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The Reality of a Knife Fight

It Only Takes One Strike…

The reality of a knife fight is brutal and downright gruesome. In today’s video, street fighter and Jeet Kune Do prectitioner Paul Vunak demonstrates just how devastating one strike with a knife can be. It’s a good reminder of how effective a knife can be for self-defense, and a frightening reminder that you need a proven strategy to deal with a knife-wielding attacker if fleeing is not an option.

Sobering, Isn’t It?

It’s hard to believe just how much damage can be done with a single strike of a knife. Fancy blocks that look great in the Dojo while sparring with wooden or plastic knives simply won’t work on the street.

Sure, blocking a knife with your arm is better than taking it to the torso, but you’ve gotta understand what blocking a knife with your arm means and why a strategy of blocking or parrying is not enough.

Get The Word Out

If you liked this video please share it with your friends. It’s a scary world out there and sticking your head in the sand won’t do you any good.

There are a lot of folks out there who are ignorant of the realities of knife a fight and this information could save their lives. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

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76 thoughts on “The Reality of a Knife Fight”

  1. In Medieval Europe people went around armed with Rondel Daggers. These were long enough to kill a horse, and were considered more dangerous than a sword. Hans Talhoffer, a professional Military Combat Instructor, wrote an illustrated “Fechtbuch” in 1467, describing the Aikido-type moves used when fighting with these weapons. But he was a religious guy, and he commented: “Here they fight with daggers. God help them.” Looks like he wanted to discourage civilians from messing about with edged weapons, which was good advice.

  2. Example that just happen 2 dead by knife wielding crazy man in Portland on subway, the two men were not prepared for the knife assault. I believe they expected the man to stand down to there verbal homage to leave the gorls alone.

  3. Strange video! It shows the damage a knife can do but no techniques to counter or to defend against. What gives? What is the proven strategy he’s talking about?

  4. I value Fight Fast and not for the violence if dwells on but for the responsible attitude it often takes in portraying and advertising the hardware and software which is its stock in trade.
    This latest is a cautionary video but unfortunately does not go far enough in discouraging the type of violence it portrays.

  5. Yep. I saw that in the knife fighting DVD that came with the 325S. It wouldn’t take long to bleed out from something like that. I always carry mine with me and I pray I’ll never have to use it in a fight.


  6. I love fight fast! This video shows how a sharp will save you! And by slashing arms. And wrist it will cut tendons and will take away your opponents control, or his. Ability to grasp his weapon!! R.R. thanks, again Bob!

  7. For those asking about defense techniques, there is an icon for which you can click on. It will lead you to what you are searching for. This video shown is just the reality of what could happen to you if you are not well versed in knife fighting. Take heed.

  8. I just hope I never have to get into a knife fight I’ve had friends that dude and well they’ve got hurt so did the other guy that pulled the knife Maple there’s but oh boy I just hope I never get stuck in that situation

  9. Attack arms and legs, when you cut tendons these don’t work. You stop the attack but, you get away and the thug lives to be cut again, if he wants to!

  10. I always carry a blade, don’t ever want to use it for self defense though. However, I want to be proficient with it and ready, willing, and able to employ it if, God forbid, I need to defend myself or loved ones.

  11. Bottom line to ANY knife fight is, he who cuts the other fighter one more time then he has been cut will bleed out slower and die last! If you get in a knife fight, you must accept that you WILL get cut and you must cut your assailant more then he cuts you! ie: IF you and your loved one can get away, DO SO! It IS the best way to win a knife fight!

  12. I have been cut by a knife before and this is no joke. Not that deep, still took some stitches to repairs it. Strick first to avoid getting cut.

  13. That’s great, but straight accrocc the abdominal, .and they’re too busy trying to hold in their intestines in to continue trying to front his so called skills. Giving you plenty of time to get out of yhere. Knife fighting skills are aquired over a long time of intensive training.

  14. I can’t help but shake my head when some peole condem the police when they shoot someone with a knife. Those people need to watch this.
    Thanks FF.

  15. Very good video. Most if not a large majority of people have absolutely no idea what so ever what a knife swipe can do to your body.

  16. You know I actually didn’t watch the video though I probably will. It’s odd because most people have no clue as to even hold a knife properly to fight with. I usually carry a firearm & a knife. I studied
    Kenpo karate for 13 years as well. I know the dangers & the benefits & the defense tactics for a knife attack that do actually work. But your right, most people have no clue. I got attacked buy a guy in basic training. He was wielding a screwdriver. I took it or rather knocked it out of his hand quickly putting him in a choke hold. Those are the tactics that people need to know. Do not block, but disarm completely.

  17. I’ve been lucky twice. The first time involved a woman stabbing me with a steak knife. I blocked too early and the knife went through my left forearm, missing arteries and bone. I took the knife away and she apologised. The second incident was a druggie, also with a cheap steak knife, trying to stab me. I again closed the distance, took away the knife and he ran away. He left his sandals which I cut in half, broke the cheap steaknife in to and left it with his shoes. I think what saved me is the fact that they were stabbing and not cutting. The latter would not have been so easy. If you can, avoid a fight. Be a lover and not a fighter. (Not allways possible)