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Defeat a Hair Pulling Thug…Quickly – Self Defense Move

Hair pulling is a very effective down-and-dirty street fighting move, which I encourage you to learn, but this video is not about using hair pulling. No, this video is about defending against it. Hair pulling can be defended against and defeated if you act quickly. In the video above body guard, martial artist, and security expert Mark Parra shows you how.

When defending against hair pulling the first thing to do is shed the attackers grip on your hair and quickly strike your opponent either with an eye gouge or throat strike.

The first thing to keep in mind is that hair pulling is a pain and control type of move. Very effective for this specific purpose, but it does not diminish your ability to strike the attacker. The key is acting quickly. As shown in the video above you’ll want to simultaneously shed the hand grabbing the hair and strike your attacker in a high value target. In this case the throat is chosen but could easily be swapped with an eye gouge or ear slap (whichever target is open at the moment is best). When shedding the hand holding your hair you are going to likely loose some hair in the process. Nevertheless, you must be forceful with the shedding move.

The message to the attacker is “you grab my hair I crush your trachea.” When done correctly he will suddenly be the distracted one giving you the split second advantage you need to follow up your initial strike with more punishing moves.

In the video Mark shows you how to follow up with a groin strike and elbow to the jaw. In many cases your escape may be possible after the initial throat strike but don’t count on it. Practicing these follow up moves will ensure that you know what to do even if things don’t go right (they often don’t).

For more of Mark Para’s quick and simple responses to violent attackers click here.

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13 thoughts on “Defeat a Hair Pulling Thug…Quickly – Self Defense Move”

  1. Looks a quick and simple process….what happens to the attacker who comes from behind and grabs the hair….this is particularly relevant to women with longer hair and the tendency for aggressive women to grab hair first?

  2. Thank you this is close to how I would defend against a hair pull. My hair is not very sensitive, I would go for the throat to crush the larynx followed with the forearm to the neck artery with full body weight follow through, once the attacker is on the ground a foot to the neck.

  3. Yes, perhaps someone who sees our posts and also knows Bob would be kind enough to ask him to please share with us what he thinks would be the good move(s) that our wives and daughters can use to retaliate and escape a hair grab from behind. All the Best, Skipper

  4. I would like to see a defense against the rear attack. I have seen girls fight and the hair is the favorite target. If someone grabs the hair from behind and pulls you to the ground, as I have seen done, I guess you had better know some ground fighting techniques. Any chance you could throw a freebie our way on that defense? I love your work and recently ordered some material from you. I am anxiously awaiting that arrival, kinda like an anxious father. haha

  5. Bruce Tegner put out some fine books on self defense and the martial arts some years back, and he dealt with the subject of a hair grab from behind.
    Rather than pulling away, and increasing your own pain, take both hands and press your attacker’s hand that is grabbing your hair to your head. This eases the pain and traps your opponent’s hand. Quickly pivot around to face your opponent and straighten up, while still pressing your opponent’s hand to your head. Now your opponent’s arm is in a very painful and vulnerable position. You can quickly kick into the shin, knee, groin and slam your fist down on your opponent’s elbow (this would, of course, entail letting go with one of your hands). You could then follow-up with any needed blows to the solar plexus, trachea, or bridge of nose.

  6. Defend against a hair pull by beating someone to a pulp??? How about keeping your hair short? Far less violent….I love the comment by Stan, using his longer hair to bait people….Grow up children

  7. J Pelletier

    They weren’t talking about a 2 females having a cat fight in grade school. Someone that commits an unprovoked violent assault against another deserves to be “beaten to a pulp”, to prevent what they intend to do next.
    “Baiting” is usually luring an attacker who already intends a violent assault, to use a tecnique that you’re prepared to defend against.
    Maybe you should come out of the bubble you’ve been living & see what’s actually going on around you.