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Have a question for Dale Comstock? Get it answered!

Hey Hotlists Members!

We have Dale Comstock (retired U.S. Army Special Forces Operator) flying into our studio this week to shoot some instructional material for a very exciting new product that we’ve kept under the wraps during the research and development phase. I really can’t talk about it yet, but I think you all will be very interested in it once it is launched. And of course, you guys will be the first to hear about it.

Anyways, I wanted to give you guys a chance to ask Dale some questions while we have him at our studio for a few days. I hope we’ll have some downtime where we can do a nice interview and let him answer a few questions from the hotlist.

If you do have a question for Dale please leave it in the comments section below. We will be picking a few of our favorites and have them answered. We’ll post the answers in a future post. Looking forward to your responses.

Take Care!

P.S. Thank you for all the responses from the previous awareness/suicide post. I was a bit hesitant to share the story since this topic can be very sensitive. However, based on the overwhelmingly positive response we’ll be doing more of these real-life stories in the future. We truly appreciate our Hotlist and are very proud that we rarely have negative or trashy comments like some other sites. You guys are top-notch and we hope you feel the same about us.

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404 thoughts on “Have a question for Dale Comstock? Get it answered!”

  1. Dale, How can I find like minded people in the my area/neighborhood? I am a female senior citizen living in central Florida with little time on my hands due to family responsibilities. I saw where another person requested info on small groups or organizations that have a common goal and interest. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. How can we know safe areas to go to continue fighting and survive? You most probably cannot disclose places but there are such sort of safe places that Fema and the enemies of the Constitution dare not enter. I am retired Army etc.thank you very much.

  3. If the Military and/or police are ordered to confiscate our guns (I doubt they will comply, I have talked with many service people and they have all said they took a Pledge to uphold the Constitution, not some “idiot” in the White House), When do I start shooting to protect my family and my rights??????

    As we all know, that is how Hitler took over. Thank You, Steve


  5. Sarge,

    Regarding early warning systems, in Army counterintelligence we had an axiom, “Own the streets.” In other words, maintain surveillance on any adversary who attempts to operate in your area, and be able to disrupt them if necessary. I am interested in methods, tactical and technical, for applying that principle to higher intensity engagements. It would be useful for us to know how to prepare an area to our advantage in a survival situation where violence was a real possibility. Thanks for sharing your experience in these videos.

    1. Hello James, thanks so much for the question. As a matter of fact early warning systems are one of the topics we filmed instruction on with Dale. We’ll be releasing an early warning kit product very soon.

  6. If you had to pick only 3 fight fast packages offered by Bob (not including your own) on behalf of “joe under average” to deal with the widest range of difficulties they may encounter, which 3 would you pick and why? (Price not an issue, of course!)

  7. You guys want to truly make your Hot list members happy. We need fightfast/TRS to begin the American Bad-Ass Survival TRAINING CAMP and a online/Home study course. Universities already do this globally. We need hands on training in the field. All you need to do is conduct an online survey, and measure the interest level of your members and then the public. Run the camp by appointment basis and in small groups etc…

  8. When we are confronted with the police coming to our house to get our weapons, what are we to do? If we fight, we are dead. if we surrender we are dead just a little later. So what is the correct response?

    When we are confronted with a bunch of ISIS or hoodlums or Mexican cartel people with guns and want to enter our house, what do we do? I can shoot them in the street, but then the police will put me in jail………………….so what is the correct response?

    When we have completely lost all hope of survival, and then we bug out to the wilderness, what is the first thing we need to insure is in the bug out bag?

  9. I have a question about practicing the self- defense movements and counters. How do you make the simulation realistic enough without the people practicing the moves hurting each other? The techniques taught are valuable but without practice, realistic practice they will not be as effective as they should be in a realistic situation. I have a black belt in Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. The offensive strikes are designed to at least temporarily incapacitate or possibly kill someone.
    I owe a debt of thanks to my friend Dennis who helped me prepare for the Brown and Black belt practical tests. He is my friend and I did not want to injure him but after he attacked me the adrenalin was flowing and a few times I dumped him on the mat harder than either he or I expected in the process of countering his attacks.

    Thank you for the benefit of your experience teaching us to the point and not flashy techniques in what has actually worked when needed.

