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Wicked Self Defense Throw – Turns larger attackers weight against him

This self defense throw technique is perfect if you get into a shoving match with a larger attacker. While I typically don’t advocate getting tied up up with an attacker it sometimes happens despite your best attempt to end it quickly.

If you get into a shoving match with an attacker who outweighs you, it’s pretty likely that you’ll lose. This self defense throw takes advantage of that fact, turning the larger attacker’s momentum into a devastating weapon.

This self defense throw utilizes your attackers momentum against him.

It works great and unlike some throws and take-downs it’s simple to learn and easy to use on the street. Many wrestling style take-downs put you on the ground with the guy; that’s great if your on a mat, but dangerous on the street.

This self defense throw puts him on the ground with you on your knee so you can still escape quickly. When done right, it also orients your body so that you are by his head. His feet won’t be able to trip you while you escape and his arms will be in a weak position. This self defense throw is very likely to end the confrontation.

After unleashing the Japanese Whizzer self defense throw your opponent will wind up on the ground and you with a clear escape

If you are on concrete or another hard surface the attacker is going to be stunned from the collision with the ground, most likely affording you enough time to escape or deal with other oncoming attackers. If a speedy escape is not possible, or you need to contain the attacker to allow loved ones to escape first then this self defense move sets up a ton of possible follow up strikes.

Aside from the follow up moves Mr. Ailes shows in the video you can also throw a hammer fist to the jaw or nose, a blade hand strike to the throat, you can get to your feet and kick or stomp, and any other combo you can think of.

For more simple and effective self defense instruction check out my Brutal Bone Breakers package…you’ll be glad you did.

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14 thoughts on “Wicked Self Defense Throw – Turns larger attackers weight against him”

  1. Bob…this video as well as many others in your past emails does not load on the apple iPad…thought you should know so the IT gurus can fix it.

    Happy New Year

  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha….Big guy? Are you kidding? There isn’t that much difference in their sizes….Imagine a 6 foot 9 350lb monster, you catch his arm, you really think he’s gonna let you kneel on the f’ing ground to throw him? I’m sorry but I’ve been fighting for years and spent 12 years in Marine Recon….I have yet to see anything here that impresses me….Nothing here I haven’t seen in countless martial arts classes…This is all marketing garbage….Bob, I pray your training doesn’t get someone killed

  3. I am a 63 yo retired firefighter and I’m broken. After years of extremely physical work in harsh conditions my body is physically limited in what it can perform. Thanks for posting this and other defensive moves that can be performed with torn shoulders and synthetic knees. I can no longer just “punch it out” and these allow me to protect my family even in these circumstances. Any advice on a source of similar tactics for an old firehorse is appreciated.

  4. J Pelletier
    First of all,if you don’t think one guy in the video is quite a bit bigger than the other you need glasses, & how often do you run up against a “6 foot five 350 lb monster” anyway? Why don’t you tell us what YOU would do against a “6’5 350 lb monster” since since you know so much, instead of just criticising?
    Secondly, you’re the same guy who jumped on Stan in the “Defeat a hair pulling thug–” blog because he’d “beat someone to a pulp”(your words)who grabbed him by the hair, saying that his response was too violent.
    Really?? You just told us that you were in Marine Recon for 12 yrs & have fought for years. What did you do in your fights, throw flowers at your opponents?
    What did you do in Marine Recon if not do violence to people, or at least train to do violence? Did they train you to be “less violent” like you told Stan to be?
    You sound like a troll to me, just using this blog to puff yourself up at others expense.
    I’ve also had “countless martial arts classes” & 40 street fights, & I find a lot of Bobs videos useful & more practical than most of what I paid big bucks for in those classes.

  5. Also Bob, separating trips and throws is confusing and unhelpful. If anything, this takedown should be considered a “drop”. While it does use the leg to execute the throw, it is not really like what skilled martial artists call a trip.