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My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy for Doing This…

Am I losing my mind?

Maybe… But I sure as hell never want to be caught without a knife. That’s why I recently started carrying two of them, every day. Why two knives you ask? Here are just a few reasons:

For Everyday Use

Pocket Knives

First, I use a knife every day for utility purposes. By carrying knives with different sizes and blade shapes it’s more likely that I will have a better tool for the job. I can also carry one knife that is my “beater” (The one I don’t hesitate to get muddy, sticky, or greasy).

For Self-Defense

Next, in a self-defense situation you never know if the knife kept on your dominant side will be inaccessible. Perhaps an attacker has you pinned against a wall, has control of your arm, etc.

Also, if forced to stab an attacker, it is very possible the knife will be difficult to recover, a grisly thought but it is a real problem (Muscles tend to clench around the blade). If there is a second attacker you’ll be glad you brought a backup.

Self-Defense Situation Number 3 (okay, my overactive imagination is probably the real reason my wife thinks I’m crazy): Carrying blades on different portions of the body can be an advantage if you are taken to the ground. This is a great reason to carry a boot knife. I can keep going with the self-defense scenarios but I think you get the point.

As a Survival Tool

A knife is also one of the two most critical survival tools we have (a fire source being the second). As the old saying goes “Two is one, and one is none.” You can expect that if the SHTF you’d immediately drop your one and only knife into a mud hole, or it would fall out of a pocket in the dark. A backup is just common sense.

Okay, you can see that there are a lot of good reasons to carry two knives. Even so, some people may question my logic by saying that if this were the case we may as well carry two of everything—two sets of keys, two wallets, two cell phones, etc.

Here’s the Thing

It’s possible for us to take preparation to such an extreme that it becomes impossible to lead a normal life. The difference, especially with knives, is the relative ease of carrying two. With so many knives on the market it is easy to find a backup that is inconspicuous, small, and comfortable. What I’m trying to say is that the downside is so small and the upside so large that it’s simply a no-brainer, at least for me.

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So what do you think?

Am I the only one who carries two knives? Let me know in the comments below!

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1,214 thoughts on “My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy for Doing This…”

  1. I have never thought about carrying two knives. I carry a switchblade which has recently become legal in Texas. I also carry a gun. Due to my experiences on the Police Department I would carry a gun in the shower if I could find a water proof gun! I think the switchblades and one handed opener knives are a boon to Police. I dropped a lot of good folders in burning cars because I couldn’t put them back in my pocket with one hand! I often carry a boot knife but usually in my sock! I have faced men with knives on several occasions on the street. I got very lucky each time. I have studied Judo for almost 50 years but never focused on knife defense or use. I have taken knives away from suspects but almost entirely by accident. Is there a possibility that I can learn some proper knife fighting and defense from you?

  2. No, I carry more than one knife every day for that same reason. I my break one, lose one etc. If you are always ready, you do not have to get ready.

  3. I carry 4 , counting a little sneaky one.
    2 fixed blades in my e.d.c. bag.
    So yes , I guess I am also a nut.

  4. I’ve carried a minimum of two knives every day for years. Being female and having had my life threatened made me see the need for extra precautions and I’m much more comfortable with knives than guns.

  5. I really don’t see anything wrong with having a bunch of knives. However, I’ve been told more than once… regarding my 5000 songs, how will you ever listen to all of them ?

  6. I do carry more then 1 knife I also carry more than 1 light source as well and a very small first aid kit
    Marsha Hicks

  7. Sir, I have arthritis in both hands and cannot open a folding knife. Also stilettos are hard to close because of their safeties. Do you have any old school ones that you just push the button to open and close?
    Thank you for your time.
    James Hundley

  8. You are not crazy Bob. I carry my spike & laser weapon all the time with a knife blade on my fold out all in one tool. Two TRS folding knives one in each of my front pockets. That doesn’t count the knives, tomahawk , machete & 6 foot spear in my truck. Yet, with all these defensive weapons, my main weapons are my eyes & brain. 95% of all confrontations can be avoided by situational awareness. Watching & seeing what is going on around you at all times. Thanks to the Marine Corp, it’s a lesson I have never forgot, just like sizing up a room before you walk into it. Etc, doors, windows, escape routes.

  9. I carry two and a small razor blade flip out ,call me crazy. Also have a half dozen in the truck and a collection anyone would be proud to have. Also just purchased the steel river American stilleto

  10. I carry a utility knife everywhere I go. On Sunday, I carry the utility knife and a 352S tactical knife that has never been used on anything, therefore it is always SHARP, to church. I also carry a mechanical pencil on the airplanes because it has a fine point.
    We are responsible for our family, therefore we need to “be prepared”.

