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The elite Special Forces Unit you’ve probably never heard of…

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of questions from my hotlist members about Delta.

Turns out a lot of people don’t know what the heck it is. And when I tell guys that several of our instructors are former Delta Operator I often get a glazed over look in their eyes. And the truth is that shouldn’t be a surprise. Officially, Delta doesn’t even exist. It doesn’t get talked about in the main stream news because this elite unit likes to fly under the radar. I eventually have to tell guys that Delta is basically like the Green Berets (this is close, but not the full story).

I was coming up with a lengthy explanation of what Delta is all about, and why the guys in this unit are so special and I came across this simple video that sums it up in just a few quick minutes. Check it out if you are curious about Delta, and why we are so proud to have a few of these guys as our instructors over here at Fightfast.

Like I said a handful of our instructors are former Delta Operators, something we are quite proud of over here at Fightfast. There are two reasons we are especially proud of these guys. First off, we are proud and very grateful for their exceptional service to our country. They get the nastiest most dangerous jobs that keep you and I safe. Second, we are proud of the fact that they come to us when they want to share their combat skills with civilians. They trust that we will treat their instruction with the care and dedication to quality it deserves.

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22 thoughts on “The elite Special Forces Unit you’ve probably never heard of…”

  1. A heart felt thank you to all of those that sacrificed, persevered, and served to keep us safe in this country. Those that became a part of this amazing unit and other amazing, black ops units are what makes our military and country great. Thank you to all.

  2. In the book “Delta Force” describing the first selection one of the candidates was rolled back because he had literally marched the soles of his feet off.

  3. That was very interesting. I am so grateful that the country has people of this caliber. I hope they can be put to use here at home some day. There certainly is a need.

    Thank You

  4. Thank you Mr. Bob Pierce for allowing some of us to train under these elite role models at the DELTAL/SEAL Training back in “94”

  5. Nice Guys! šŸ™‚
    Had the pleasure to tare up many Green Berets, Seals, and other Recon in training of SPECIAL OPS, SURVIVAL AND JUNGLE WARFARE in the swamps of the exclusive targetI ISLAND OF VIEQUES off the coast of PUERTO RICO in 1974-1975 till I was crushed between a duece n a half and a trailer standing up, with the rear bumper pinning ME to the trailer thru my stomach STOPPING on my Spine! My SURVIVAL INSTRUCTOR SKILLS TRUELY PROVED TO WORK!
    SEMPER FI! Cpl USMC 73-77 DAV.
    I was with the only true ace of spades outfit in the USMC!

  6. I am DAM Pound of all of our USA Military & the BEST OF THE BEST TODAY IS OUR “DELTA FORCES”. GOD BLESS THEM ALL & FAMILY’S & FRIEND’S. Thanks for protecting our USA or UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

  7. Robert Riendeau !
    I’m happy to hear you are alright and making it in life. I was deployed at the time but we still heard about the accident. Thank you for your service and God bless you and your family.
    SEMPER FI, Brother! Sgt. USMC 70-76 3rd Recon.

  8. Thank you Delta Force for your sacrifice without the elite forces of all the branches we wouldn’t be safe especially with the Wacked out CIC you have for he’s tried his best to dismantle the USA. Help is on the way once he’s gone so please hang in there for we need your survive now more than America know. I’m a disabled Veteran and it’s safer to go to war than go to a VA hospital . I thank you again

  9. Thanks Gentlemen, for your often under-valued service. If only a portion of your balls could be dispensed amongst our leaders in government our country would rise again to the relevance it deserves…! My prayer is for a new CIC that will fully fund your glorious efforts to maintain our world superiority..AMEN!
    Proud Hotlist member..thanks Bob Pierce, Bill Kelley

  10. i am very proud of these guys. let me say they have big balls to be able to do the things they do for our country. i am a viet nam vet. was with the first cav 1965 and 1966 sorry to say i came home alright but with agent orange……….speck 4 John Allen….. DELTA IS ONE BAD ASS GROUP

  11. Every item and DVD tutorial from FightFast has been extremely useful and accurate, and extremely well organized and documented for fast and easy learning. I am most appreciative of their dedication to my self defense and safety!!

  12. I knew about Delta, I knew they were GOOD. I had no idea How Good they had to be just to try out, let alone make it!

    Thanks for the info.

  13. A most sincere thanks to all our Armed Forces, and a special thanks to those who have endured the pain and struggle to become the elite soldiers of Delta and the other special, highly skilled units in the United States military. None better – ever!

  14. All I can say to all of our Special Operators, both past and present, is “Thank you and God bless you.”. Your service is greatly appreciated and much of what you do will never be known to a civilian like me.

  15. I don’t think they are tougher than the dev. team of the navy seals. A good friend of mine was a SOC on team 6, got killed in action in 2010. The shit they did can’t be put on film. Plus they don’t even talk about it. Thank god we have them.