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Man Skills: WARNING! What you don’t know can kill you…

I’m not trying to scare you, but what you don’t know about getting clean water during a crisis can KILL you. (Okay, maybe I am trying to scare you… but it‘s for your own good.)

Hi, it’s Jimbo again, (on behalf of my business partner Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew), with some “Man Skills” that every guy needs know.

Having a secure reliable source of safe drinking water during a crisis is something few people think seriously about, but it’s critical to anyone interested in staying alive. (If you’re not interested in staying alive, then this doesn’t apply to you.)

Have you ever heard of the “3-3-3 Rule” of survival? Basically, it means a person can stay alive for only about…

…3 minutes without air…

…3 days without water…

…3 months without food.

Today we’ll cover the essentials about getting clean water, (since air and food aren’t really that important).

Because in a crisis like a storm… getting hopelessly lost while hunting or fishing… a breakdown of the electrical grid… whatever it may be, it’s likely that you’ll have a hard time finding clean drinkable water for days, weeks or even months.

So you gotta be prepared ahead of time. You gotta have a plan. (Preferably something more than just tips you picked up while watching “The Walking Dead”.)

Here are 7 factoid groupings that’ll help you establish a reliable way to get as much drinking water as you need. (Note: paying your water bill is the simplest method):

  • Water Supplies: A Gallon A Day Is All I Ask.
  • Contaminated Water: Just A Sip?
  • Iodine Tablets: Better Than Nothing, (Maybe).
  • Filter: Is This A Solution? (Hint: Yes).
  • Dual Functionality Filters: Bacteria isn’t the only threat.
  • The Pop Bottle Option: No spit in the canteen, please.
  • BioFilm: AKA Bad Slimy Stuff.

Water Supplies

You Need How Much?
(Yeah… Wow).

Here’s the problem: You need a lot of water to get through the day and stay healthy. Probably more than you think.

Because even under spartan conditions an average person will need 1 or 2 gallons of water per day. That’s a minimum. Doesn’t include a bath, or a shower, flushing the toilet, running the dishwasher, soaking your feet, (unless you’re okay with drinking that), or anything other than bare-bones hygiene and hydration needs.

If you’ve got a family of four, it means you’ve gotta get your hands on at least 5 gallons or more per day.

Which means – just to stay alive and hydrated and healthy for a couple months, you’ll need to come up with at least 300 gallons of clean water.

That’s a rock-bottom minimum… for only two months… which amounts to almost six 55-gallon drums full of water. And I’m betting you don’t have that tucked away in your root cellar.

Contaminated Water

Wait… Don’t Drink That!

During a “meltdown” – when the power is shut off and fresh water is no longer flowing freely from your faucet – you WILL run out of safe things to drink. (The beer can only hold out for so long).

Before long you’ll be drinking anything you can find. (Is that water in Fluffy’s bowl?) Which means you will almost certainly expose yourself to a contaminated source.

Which means you will get sick.

And I’m not just talking a little tummy ache here. No, we’re talking about projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea sick. The kind of sick that would normally land you in a hospital. Your first tango with blackberry wine kinda sick.

This is can kill you. Citizens in third world countries see this everyday. Over a half million of them die every year from drinking bad water, (and blackberry wine).

The lesson here is pretty simple: Never drink any untreated water. Never-ever. Not even a sip. No matter how tempting or convenient it may be, don’t take the chance.

Even a freshwater stream, if you were lucky enough to find one, will contain e-coli, giardia and dangerous protozoa being spewed from any one of a thousand critters upstream.

A small taste just to wet your whistle could make a bad situation a whole lot worse. Rookie mistake.

Getting sick in the middle of a crisis dramatically reduces your odds that you’ll survive it.

Iodine Tablets

Better Than Nothing, (Maybe).

You should forget about iodine tablets. (Block them from your mind like the girl who once dumped you).