  11. I have two hip replacements and guess what? . . .
    I CANT RUN from danger. I carry a self defense
    Knife, neck knife, and a boot knife. Also a self defense ring. If you mess with me you will bleed!

  12. I prefer a Full Tang fixed blade double edge like a gerber Mark 1 or 2 you have something like that

  13. I agree with you. Perhaps your wife would like to learn how to throw a knife? Has she ever carved anything in her life? I bet with you teaching her you will be successful in convincing her they are beautiful, handy, hardy and will enable her to live in a less well functioning world.

    If you can teach her to carve, teach her to carve on balsa or a very soft not knotty pine. Have her carve a cage with a ball inside. It will be challenging but doable.

    I wish you the best. I love my knives and have been collecting them for years. Some I have gotten from you and on line are absolutely beautiful, My dad made lovely knives and they were very easy to throw and hit the eye of a target. Very well balanced.

    Hugs, gwenie

  14. I actually have 4 knives of different types that I got from Fight Fast, that are in my surroundings most of the time. In my cargo pocket, front pocket, belt loop and car console.

  15. I always carry two blades one for work and one for defense … so you are not crazy … I cant always cc on the job either so two blades is always better than one.

  16. I never thought it necessary to carry two knives but I will from now on. You never know when you may need it.

  17. I’m disabled and carry at least three, everyday. Sometimes more, depending on where I’m going/what I’m going to be doing. Just a part of my EDC that I’ve varied for years, even before becoming disabled

  18. I always carry one. Have one in night side table. I have one always on my coffee table, easy to grab. I do collect different kinds of knives. My best though are from the military.

  19. Don’t think you are too far gone! In fact I have considered having one under my pillow
    just in case. Being overcome by a guy, close contact, if he gets my gun, then I can use the knife in very close quarters. Hope this is a reasonable strategy! Would love your input!

  20. No you are not nuts if you are so am i because i to carry duplicates of both . Ya just never know whats around the corner ??????????????????/ .

  21. It’s good to know that someone else believes the two knife theory. I have carried two knives for the last 30 years
    Each one has its advantages, from personal experience I can’t agree more with your philosophy. Two is much better than one

  22. I have an EDC pistol and 2 to 3 EDC knives, not to mention at least 2 EDC Flashlights. So, no, you ai’nt crazy, my man. Y’all just being prepared. That’s what surviving this life is all about. If you can take out the the bastards before they do you, DO IT!!

    Stay safe and protect you and yours.


  23. I tend to agree. I carry two knives on me everyday. One old beater for utility purposes and the Stryker I bought from yall. Haven’t had to defend myself with a knife yet. But if the occasion arises I will be ready

  24. As a former edged weapons instructor, at least two, at all times, even after becoming permanently disabled, which changed up what, and how, I carry, but not how many…

  25. I already have one of these in my office & one in the bedroom.

  26. When I was 7 or so, I was climbing a tree in the park near my house, and a boy came up the tree, beneath the branch I was on, and cut the seams of my shoes so that they almost fell off my feet. But since I did not scream, he got bored, climbed down and left. I decided I had better get a knife too. Now at age 69, I have a serious collection of small – large, cheap – pricey, unique – traditional, pretty – terrifying knives. I’ve used them for everything. Have a few in pocket/purse/key chain/neck/belt at all times. EDC is a way of life and have used them for protection/food prep/opening boxes of supplies, mail, firewood for the hibachi, even splitting medication tablets in the hospital where I used to work. Will be buried with one too.

  27. I always have 3 of them. The Stilletto one for self defense..the one with the belt slicer and window breaker is always with me in the car and I always carry either the Spike or the Boot Knife as well if I cant reach my stilletto blade.
    Being a gay man in Michigan…I have been jumped …oh proly 10 times in the last 20 yrs. Its never fun. But now they get the surprise. My husband always Carrie’s the Stryker on him now and another one in the bag on his bike cuz he bikes to work and well…every where for the most part. I know how dangerous this world is. I have been beaten into a 63 day coma. I will never be without my blades in case I need to stop another asshole with a god complex. So it’s not nuts or crazy. This world is not safe anymore. You can’t even count on your kids making it home from school alive in this country anymore. The more prepared you are…the better!!

  28. I carry at least 3 and your spike as well. The one in my left pocket will never be used unless I get in a confrontation. I want to make darn sure it’s sharp.

