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Special Agent Tips On How To Fight

When I first joined the Navy, I was 17 years old and went to basic training at Great Lakes, IL I met a lot of new people from all over the country. One thing that surprised me was that I actually met people who had never been in a fight in their lives. That truly surprised me because I am from the south side of Chicago, and for me, fighting was part of my daily existence.

I LIKED fighting. Remember, I was young. It was the way we proved we were men.

Back in my day, we did not use guns and knives as readily as they do today. As a matter of fact, I think that most so called gang bangers are actually cowards because they so quickly resort to grabbing a gun and pulling the trigger instead of duking it out like men. Shooting someone is final.

While growing up, I have fought many guys who actually became my friend somewhere down the road. If I had shot or stabbed them to death, it would have been over for them, and I may be rotting away in prison right now instead of typing this article.

But let’s get back to the matter at hand.

Now many of you know that I am an advocate for taking some type of fighting lessons whatever those may be. But if you don’t have the time or desire to do that, I want to give you at least some basic tips on how to hold your own in a fight.

1. Take a Firm Standing Position:

The first thing you need to do is take a firm position with one foot in front of the other. This will help you to stand firm against your attacker and also make it difficult for your attacker to knock you off balance.

If you are caught with your feet together or not have one foot in front of the other, your attacker just has to give you a firm push or punch you to disrupt your balance.

By spreading your feet, you will have a strong and firm position. An important tip for taking a rock-solid position is to stand with your left foot ahead of you if you’re a right-handed fighter, with your right foot back and about double shoulder with apart. This is your fighting stance. If you are a left-handed fighter, just do the opposite.

2. Movement Confuses Your Opponent:

It is not good to just stand stationary as you face your opponent. You should constantly be making small movements. Move to your right side if your attacker is right-handed or try to move to your left side constantly if your contender is left-handed.

Hopefully, this will confuse your opponent. Also, it will help you to maintain a safe distance from your opponent. Plus, your movement will increase pressure on your opponent while you consider your next move.

3. Your Reach Matters:

OK, there are two concepts here. If you are taller and have a longer reach than your opponent, use that reach to keep your opponent away from you with short jabs or pushes as a boxer would. If the attacker moves towards you, jab him or her in the face. If you happen to be shorter than your opponent, keep your distance so that he won’t use his longer arms to strike you instead.

Now, if you are skilled enough, I recommend you close the distance and use elbows and knees to strike. Many attackers cannot fight well from a close distance and you can use this to your advantage.

4. Kick First Then Punch

Often, if you just throw a punch first, your attacker will see it coming and will either block it or move out of the way. You may be successful at “stealing” a blow, but why take a chance when there is a sure-fire way not to have your strike blocked.

The sure-fire method is to kick your opponent to the shin or knee first, and THEN strike. Most people cannot block a kick to their shin or knee, so when you kick him, he will either writhe in pain while hopping around from the blow or reach down to grab where they were kicked.

Either response and you have an opening for your next blow, which is your punch. So, lets cover that next.

5. Punches:

A straight line beats a curve every time. Keep this in mind when punching. Many attackers try to use looking or curving punches, throwing them as hard as the can to try to get a knockout. If you step in with a strait jab, you will likely beat him to the punch every time.

Try to hit with your punch from a straight position to your opponent. After you hit him, try to move to the side on the side from where you hit with your punch. This will keep you safe from a counter punch from your opponent.

This is what they call “stick and move.” Also remember, blocking or avoiding your opponent’s punches, throwing jabs and upper cuts could help you win the fight.

6. Constant Punches Will Help You Win The Fight:

Here is the best secret I can give you. When you start punching your attacker, DON’T punch and then stop to observe your handywork. If you manage to knock your attacker off balance, don’t let up.

Keep hitting him with punches to his face, arms, biceps, and ribs, and any place you can connect until the threat is neutralized. constantly. If you keep punching him and he cannot punch you, then you will win the fight.

So, there you have it. If you are not a skilled fighter, these are some basic skills you can use to handle yourself in a fight effectively. Even if you are a skilled fighter, this can be a tactical game plan you can have to get the open hand. I hope that these skills will help you to survive and defend yourself, even if you don’t know how to fight, at all.

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38 thoughts on “Special Agent Tips On How To Fight”

  1. I think it’s important to point out, when u said to keep punching after you punched them a first time – that not every swing will end w/you connecting a punch/kick, and w/every swing that connects, is the time to keep swinging. If u miss, u may connect w/the other hand in that same exchange, if & when following up after the first swing. But u may also not connect on the second swing/hand either, AND, they MAY connect in their attempt to counterpunch. If u miss on the initial attack, u may want to consider regrouping, resetting, shifting for another angle to attack from. Swinging w/out connecting, especially on multiple occasions & in a short timeframe, can potentially get yourself into a seriously bad position, “gassing out”, using up a lot of energy quickly, & doing no damage to your assailant. That potentially could leave you being VERY vulnerable to their counterattack, which can and usually is easily identified, by sluggish moves, hard and deep gasps for air, maybe slouched spine &/or hands and elbows now dropping to the side of your body, as opposed to up near your face, protecting that cabesa. If they DO see that u are gassed out, you should expect them to come back at you very hard, knowing you’re not the same opponent as you were when first engaging. Your power behind your strikes will diminish significantly, your ability to survive (handle) a counter will also diminish, & thus, the percentage of them being successful in counterattacking and winning, would probably increase exponentially. Pick your spots wisely, and if and when those weapons made up of your body parts connect, then definitely proceed immediately w/another swing, and EVERY CONNECTION should be followed by another swing, headbutt, kick, etc…

  2. Good stuff indeed. I am frequently learning from the best sources and resources, and some of them are right here at FightFast. Thank you once again, Derek, thank you Bob, Jim, and all of the FF team.

