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Special Agent Tactics: Five Tips To Countering MMA Moves In A Street Fight

It seems that these days, because of the high visibility of Mixed Martial Arts, everyone and their brother is getting into mixed martial arts. They either take classes, or they learn a few moves from YouTube. One thing I don’t like about them is that most of them are not disciplined enough to earn a black belt in any art. That makes no difference when they are kicking your ass in the street so let’s deal with that. If you can understand the difference between sports fighting and reality-based street survival where anything goes, and there are no rules, you will understand what I am trying to get across to you in this article.

Due to the brutality of a MMA match, where you see some of the clinching situations where this huge, fit, muscular behemoth is pounding away mercilessly against the head of a pinned opponent, you get the impression that this is the simulation of a real street fight and that a guy or lady like this will just pummel you into the ground in a fight. You think they are undefeatable, but looks can be very deceiving.

I am not saying that MMA fighters can’t be brutal and intense fighters, but the mere fact that there are rules cancels the notion that this is a real street fight. In the street, there are no rules. In the street, anything goes. Also, in a real street fight, there is no such thing as a dirty fighter, only an educated one. There are no illegal blows.

I believe that the best fight is the one that you can avoid, but it does not always work that way so you must be prepared NOT to be able to walk away. This is where this article will help you. With that said, how would you fight, if you had to, an MMA guy in a real street situation? Well, I have five tips that might help you.

Tip #1:

Pretend to be afraid or timid – Then Punch to The Throat

Look I am 55 years old and although I am well trained in the martial arts and combat, my attacker will probably be young, strong, fit and muscular. They will likely be aggressive, willing, and ready to fight. With that in mind, I don’t have to think twice about going into attack mode. The more you use your mind, the less you get kicked in the behind.

First, disarm him psychologically, by pretending to be afraid or timid with your hands up in the air saying “I don’t want any trouble, buddy, please leave me alone” then “Bam!” you punch him in the throat. The fight is all over now because he is grabbing his throat and gasping for air. His thoughts are only on “Oh, no, I can’t breathe! I need to breathe!” At this point, he is not thinking about fighting; he is only trying to get control of his breathing again. If you need to, you can follow up with further strikes.

Tip #2

Pretend to be afraid or timid – Eye Gouge – Then Knee Stomp

An alternative to a throat strike (which could actually kill your attacker, but hey, this is self-defense and he DID attack you after all) is a finger gouge to the eye followed up by a 45º angle stomp to his knee.

As I teach in my Special Agent Combative Course, don’t use one or two fingers as you see on TV. Instead, use your opened fingers to rake across the eyes and then gouge them with force and follow up with a strike to the knee. Continue your attack as these guys are used to taking a lot of punishment, and they have a high threshold for pain.

Tip #3

Avoid Close Quarters Fighting – Kick to The Shins

MMA fighters are expert close-quarters fighters, and they love to clinch. Keep your distance and execute damaging low line shin kicks that will start them hopping on one leg. Continue banging away at their foundation. Eventually, they will fall.

Tip #4

Be Ready for The Takedown – Shoot Your Legs Back

MMA fighters love the takedown, so the probability is very high that they will shoot for your legs to take you to the ground. Watch for this. When you see it coming – shoot both your legs back and fall on top of them smashing their face on the ground when they miss. Then immediately get back up. The ground is their advantage, not yours. They train there all the time.

Tip #5

In A Clinch – Bite Whatever Is Available

If you find yourself in a clinch. Bite! Yes, bite on whatever is available. His cheek. His forearm. His nipples. His groin. I promise you that he will let you go and will be totally freaked out because you will have taken all of the fight out of him. Get back on your feet, and continue busting him in the shins with kick after kick.

So, there you have it. How to beat a trained MMA fighter. Avoid the confrontations if you can. But if you must fight… then kick some gluteus maximus to the max!

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