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Wing Tsjun Quick Tip From Tommy Boehlig

Wing Tsjun is a martial art that uses your attacker’s strength against them.  It’s an extremely simple concept;  especially for beginners.

Tommy’s a master at this type of fighting style because he practices daily, but he makes it look so easy because it IS easy!  Here’s one of his many quick fighting tips:

When an attacker comes at you in a grabbing stance, hit the arms out of commission with both hands.  This move will bring their torso down towards your hands and open them up for your next move.  That’s when you go for the eyes.

Simple jabs to the eyes are one of the best ways to ward off an attacker.  Wing tsjun uses short movements that you put your body weight behind for a more effective blow.  This move goes straight from moving the arms out the way and opening up the attacker to a quick jab into the eyes.  This in itself can put them out of commission, especially if their momentum is already moving them forward, they are going to go right into your hands with their eyeballs.

Go back down to their arms to open up their stance even more for your next move.

You’re basically going to double back-hand them in the jaw, then double punch them in the throat.  This requires you to step forward, which puts even more power behind your counter-attack.

Second Move

The next Wing Tsjun move that Tommy demonstrates is a counter to someone coming at you with a fist.  It’s very easy to do if you’re expecting the blow and already have your hands up in a ready position.  You want the arm that you want to go on top of theirs to be on the same side that you step.  This is going to require some practice since we are so use to leading with the opposite arm when we walk.  If you’ve ever been in the ring, this may not be as much of a stretch.

Once you’ve side-stepped the punch and made sure that arm is on top, you want to make sure your other arm is on the inside of theirs.  This is not just so you can stop their momentum, but also hold them still.

At this point you are free to pop them with your hand on top.  Tommy uses an open hand, which is more aerodynamic, but a fist to the throat or face will work, too.

Practice both moves with a consenting sparring partner before using them on the street against an attacker!

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