Okay, if you’re caught with your pants down (speaking of that girl), and iodine tablets is all you’ve got, it’s better than nothing. But not much.

Because let’s imagine that the only water you can find is some stinking muddy ditch-water. Yes, the iodine tablets will kill the microorganisms, but you’ll still be drinking stinking muddy ditch-water.

And the chemicals in iodine tablets are not good for you.

Which is why the U.S. center for disease control insists this method is NOT a healthy solution, and why politicians in the European Union voted to ban iodine pills from being sold to the public, (except to the opposition party. They can have as much as they want).

Yes, iodine tablets will work in a pinch. And yes, it’s better than dying of thirst. But stick around. The next couple of sections will present a better solution for you.

The Filter

Here’s The Answer To Your Prayers.
(Unless Of Course You’re Atheist).

The simple solution to storing and carrying around 2-tons of water, (which is hard), or taking the chance of drinking from a contaminated source, (which is bad), is to use a water filter.

This is your long-term solution.

But forget about the slow-drip Britta-type countertop filters, for a few reasons.

  • You need something that’ll work fast. (You may just die of thirst waiting for a cup of water from a slow-drip filter.)
  • Slow drip filters are intended for tap water that’s already been treated. So you can’t use that type for say, filtering water from a river or a lake, (or that nasty brown stuff sputtering from Uncle Larry’s kitchen faucet).
  • Slow drip filters won’t remove e-coli and other harmful microorganisms. You need a special kind of filter. (Drum roll please).

Dual Functionality

The Right Kind Of Filter.

Your filter should have dual functionality.

In other words it should be able to remove both microorganisms AND chemicals. Most filters do one or the other, but not both.

For example, those clever “straw” filters you see everywhere? Well, those can filter bacteria, but not common fertilizers, pesticides, benzene and other chemical contaminants you’ll almost certainly encounter inside cities and around farms. These chemicals will get you sick as a dog, (or a cat if you’re a cat person).

To make matters worse, the straw filters were developed to be dirt cheap. The idea was to distribute them to third world countries to help lower the death rate from waterborne illnesses.

A noble cause for sure, but do you really want the lives of you and your family depending on a 4-cent filter that “may just work” and “probably” won’t kill you?

I didn’t think so. There’s a better solution.

The Pop Bottle Option

Don’t Spit Inside Your Canteen! (Eww).

This is gonna sound weird, but you want a filter that can screw onto a standard soda pop bottle. Because first of all that size is a universal fitting, and second, you can find a plastic soda bottle just about anywhere.

If your filter attaches to a bottle, then it’s only a matter of filling the bottle with contaminated water, screwing it onto your filter, and then squeezing clean filtered water directly into your mouth or, (and here’s the magic) – into a canteen or some other fresh water container.

Most guys don’t think about this until they’re out in the field on their hands and knees desperately sucking dirty water through a tiny straw.

The big question is: How are you supposed to fill a canteen like this? You got it. By filling up your mouth and then spitting the filtered water into a container! Yuck. (Although this will definitely stop others from drinking your precious water).

Bad BioFilm

That Icky, Slimy Stuff.

Biofilm can kill you. (Geez, is there anything safe out there?).

This is important because almost no one, even experienced survivalists, takes this into consideration. Once contaminated water is run through most water filters, it forms something called a “biofilm” deep inside the filter.

This is dangerous because the wet and dark environment inside the filter is a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. Which means the next time you use the filter, it’ll be churning out contaminated water.

So you think you’re protecting yourself and your family when, in reality, you’re actually only guaranteeing that you’ll all get sick.

So it’s a good idea to make sure your filter is also able to wipe out that evil biofilm.

If you want to know more about getting ahold of a survival water filter that covers all the bases – dual functionality, screw-on bottle, biofilm protection, the whole works – check it out HERE.

This will keep you and your loved ones alive and well through any crisis large and small. (Because you can’t help rebuild your world if you’re dead).

Stay Manly,

Jimbo, Editor
Man Skills

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