  10. Dear Dale . I am Ronny Romano a Hot List Member . Which DVD Products do you have that teaches me about Self Defense and are you going to make New Self Defense DVDs in the Future to Teach People how to Defend themselves in the Future . Thank you . Ronny Romano

  11. Dale I purchased your bullet-stopping bug out bag, outstanding by the way. My question is where can I find a level IV plate to fit your bag?
    So far I haven’t had any luck finding the right size. Thanks.

    1. Hello Mr. Stanfill,
      We are actually working with a supplier to get a custom sized plate for the bag. Many off the shelf plates are shorter than 16 inches because they are designed for use in a chest only plate carrier. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

  12. Thank you for your whole efforts on this site. Kate take interest in carrying out internet research and it’s really easy to understand why. Most of us notice all about the compelling medium you make priceless things through this website and therefore welcome contribution from people on this content and our girl is really discovering a whole lot. Enjoy the rest of the new year. Your conducting a splendid job.

  13. Dale I just wanted to say thank you for service to our country. Maybe you should be a politician someday. My question is; Do you think the U.S military is doomed and if so, do you think we should privatize the military?

  14. I am disabled from an accident and it has caused me to have to use a cane. Not only do I have to use a cane to walk with now my balance is trouble off. My question is what type of training do you have for those of us that are disabled?

  15. How about a rock? In New York City,I wasn’t one of the elite with a carry permit or Bloomburguards, and I had knives confiscated. But if you pick up a rock in the street, you can keep that in your pocket. A hunk of busted truck spring, a piece of heavy rivet, allet the same. Maximum impact is at point of release, an inch or two from the assailants forehead or neck. Rocks come in a variety of sizes, starting with walnut (.22) up to brick (.45-70). But here, we’re talking concealability, toy surprise. As long as you have your fingers around it, and a free arm,you can prevail. If he’s got a grip on you, lay it into the back of his head like a boiled potato. Again and again and again.

    Do you want to play with this? Demonstrate with damp sponges. If you want visuals, soak them in ketchup first…

    Please forward a copy of this video to me, for Facebook.

    A cop asks, “who you gonna hit with the rock? ” “I have a hobby, officer. I like to paint smiley faces on rocks. And this one looked like a good one for that. ” Now I carry a lead crystal duck in my jacket pocket. So I can shout the appropriate warning–or description–as I release it.

  16. I am disabled from a stroke and have limited mobility. I would appreciate it if you would show the thumb hold. I am sure I would be able to use it if needed. Thank you.

  17. Hey Dale,
    Wana share something with ya to get some expert advice on. I was born with a genetic (Inherited) birth defect: Very small hands and thumbs that are turned Down instead of the Normal Inward. (I cannot snap my fingers or pick things up off a Floor, if the object is Flat.) I also been tested to have less than 6% Sensitivity in my Fingers.
    No big deal for the most part, I’ve learned to overcome the flaws; but when practicing on Disarming someone with a Handgun, I am finding it more than a little challenging to strip the Clip -or even the handgun itself for that matter- because (A) I cannot Feel the Clip release, and (B) I do not have the strength in my Fingers to Maintain Control over a Handgun, once I grab hold of the Barrel. (During our Practice sessions, I typically try to place Weakest hand on/over wrist, and put my Dominate hand on Gun with thumb Under the barrel and wrap my fingers over the Top]; and pulling their hand/Arm Forward -with a Hard and Fast Downward thrust, while slamming the Gun upward and away [to the outside/away from my body]. But every single time I do this, the ‘Bad guy’ merely rolls his wrist inward and I get ‘shot’ in the chest. [We use airsoft pistols and goggles to keep things “Real.”]
    Do you have any advice for me?

