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Prison Fighting Style Takedown

“Fair fighting” is for the ring and the matte.  In the prison system, the only rule is don’t snitch. You have to “man-up” and fight for yourself.  There’s no other choice.

On the street, an attacker is NOT going to give you a fair fight.  They are gonna do whatever is necessary to overpower you.  What you come back with needs to subdue the thug quickly with a level of brutality that tells him, “this person is insane!”

You’re going to take the fight right out of them if you bite their thumb off.  This says that you don’t care about contracting a disease from them and that you’re willing to take it to an extremely high level of brutality in order to save your life or the lives of others.

James illustrates these simple techniques in his DVD, Rock & Roll, but here is a simple way to take them to the ground if they’re trying to put you there first.

When you’re in a hold, it’s hard to do much else.  Wrap your arms around one arm and the neck of your opponent, slip your leg under the middle.  Tuck your head in the same side, then follow through.

You don’t have much of a fall, but still watch for that to be painful.  It will be more painful for him though, and doing this could even render him unconscious.

If this doesn’t stop the attacker, you still have a hold of his arm and neck, and you’re then able to bite.  The underside of that arm and the face are both soft areas that teeth can easily sink into.  If he comes at you with the other arm, bite off a finger or two.

Sometimes more force is needed, and that’s when you’d use what James refers to as the “slap grab and twist”.  This is when you use your palm to simultaneously slap and grab your opponent’s testicles, then you twist.  This should at least give you a few seconds head start if he is still bent on coming after you.

Since these are such brutal things to do to another person, we ask that you use caution when practicing with your friend or sparring partner.

James Painter has a lot more of these kind of tips to use in order to stop attackers.

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6 thoughts on “Prison Fighting Style Takedown”

  1. As the woman not sure if a woman would be able to take down a full size man like that. Good information though

  2. Excellent video of a take down. All of your video’s are top grade and extremely educational in that they are designed to either win the fight or save your life …….or BOTH!
    Thank you

  3. I dunno. The bad guys left arm seems to have direct access to punching the good guys face. I think this is caked a gator roll and or a Doris choke in MMA. Maybe tucking your head right against the bad guys arm and going for the choke out? Then all he gets to hit is the top of your head before he passes out?