  29. This exact same knife was bought buy my wife at our fuckin Walmart for 10 bucks, 2 years ago and for sure it is a pile of garbage. I mean literally the exact design with all the exact “extra” pieces to fill out the 10$ price. Waste of time and hard earned money. I have watched several of your “secret videos” and have even purchased a knife. But as far as I’m concerned this sell is a waste. Fuckin bullshit that shouldn’t be offered to “hotlist” or any other man who cares enough to browse your site for the sake of defending and learning how to do just that. Get better!

  30. I recently rode cross country on my motorcycle. I carry 2 knives. Either for protection or maintenance for the bike. Its essential!

  31. Everyone should think about that if you can’t afford to carry a gun these days genius sheer genius

  32. At the age of 84, living on a meagre pension, and black belt (shodan) going back half a lifetime and maybe Living in Canada helps me feel secure. Yes, I know, shit happens but being aware is the secret but necessary condition for survival.
    I also like canoe tripping and have run a “trap line” for money within a period. So with this past life, a good sheath knife is indespensible, really two. Yes, they get lost, can drop into water too deep to recover, and actually break. Without a knife you can fail to survive. Canoe tripping can get you a week away from any other trippers or source of support. I know, , and have helped a couple of men get resourses to paddle out with the addition of food. Bears like to eat too, as they found out, and have great appetite and can destroy any bag,
    Getting back to comments, I feel safe here, work hard to avoid fighting, but remain interested in the culture. and feel no need for killing persons, but like a great tool. Thanks, Dan (muscid @

  33. I have carried a knife every day since I was six years old, including to school. I collected knives from an early age and still have a large number of knives, some of which have become valuable as collectibles over time. I have 26 years of Marine Corps and Navy time combined. I carry two knives most of the time plus a gun and a flashlight. On the other hand, I think your wife is probably right. You are a bit too intense.

  34. I like knives and have a nice small collection. I don’t carry, but I might start doing so. One knife I think is very handy is a kukri. While more for camping, backpacking, and knocking around in the bush, one in the car is a good idea. TRS had one a few years back that is a nice size, smaller than the USMC ones and VERY sharp! The only thing I don’t like about it is the sheath. It is a bear to get out. Probably not for the guys, though, just for my smaller hands. I have given the TRS Fang as gifts and one guy keeps it by his bed. Another guy was so happy to get one as he was needing a knife.

  35. What you’re wife said is true, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring weapons when you go out. You might not know what will happen in the future, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. BTW, knives are a man’s best friend

  36. I never leave home without at least 3. And at home I’m inches away from 3 to 5 knives anywhere in my house, yes even the bathroom. Maybe I’m the crazy one, lol

  37. Im with u on that .I always have two (sometimes 3)on me at all times.on my belt in back I carry a usr para knife for everyday use.its cheap but not cheap made and holds an edge .on the front of my belt is my favorite of all a kbar tdi.its one of the small ones 550 maybe.picked up at a pawn shop for $5.and depending on where im headed is my last line of defense.a s&w double edge boot knife with a 3 in wife thinks I’m crazy also.she don’t understand why I feel the need to carry all these knives to check the

  38. Bob,
    My wife thought I was crazy as well.
    In certain situations where you know trouble
    will find you, I carried 2 guns and 2 knives.
    A 1911 .45 in a crossdraw rig, an officers .45 in an ankle holster… a K-Bar on my side, and a Cold Steel Tanto in the back of my belt. After the wife became the “X”, both GF’s after her thought I was crazy.
    Now I realize I was crazy…
    Why would I ever attempt to have 3 relationships…
    I now live in sane solitude…
    A free man is a happy man… 😏👍
    P.S. The dog never even bats an eye when
    we gear up to go for our long walks in
    our crappy neighborhood… I think he
    actually likes carrying the 3rd knife.

  39. I am with you! I almost always carry two, sometimes three. Keep them coming. I am a knife freak. I think I have all of your knives except one and have given several away as gifts.

  40. Hey dude all I gotta tell u is to explain to your wife that everybody got their likes or dislikes she can’t control or change the way you are

  41. I carry a gun, a knife, and a can of pepper spray everywhere I go.If I never have to use any of these, that’s great! BUT, if I need one and don’t have it, then I’m screwed. Safe rather than sorry!

  42. Hi Bob, I hope I didnt miss out on the offer yesterday. The manual for gun defense and pin etc.I was about to send postage but had to make sure if my new zip code was correct first.

    Yes I agree in the world we live in I like to have a knife on me at all times. You just never know. It’s a crazy world especially these days.

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