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Man Skills: The guy who challenged 17 bikers…

Jimbo here with another amazing edition of Man-Skills.

Lemme ask… have you ever heard of Paul Vunak?

Well, the most respected fighters inside the world personal combat training sure have.

He’s a 20-year instructor over here at FightFast and let me tell you, Paul took “learning how to fight” to a level most guys never (ever) want to try out for themselves.

  • The Street Fighter: Days of drinkin’ and brawlin’.
  • Into The Zone: Teaching Navy SEALs.
  • The Teacher: Showing the Average Joe his moves.

The Street Fighter:

Barroom Brawlin’.

I’ve been including an occasional FightFast instructor biography because some naysayers, (who will remain nameless because I’m mad at them) have suggested that our FightFast instructors aren’t “real”.

(I considered sending some FightFast instructors over to Mr. Nameless’s house just to confirm that they are in fact “real”. On second thought, that could end badly).

Anyway… back to Paul Vunak.

Turns out that some 25 years back — when he young, dumb, and full of… well… alcohol — Paul and his training buddies actually went out looking for fights, (gasp).

You know… he’d hang out in dangerous seedy biker bars and whistle at the girls… or wave around money he had just won in a pool game.

Cocky stuff that he knew would start trouble. Stuff my brother-in-law does all the time without even thinking about, (explaining his 5th broken nose).

Sounds nuts, but Paul did it all just to “test out” his fight techniques in the real world. To see just which moves worked, and which ones didn’t… in actual combat.

Now that’s pure dedication to the art form.

Paul also trained under Dan Insonto — a friend and teacher to the great Bruce Lee himself.

It was Insonto who introduced Bruce Lee to nunchaku (“nunchucks”) and taught him some exercises to get him started with this crazy mysterious weapon, (the rest is history).

So Paul was trained by the guy who trained with Bruce Lee.

Yeah, wow.

And of course after years of intensive instruction from the great Dan Insonoto, and hundreds of brawls to “test” his skills… Paul got pretty damn good.

Teaching SEALs:

Into the REAL combat zone.

Paul’s work with the Navy SEALs began soon after a particularly nasty brawl in Virginia Beach.

It wasn’t the time he beat the crap outta 5 much bigger dudes, (which one guy described as being like watching a Kung Fu movie from the front row)…

…but the time Paul and three of his Navy SEAL buddies, took on a crowd of 17 pissed off bikers and tore the place up — floor to ceiling.

That incident got some attention, and it wasn’t long before guys in suits and dark sunglasses showed up at Paul’s doorstep asking a lot of questions.

Civilian Training:

Turning an Average Joe into a fighter.

Turns out the guys in dark glasses weren’t there to arrest Paul. No. On the contrary, they heard of Paul’s reputation — and offered him a 4-year contract to train the Navy SEALS.

Days later Paul was being dropped by helicopter into live-fire combat zones to train Navy SEALS on the “job site”.

Here’s a photo of Paul and his assistant Tom Cruise (no, not that Tom Cruse), in the field with members of one SEAL Team Six.

I can’t go into much more detail as it’s still highly classified stuff. But I have personally seen Paul’s letter of thanks from the commander of the Navy himself.

Eventually 17 other government agencies sought Paul out to train their operatives too — including the FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, NSA and Spec Ops SWAT teams.

Paul has also taught more than 300 seminars Paul with over 10,000 students under his belt, (that’s a black belt BTW).

He’s been on the cover of virtually big-name self-defense magazine in the industry and Black Belt Magazine officially listed him as one of the “20 Toughest Fighters On The Planet”.

Men’s Journal called his instruction:

“…The best for non-martial artists who want to handle real-life self-defense situations like black belts.”

But of course his biggest honor has been to join FightFast as an instructor, (but I’m just guessing about that without actually talking to Paul).

Paul Vunak’s credentials and skills may be nothing short of breathtaking. But it’s his ability to teach that makes him so unique.

He’s a reformed guy now. A good citizen who’s mellowed with age (and rarely beats up 17 bikers anymore). He’s also an excellent teacher, (which is why FightFast snapped him up).

If you’re interested in what (in my humble opinion) is some of Paul Vunak’s best training, check this out.

>> Paul Vunak Simple Combat Training… HERE. <<

There’s more to Paul Vunak than this short bio. But this should at least give you an idea of the man, (and what a manly-man he is).

More to come, so keep your eyes open.

Stay Manly,

Jimbo, Editor
Man Skills

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