  18. Dale: I am 61 in April & I have been on disability for over 12 yrs now I have two (2) bulgling disc in my back and 3 degenerated disc in my neck. My weight went since all I do is lay on the couch 24/7. The only time I get up is to go to the shooting range & lately after standing for about 1/2 my right foot starts to hurt severely. I am a diabetic with neurhopathy which efforts your nervous system in your foot and ankles. I am so out of shape right now it scares me to death. If we ever got attached on US soul I would fight being a Patriot and serving in the Air Force 76-82. A Christian & a Life Time member in NRA. My question is can you please give me some in door exercises I could do in my house, how often, how many. If I don’t lose 50lbs I could die from my diabeties. Please help and May Our Lord Jesus bless you and everyone on Fight Fast & keep you all safe from harm and danger, Amen

  19. Dear Dale, first and foremost thank you for your many years of service to our beloved country and thank you for teaching me the finer points of military strategy and may God be with ye and your family my brother in arms. Talk to you soon my friend.

  20. Why is the US public subjected to RADINT and PSYOPS by UK MI6?

    Isn’t this a violation of US Homeland security and the economic espionage act (theft intellectualproprietory
    Trade secret copyright)?

    Thank you for serving our country

  21. Information on counter Electronic warfare would greatly

    interest the public. Thank you for serving our country.

  22. What are the best exercises for older persons to keep in shape for defensive purposes? I had a friend who used to tie a canteen of water onto the barrel of his pistol and hold it firing position as long as possible. Do you have abt suggestions???

  23. just wondered if Dale would do some small unit/patrolling videos.
    there’s not much quality material available out there.

  24. What do you think about the admonition that Jesus gave that if your enemy strikes on the left cheek, you give him the right also?

  25. Most of all these free moves are not going to work in a real fight. It is just too fast and too violent. The last fight I was in the punches to my face were so fast that all I could see was stars as I was trying to both defend against and hit back just as fast and getting my share of hits in. But my attacker was like a rabid dog with boundless energy. (Drugs)?
    The real world is not a dojo. What can an old dog do against young steroid giant muscle young dudes all jacked up and ready to explode? Over simple stuff that makes no sense. How are teenagers able to get arms that are bigger around than my whole body? When I was a teenager lifting weights and push ups never got me anything like I see today. Sorry to rant, I am sure you get the gist of it.

  26. Hi Dale, I’m not sure if this is out of your wheel house or not but my question is on body armor. I’ve never dealt with it before and got a big wake up call when I received it, this thing is like strapping on a half track, it weighs a TON! Its nice to know this thing will stop a 308 but will I have it on or will it be holding the floor down. If you know of a level 3 plate in soft armor or at least lighter than a wells fargo safe please let me know. Thanks for your time, and thank you for your service to the Republic.

  27. Do u heve any moves old ppl. With fragel bones in there 70 n’80 yrs.It’s hard to emagen i can’t do what i could when i was a yong man.j

  28. Hey Dale, I’d like to find an email or a site that has instructional video for dressing and cleaning small game and birds. It’s been a long time since my last hunt. 30 years ago! Thank You!

  29. Howdy Dale!

    First and Foremost I would like to say “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY & HELPING TO KEEP US SAFE!!!!”
    My question for you is fairly simple. I was wondering if you have any, or are working on any instructional videos for “Multiple Attackers”??? I know that this is a real threat in the real world when dealing with street fighting. Do you have, or will you be making any videos concerning this???
    Thank You for taking the time to read this!!!

  30. I am legally blind (my vision is very blurry). I use a white cane to travel. I have noticed the city I am living in has more crime then it used to. What are some self defense moves that could help me when I am walking alone? I am a female and I am hesitant to defend myself.

  31. Dale i heard steven segal talking to some students about dim mak .can you tell me a little bit about it and where did it originate from initially .Thank you for any possible feedback you can give me on this subject.sincerely mr.Baker.

  32. Hey Brother.

    Both myself and my wife are working on down sizing our lifestyles. Being a Disabled Army Veteran I’m having a tough time teaching my family self defense, dew to mobility, knee and weight issues. What would you recommend to get my confidence back (to my ARMY days) and get my mind and body to get past the pain to get to the next level. The VA is no help, all they do is HARP on me about my weight and don’t offer any positive solutions to the issues, other than a pill for this and a tablet for that.

  33. I was wondering if there are any techniques that I can use while I’m in my electric wheelchair. It goes 6 mph forward, but crawls like a snail in reverse. I’ve had martial arts training (all hand techniques), but was never taught in a wheelchair. I’ve only been in a wheelchair for 12 years, I’m 56 now, and learned karate when I was 18.