  3. Outstanding basics one thing I will add stand sideways to lessen target areas standing squared up makes for more to have to block. So keep kickin ass

  4. I agree and the side stance makes it easier to guard the rear if another attacker approaches from behind.

  5. Thank you for the info, I had most of this in my AIT in the ARMY years ago. The kick to the knee has always been my # one strike. Again, Thank you.

  6. You are absolutely correct. I also went to the Great Lakes for Navy boot camp in 1974, and being from NYC noticed a flock of wimps immediately!!

  7. I appreciate the tips. I use them when in a fight and have taught the same. My good friend, Dr. Joe Bannon taught me, Ïf my opponent cannot stand he can’t continue to fight; if my opponent is in so much pain, he cannot continue to fight me, if my opponent cannot see, he cannot continue to fight. – strike the vulnerable areas”

  8. That’s all very sound advice I’ve been using those tactics since grammar school my father taught me that after he got tired of me coming home beaten up and they worked well

  9. Great stuff, but I wonder how useful for a guy my age? At 70+ I don’t have speed, and I certainly don’t have stamina. I need to use what can to end a “conflict” real fast. People my age generally do not “start things”, so we need tactics for defense.

  10. Bob,
    Thanks for All that you do for us…not many people look out for us like you and you staff/contacts…!

  11. Good job, most guys promise then after a. Thirty minute brag time about how bad and trained they are they offer their Info for a price

  12. I have not been in a fight since school days, but one principle I have always held is the need to follow up for as long as necessary.
    This keeps them on the defensive. Having been winded by a single punch to the diaphragm way back then, I am a great believer in
    the elbow to the gut and trip method that you have mentioned in other articles. (Then depart quickly before they recover)

  13. Just a heads up – not all on this site are guys. Agree with other comments. Good info provided. Not been in a physical altercation for decades+, but always good to stay prepared! Having plans and “seeing” reactions in your head in advance can often mean you come out on top.

  14. Good stuff, however, I would add watch your breathing. If you hold your breath with the constant striking and with adrenaline and tunnel vision kicking in, you are putting “all your eggs in one basket” relying on your first attack to “win” the fight. If the opponent is skilled and your first attack is enough to get away from it then you may need to bail and you will need more air to use to escape. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” -Mike Tyson

  15. Good tips – first tip should be avoid a fight if possible. Then use this advice. As you said to begin with, most people now carry a gun or knife.

  16. Hello Sir..your previous life story make’s me sad, because protection and helping us was your gift. You remind me about my past. I was training Kuokoshin kai karate, my trainer was Bongane Ngcobo and father sensei members who past away. Sensei Ngcobo is now third black bell bat now than I mate Andy Inkosi who was a man who was training bodybuilding than I follow him. And i went to Durban to my other elder brother i continue bodybuilding because I wanted to do something, my elder Brother was doing boxing, than I learned boxing doing a car mechanic. I was very good antil he past away. So my ambition was to protect. Thank you so much Sir Bob about your inspiration to us. You were really born to teach us something. Keep going strong Sir and I will always follow you. I wish other members could follow forever.

  17. Great advice
    I agree with all you said especially the straight punches, multiple attacking, and inside fighting. I work on these principles all the time with my class.

  18. This has actually helped me. I did not understand why the forwards or backward movements were used during fighting. Keep on with the simple tactics. I did not know when to use a kick. I have used it randomly though successfully

  19. These are really good tips. The first one would seem to be the most important one from my observations.

  20. I am 65+,I have learned over the years as I have gotten slower my fight moves have become dirtier!One of my favorite moves when I get inside any opponent is a shin rake ending in a solid foot stomp,you can follow this up with an elbow,uppercut,web hand to the throat or a straight up eye gouge,lots of incredible alternative moves here at fightfast.I am in awe of all the pros and their advise,,,,,thanks everyone at fightfast!!!!

  21. Good, many of these I have learned in the ARMY. Good to see them again. At 75 you need all the help you can get.
    A cane and a knife are all I use now. Used to carry a side arm but makes to much noise.
    Again. Thanks.

  22. All good basic points.
    Always start a training session in front of a mirror.
    Going immediately to a heavy bag or low-power sparring only ingrains bad habits.
    While the heavy bag is crucial for power and endurance, the bad habits are obvious in those who do only that kind of work.

  23. Could of done with this knowledge Saturday as me and me son had a row with about 20 geezers knocked 3/4 out and destroyed the instigator but then done the stupid thing and turned straight into a sucker punch and woke up 2 mins later after being stamped and kicked all over I saw me son get in his lady’s car so a pal who stopped people kicking me dragged me to his car I am a 50 year old disabled man with a shattered back which luckily enough for me had a kevlar spine back brace on and also my metal leg support on I’m all good though just a fat cheek and stamp marks where they had tried to rebrake my leg

  24. SIR, Well put. If i might share. I dont really know how too fight, yet people in the past have turned to me to look after tbeir back in various situations. For instance a Disabled Veteran i met had a visitor whom just got out of prison. Know i do realize the ofender would probably have more fighting experience than me. Well my friend asked me to have him kick rocks. So as i asked and he surprised me and walked off. Well the next day i had my back turned to tye my shoe. I turned to look back and i got hit real hard. Apparently he had an object that dazed me. Amazingly i responded with a flurry of punches and he ran backward as i ran at him puching his face as many times as i could. All i waz thinking a out waz protecting my friends. He yelled fof help and said ” Someone please call the police hei is attacking me. Lol….Alexander j