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The Best Way To Honor Our Veterans Beyond our Words of “Thanks”

TRS/Fight Fast would like to extend a gigantic and sincere “thank you” to all who have served and are currently serving in our armed forces. All Americans, and so many others around the world, owe our veterans such esteemed gratitude.

Everyone reads a lot of stuff in newspapers and social media about politics, viewpoints, and all sorts of topics… we have many venues through which we can share our lives, our ideas and our passions.

Politics and faith are two subjects that illicit deep rooted passions in many of us. I view this as a good thing. I hope that each of us manage respect for opposing viewpoints and do not respond with ridicule.

Any person can have an opinion on a subject. Some may be more educated, more experienced, clever or articulate. As we celebrate and thank our Veterans today, let us collectively not forget that the freedom to express our opinion in open forum of writing, speaking or assembly… the right to disagree, even with our leadership at the highest levels, and express said disagreement openly… is a freedom that was purchased and sustained by the service of veterans all around you in our communities.

Take a moment today to pause in reverence to that service and offer them a prayer and/or a word of sincere gratitude which equals, or perhaps even surpasses, the level of passion of which we speak towards so many other topics that are discussed in such venues.

All of our veterans, including those no longer with us, deserve much more than our thanks, but our thanks is a great start.

Lastly, those freedom’s that they protect and sustain remains an experimental government that is unique in human history. “Of, for and by the people” inherently requires the people to be involved. When you watch Saving Private Ryan, or something illustrating the price of freedom, aside from a thank you, a greater demonstration of gratitude is to get educated on issues, get involved and VOTE!

There are countries where citizens have no voice. Our veterans provide this to us here in America. We should feel overwhelmingly compelled to participate in our governments and the many decisions that directly affect our daily lives. Let us, the beneficiaries of this amazing republic, embrace this opportunity with the respect and appreciation that having a voice deserves.

Photo by Jack Kurtz

Let this photo to the right take you back when Iraqi citizens emerged from the voting booths proudly displaying their inked index fingers. It was their first chance to participate in their government after being delivered from under extreme oppression of Saddam Hussein. Let us citizens of USA remind ourselves of that our opportunity to participate remains a precious gift. Our faces should display such prideful and passionate expressions of appreciation for this opportunity, I dare say, we have grown excessively comfortable with in today’s society.

If you have an single ounce of frustration with government and any of its choices, you have no right to complain on any level, about any topic what-so-every, unless you pay one simple toll first. You must vote!

We should have a 100% voter turnout at every election to truly show our veterans that we recognize and respect not only that they served, but also that we haven’t forgotten why they served this unprecedented and unique experiment of human government.

Happy Veterans Day today, and EVERY day that we live under this wonderful blanket of freedom.

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