  34. Thanks Bob. Those techniques are GREAT. I almost WISH that something would happen, just so I can use some, or ALL of those techniques, lol. Keep up the great work, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY. You are a true hero.

  35. First of all I’d like to thank you for your service you are a great man and next I am thinking about purchasing a weapon 380 semi automatic but does it come with a beam to shoot ?l like what you do with your guns for practice I need one of them to that is an awesome idea I am small like your wife I am 4 /9 and weigh hundred pounds. I also love how you train your family wish I had someone to train me that would be so cool I’m doing my best on my own. Won’t buy a rifle because the last time I shot one it blew me back 6 feet and I landed on my butt my chest was bruised for a month ain’t going to happen again that hurt really bad

  36. Dale, I have military training and martial arts training, but I lost use of my left arm. Stem cell treatment has given me back 70% use, but I cannot lifted my arm up without helping it. I’ve been working on self defense methods, but it still seems ineffective. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  37. Hi Dale, first of all, thank you for your service to our country. You are a true hero, and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for our country, FIGHT FAST, and ME. I have already watched the AMERICAN BAD-ASS video enough that it’s almost worn out, and I can’t get enough. The information on that video is great. I also ordered the 3 pack of the TRS X8 STINGER throwing knives, and I LOVE THEM. But, I’m in a wheelchair, and I’m a “KNIFE NUT”. I’ve Googled my question a hundred times, and can never get anything but GARBAGE answers to my question. Maybe you can help. I live in Florida, and the knife carry laws are very strange. I’m wondering if it’s legal to CARRY these knives or not. I could just ask a police officer, but, if you ask 5 police officers the same question, you get 5 answers. I figured if ANYONE would know about the subject of weapons, that you would. You’re an amazing man, and ever since I started watching your videos, and hearing about you, I must say, that I’m VERY impressed. I’m 56 years old, but, WHEN I GROW UP, I want to be just like you…….only, ROLLING instead of walking, lol. Take care, and I hope that you, or someone at FIGHT FAST can answer my question.

    1. You’re usually safe to conceal carry any folding knife (that isn’t spring assisted) that is under 4 inches. As long as you can argue that it’s used for utility and not just a weapon, you’re safe to carry in Florida.

  38. I do have a question about how or what is the best way to defend myself I have MS and use a scooter to get around have no balance legs are weak especially my right side any tips would be appreciated because I found myself in a situation which Ii was very very upset that I couldn’t do nothing…. I got this on my mind and I think about it almost every time I go out …. Also may I make a suggestion how about a section for disabled people and the best way to ward off an attacker when approached ……..

    THANK YOU ……..Sam b.

  39. I am being terrorized by by next door neighbors. I live in the “projects” in Medford, MA. Most of the houses are inhabited by Haitian and/or African Americans. I have seen violence on a weekly basis here. I am only one of about 7 or 8 families here who are Caucasian. People live next door to me who have started to harass me for no reason. Just this morning, at 3:30 a.m., I heard a loud bang on my outside front door (which is made of some kind of metal). It was exactly like the sound you hear when you watch the tv show “cops” and they are using the SWAT team is using a battering ram against a door. It woke me up and my little dog started barking. I then heard the noise 10 minutes later both outside my front door AND back door. It was so loud I am sure other residents heard it as well. I called the police, and they came to the house. They said to call “Medford Housing Authority”, and said they would “talk” to the neighbors. I have called Medford Housing Authority before on these people, but they have done NOTHING!! I need some types of legal weapons to protect myself and my autistic son, since we live here alone. I cannot afford to take a certification class and buy a gun at this time, but would like to look into things like pepper spray, baseball bats, etc. Which things do you think will protect me the best? My son is desperately afraid and I am so worried about what this incident has done to him.

  40. Hey Mr.Dale,
    I have always had trouble being scared and lived in fear,how can I,at 6ft. 140pounds be effective in a street attack? against someone(s)
    who are faster,out weigh me by any where from 40-100 pounds???

  41. Hi, Dale I have your Security Dog Obedience Training DVD. Your DVD has really helped me figure out what to do with my dog. She is an escape artist. I like the wide strong collar you had on your dog. By any chance I could get one for mine.

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