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Improvised Weapons In A Knife Fight

Thousands of assault cases in the US every year involve a deadly weapon.  Chances are, if you are attacked, it WILL be with some sort of weapon, too.  Counter that with your own.  If you aren’t one for carrying a knife or gun, then your keys, cell phone, chap-stick, or whatever is in your pocket or purse can serve as a weapon.

There are numerous things that most everyone has in their pocket or purse that can be used to stop an attacker.  For example, jam the butt of your cell phone into their throat as many times as is necessary.

More Improvised Weapons

Spare change, when thrown or dropped on the ground can serve as a distraction.  Throwing it in the face of your attacker is a sure way to piss someone off, so have something ready like a throat punch or knee to the groin.

Keys, when used improperly can mess up your hand.  The best way to hold your keys is one key between your thumb and pointer.  Jab that quickly into any of the soft facial tissue.  The eyes are an extremely effective target.

You can also use chap-stick or lipstick as a sort of blunt object.  A quick strike to the throat with that is going to hurt worse than a hand by itself.  You can even your cell phone as a blunt object.

When the attacker drops the knife, after the fight is over, take it to the police.  Remember not to hold it in a way that might smear the fingerprints or blood so they can use it as evidence.

Be careful when practicing these moves, but do practice them.

Tommy has a lot more helpful tips on his DVD set, V-force.  This tip in particular was from his “Improvised Weapons” video.  Check it out here.

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8 thoughts on “Improvised Weapons In A Knife Fight”

  1. If I’m going into a dangerous area, I keep sand in my pocket. A handful of sand in an attacker’s eyes allows me time for a swift kick in the nuts or an elbow strike – hit hard and leave fast.

  2. In a possibly threatening situation a few loose coins dropped into a folded newspaper can form a very effective weapon and can be surreptitiously removed when the threat is passed.

  3. When I was training in the martial arts, I was taught that everything is a weapon. I trained in a street fighting style, and learned a great deal. We were taught about keys in our training, and your video confirms what I learned. We also learned that you carry a set of keys spread out through the four fingers, giving you multiple prongs of attack. This habit has not left me to this day. Thanks for a very informative video.

  4. Very good instruction! You thought your lesson out and executed it beautifully. Hard objects work great in soft tissue. Good stuff!