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Man Skills: The Three Types of “Fools” You’ll Confront

Jimbo here with some ultra-manly tips.

Yes, it’s 2020… officially “the future”. (I’m still looking around for the jet-pack I was promised).

From now on me and my business partner Bob Pierce, (and the rest of the crew), would like to make sure that you and other “hotlist” guys are always on the cutting edge of what it takes to be a well-rounded bad-ass. (Okay, that sounded weird.)

To help, we will publish posts covering the manliest of topics, including self-defense… weapons… survival tools… fitness (even for old dudes like me)… disaster survival…

…home defense… spycraft tricks… non-verbal power signals… warrior mindset…

…and a host of other practical skills and know-how that no red-blooded male should be without.

Today, let’s examine the three types of fools you’re likely to get into a confrontation with on the street, (or in the office or at a family reunion for that matter).

Here they are:

  • The Bully: Should You Really Stand Up To Him?
  • The Evil “Preditor”: What He Really Wants.
  • The Emotionally Hijacked: I.E. The “Flip Out” Artist.

The Bully

Should You Really

Stand Up To Bubba-Badass?

Your cool uncle may have insisted that you “stand up” to a bully, (and yet amazingly he was nowhere to be seen when you got your teeth knocked-out).

Contrary to Hollywood movies, studies show that bullies are typically NOT outcasts, but often confident and popular.

They get much satisfaction by hurting and humiliating people who don’t accept their dominance.

Statistics show that each year 14% of boys have been victims of a bully threat or attack. (Probably higher since few guys will eagerly admit: “Oh yes… I’ve been humiliated. That’s me.”)

A bully WILL fight when challenged ā€” so giving someone advice to “stand up to a bully” will almost certainly mean a physical fight. (Yeah… Oh-oh).

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand up to a bully, but it’s good to know what you’re in for.

In other words ā€” never bluff with a bully. If you take a stand against him, you better be ready to fight. And bullies usually have some fight experience.

If you’re in a position of leadership, (a cop, a firefighter, a combat soldier, a hen-pecked hubby), and can’t afford to be seen “backing down”, you’ll probably want to fight.

In that case, it’s good to have some “dirty tricks” up your sleeve, (maybe both sleeves).

The Predator

What Does This Guy
Really Want?

A “Predator” is someone who’s not necessarily looking for a fight, he’s looking for something you’ve got, (and it’s not your boyish charms).

You have money… a car… a woman… something that he wants — and he’s going to try and take it.

Stats show that once you’re targeted by this opportunistic jerk, you won’t be able to “reason” your way out of it. Which leaves you with two options:

  1. Give him what he wants, (and hope the bad man goes away), or…
  2. Fight.

If, for example, it’s an armed mugging and it’s your wallet he wants, throw it one way and run the other. If it’s your wife or girlfriend he wants… well… I suspect you’ll want to fight, (although one tough chick I knew would have gladly pounded him to dust for me).

The predator is the least likely to be drawn into “diplomacy”. But he’s also unlikely to attack if he thinks he’ll be hurt or caught.

Tip: If you notice you’ve been targeted by a suspicious predatory-type character, do not pretend you don’t see him.

A Predator who knows he’s been spotted has lost the element of surprise and may just decide to slink away back into his hidey-hole, (like the snake that he is).

The Emotionally Highjacked

AKA: The ‘Flip-Out’ Artist.

The “Emotionally Hijacked” is also known as “the flip out artist”, or “the man with the baby’s-brain”.

This is the man-child who explodes in a tantrum because you cut him off in traffic… dinged his car… slighted him in front of his girlfriend… or told him he couldn’t drink your last beer.

His behavior runs to extremes.

It’s likely that more than one person has suggested he “grow up” or engage in anger management counseling (which he got angry about).

You read about him all the time in the news: The dude who temporarily loses his mind and kills the neighbor over dog crap in his yard, (only to discover his neighbor doesn’t own a dog).

The good news is that the Emotionally Highjacked is one character who responds well to specific “reasoning” methods.

You just gotta keep your voice down, be agreeable and non-confrontational. Baby-brain will usually calm-down, and set down the hatchet, (and the rattle).

Keep your eyes peeled… more “Man Skills” to come, (if you’re man enough to take it).

Stay Manly,

Jimbo, Editor
Man Skills

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