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Urban Survival Techniques: Staying Safe During a Disaster

As we weave our way through 2019 there are lots of things people are worrying about now: government shutdowns, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, concerns about the worsening economy, and worsening crime to name a few. This is a good opportunity for me to take a look at some practical urban survival techniques to stay safe on the street, as well as at home.

Some people get a false sense of security thinking that since they live in a safe suburb or a nice part of town that they will always be safe. However, crime has a way of finding people, and with the way the world is today, the idea that your area that will not be affected by increasing crime is a naive one.

You see, desperate people do desperate things, and more people are getting desperate. If I was a criminal, who do you think I would target?

I am from the Southside of Chicago. It is known for its violence. If I targeted someone there, I am likely to meet resistance. So instead I will come out to your nice suburban home and target you, my presumed easy target. With this in mind, it is a good idea for me to tell you how to be safe wherever you may find yourself. That way if trouble pops up, you are ready.

Most people never consider what it would be like to be in an urban survival situation. That is probably not the case with you, because you are reading this, and other Fight Fast blog articles and we keep you informed. It goes without saying that most people are totally unprepared to deal with a survival or combat situation.

Whether it is an earthquake or extended black out, or a terrorist attack, most people will have no choice but to cope when they are caught in the middle of such an event. But I want you to be prepared.

In a disaster situation, it could be days before help arrives and you could be without adequate food and water. In most disaster situations there will be no power. If the power goes out in the winter, you could be placed in a dire situation, especially if you live in the colder areas. Being prepared for these types of situations could save your life. Here are several tips that might help.

Urban Survival Tip 1 – Don’t Advertise to Be a Victim

Hardened criminals pick their victims carefully. The people who become victims are walking around unaware of their surroundings, perhaps talking on a cell phone, and not looking people in the eyes. They are operating in what I call “condition white” meaning they are totally unaware of their surroundings. They advertise that they are distracted instead of self-confident.

Walking with a purpose in your step and your eyes looking up and around will prevent you from being surprised and prevent criminals from seeing you as an easy target that they can get the drop on.

Urban Survival Tip 2 – Be Ready to Defend Yourself

Sometimes you can’t prevent being attacked, so you have to be ready just in case. First off, if the bad guys are just after your money, give it to them. Whatever amount you have in your wallet or purse is less than a trip to an emergency room or your life. There will be some injuries even if you win a fight with a hardened criminal.

If you are in a situation where they want to hurt you, then know exactly what you will do ahead of time. Knowing a million different martial arts moves does you no good if you hesitate and are not sure which to choose. It’s much better to rehearse, physically and mentally, one or two self-defense moves that you can do on auto pilot.

Urban Survival Tip 3 – Have Extra Supplies at Home

Preparing for disaster doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily store extra food and water in your residence for such an event. I always have plenty of water, and I have plenty of nonperishable food to last me a while as well. There are some creative places you can store your supplies without too much effort. The trick is just to have the forethought about what could happen and prepare for it. When the disaster occurs, it is too late to prepare.

Urban Survival Tip 4 – Find a Place to Hide or For Shelter

Search for a place to hide or take cover. You can look for vacant buildings, abandoned houses or even a dumpster if you really need to hide or get in from diverse weather. Any of these can be used as a temporary shelter. If possible, choose an area where there is a nearby water and food source.

Urban Survival Tip 5 – Have Extra Supplies When on the Go

Whenever you leave your house make sure that you have some food and water in your purse or car. This is important, especially if you are traveling with kids. If, however, you have none or your ration runs out, know where you can you can get them. I wrote an article about scavenging. Check it out when you get a chance.

Urban Survival Tip 6 – Have Weapons and Tools

Another smart strategy that can go a long way is carrying some handy weapons and tools. These include a sharp and durable knife, can and bottle opener, firearm (if you have a concealed carry permit or its legal to carry unconcealed in your area of course), flashlight and some extra batteries. You never know what might happen, so make sure you carry these gadgets.

Urban Survival Tip 7 – Learn Some Survival Techniques

There may be times when your shelter becomes less conducive for existence and survival. When this happens, you might have to go out to search for life-saving materials. The trick here is to hone your survival skills as well as determination.

The fact is we are constantly facing all kinds of potential threats. Urban survival is basically about surviving any of these catastrophic events. Knowing how to prepare for an urban survival situation requires the advice of a person or organization that is qualified in this area. We here at Fight Fast and TRS offer a number of excellent resources. Knowing the dangers that await you during a disaster is half the battle. Getting ready for them by increasing your skills and knowledge is the other half.

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19 thoughts on “Urban Survival Techniques: Staying Safe During a Disaster”

  1. The Boy Scout motto; “Be Prepared” is a good way to look at things. Are you ready for when the hurricane hits? Then you are also ready when the car accident down the street takes out your power for a day. (those darn power poles love to jump out at cars….) Try to live your day without electricity just once, doing this will show you the areas you need to improve for survival. Like how to make coffee (a survival must know skill) without electricity will make your life a little better. So you think you can’t start a fire in your apartment? Do you have a balcony and a small grill? You live on the 10th floor and there is no water pressure as the city is “repairing” the main in front of your building. Now how do you make coffee? Use these little thought of scenarios to take in some learning, then when the WAWKNI event happens you will be well in front of the survival curve.

  2. Always great information. I appreciate the offers, tool, equipment and knowledge base from the contributors at this site. It is greatly appreciated. I’ve ordered several products for my bug out kit and as they come out, I’ll probably order more. Some of the items I’ve purchased I simply hadn’t thought of, like: The Snare, The campsite Security kit and the tools are AWESOME. I absolutely love my TRS Hawk tomahawk. Thanx for all you do and the offers given.

    ~ Blk_Horse311~

  3. I have been in security for over 40 years and this info is worth its weight in gold. Many people don’t play, “What if?” They tell me that they don’t want to walk around scared! It is always best to be prepared and ever ready! I am a retired police official.

  4. Do you have suggestions for someone who is physically disabled? I am fairly homebound unless I have help from a neighbor.

  5. Thanks for the 7 instructions, as we now need it. Back when I was a kid, you could wander anywhere you wanted to, and you didn’t have to worry about any problems. That sure ain’t now.

    Thanks for the info.

  6. One type of predator comes in when you’re not home, keeps an inventory, assesses the supplies, and estimates how long it would take them to eat or drink them. When they attack, they sit in your place and eat until the supplies are consumed. Then they move on.
    That’s why I only keep a few supplies!

  7. I receive your E-mails weekly and I do read them. It is fantastic that someone really tries to get the word out to the average citizens that have never been in the military
    or don’t believe this will happen some day ! They just don’t realize the current state of World Politics. It is just a matter of “time”..

  8. I have several of your offerings and I like them all. My favorite by far is Fang your sheath knife. It’s gotten some hard use and its proven indestructible so far. The size and the sheath make it easy to carry while still having a long enough blade for work or self defense. Given my years of military experience and routinely living outdoors hunting, fishing, and trapping for most of the past sixty years I feel qualified to recommend it as superior to any folder or pocket knife I’ve used. Thank you.

  9. Wonderful guys and gals! These tips would obviously be critical in any number of bad situations. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together free stuff like this.

  10. This is a great overview. I like how you ended with getting additional information from an authoritative person or organization. Maybe fight fast could put out a list of available material.
    Be Trained, Be Prepared, Be Aware