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Special Forces Interview with Nir Maman

Just came across this interview I did with Nir Maman (a former Israeli Special Forces soldier) a few years back. This has some very interesting insights from a guy who’s actually used hand to hand combat skills in real life-and-death situations. Thought you might want to check it out.

If you are interested in learning more about Nir’s unique Krav Maga based fighting system check it out here:     Nir’s Krav Maga Combat System

To create this system Nir took what worked for him in real life and blended it into a coherent and very simple combat strategy. It’s mostly Krav Maga, but he’s replaced the weak points in Krav Maga with techniques from other systems.

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3 thoughts on “Special Forces Interview with Nir Maman”

  1. I have watched the whole DVD and it was amazing! Is this the only “Nir’s Krav Maga Combat System” DVD available? I would like to find out if any other DVD’s from Nir are available and where to order it. His combat techniques are explained and demonstrated for real life scenarios and it would be a disappointment if only one DVD is available.

  2. Hi I watched the krav magazine package after following the link and was wondering if the package for sale on your mother site is different from this one