight. If, however, you take a step back and rotate your body 180 degrees while twisting his wrist, he’ll be taken off balance and his superior mass and strength won’t do him much good.
  5. Once he’s on the ground you should maintain the lock, keeping his arm straight. This is where you have options. A quick forceful rotation of his wrist at this point will usually destroy the joint. You can also maintain control of him with the lock and use whatever other self-defense moves are necessary to protect yourself and others around you.

About The Instructor

The technique in this lesson comes from Dr. V. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Dr. V had to learn to fight at a young age just to survive. He’s also served in three branches of the military and until recently worked for the state department as a special agent providing protective duty for high profile VIPs. Dr. V hasn’t just practiced this move in a dojo (although he’s put in plenty of hours there too). No, Dr. V has used this exact self-defense technique on multiple occasions to take down attackers foolish enough to get in his way.

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129 thoughts on “Turn A Wrist Grabbing Attacker into a Whimpering Idiot”

  1. It’s very good technique you show me this one 3 times before and I’ve left comments each time so I just hope I never have to use it thank you video

  2. These unarmed combat moves are just what I need.In Australia it’s illegal to carry weapons concealed or otherwise also there’s always the possibility of a weapon ( say a knife ) being wrestled from me ( I’m 188cm & 110kg ,but at 63 my physical strength is waneing.It’s much better for me to know several unarmed moves like Judo,Akido& Karate to counter an attacker & subdue an opponent leaving them bruised,sore& shook up & hold them down so as to wait for Police. P.S. That’s why I decline your 5 in 1 pocket knife.But I do appreciate survival skills & I thank you for making them possible to easily learn.

  3. Hello, I wouldn’t like to meet the instructor int a dark alley one night, good thing he’s on our side though, good technique though.

  4. Very effective. Once you practice a few times the move becomes so fluid, the rotation of the hips for the take down becomes 2nd nature. You’re not even thinking about it. Nice. Leaving me with several follow through moves to be sure he isn’t going to get up. Nicely done!

  5. This was good move especially for us females to know but the only problem I see with this is that our attacker has a free hand /arm to do something to counter our moves, maybe even pulls out his knife or a gun with his free hand to stab or shoot , then what?

  6. That was the best demonstration, thank you Something everybody should know, I was showen it once (years ago) seeing this reminded me how easy it is to protect yourself if you just (practice) and (remember) thanks again !!! great job demonstration.

  7. One of the more effective moves I’ve seen. As always, must be done quickly and accurately, especially if person acosted is not strong.

  8. Love the simple techniques rather than losing it with someone. I’m British ex-Para n can still handle a few at 53yrs,but it’s Mr Hyde im more frightened of, if or when I go into a rage, so I’d rather stick to the more simple and effective ways on the street.
    Cheers for the vid. Very effective. D!

  9. I shared this with my daughter in law. She said she practiced with my son and found this took things much further towards her personal safety than other self defense moves she has been tought. Thanks. I want the women in my life strong, secure, and safe.

  10. The K.I.S.S. principle if I have ever seen it! Keep it simple stupid. A complicated move can find you in a fix. Your move is fast and simple. Thanks