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The Art of the Double Tap by Derek Smith

As a special agent, we had a concept we used in shooting called a “Double Tap.” Double-tapping meant that when we fired a shot into a target, we would rapidly fire a second shot into the same area without hesitation. We would not fire, look to see if we hit and then fire again, we would aim the first time and then pull the trigger. We would allow a second for the gun to recoil and then we would fire again. Usually, the round would pretty much go to the same place as the first one.

The double-tap strategy has been demonstrated to be useful in both martial arts sparring, tournaments, and self-defense situations as well. In this article I am going to talk about how double-tapping can be added to your repertoire of fighting skills.

What is The Double Tap in Reference to Self-Defense?

Just as when I was firing rounds at my target, the double-tap is attacking the exact same spot on your attacker with the exact same technique. The most common example of the double-tap is the double boxing jab. A boxer will jab to his opponent’s face and then immediately throw another jab without entirely withdrawing his punch.

What Are the Advantages of The Double Tap?

Quite often, after a martial artist or self-defense practitioner has defended against an attack, he or she will often leave that area open.

Here’s an example of how I’ve actually executed successfully:

First, I would execute a double jab to my opponent’s head. I fully expected the first technique to be blocked, but then my opponent will then lower his guard so he can see over his/her gloves or hands. However, I did not stop with just the technique though. I would execute the same exact technique at the same target, and I would strike my opponent with the second strike because he lowered his guard after the initial attack!

Another advantage of the double-tap attack method is the simplicity in executing the attack.

It’s entirely possible for a person with very little or even no training in the martial arts or self-defense to successfully execute this method of attack.

Using this technique might make it easier for you to develop a defense.

Some years ago, there was a study that said that what martial artists lack in offense is also lacked in defense. This makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you practice a martial art that stresses the use of your feet and some guy throws a haymaker (sloppy circular hooking type punch) at you, and you’ve rarely practiced against hand attacks, let alone nonmartial arts techniques, there’s a good chance you could be caught off guard and get hit!

However, if you just threw a punch and the attacker tries to counter, and you are double-tapping, you may hit him first or at least thwart his attempt to launch his attack. The best way I’ve heard this described is we fight the way we train.

I often launch a double-tap, or even a triple tap to keep my opponent off me and confused so I can launch my next attack. It is hard for him to punch me if I am throwing continuous jabs to his face.

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What Are the Disadvantages of The Double Tap?

There are a few disadvantages to using this technique. An opponent with experience with double taps will leave his or her defenses in the same spot and counter-attack easily as opposed to some of the more complicated fighting strategies such as high-low (which I cover in another article.)

Another way this technique can be thwarted is if an attacker side-step or moves backward from your blows to avoid the attack.

For example, another favorite attack of mine is the double front roundhouse kick to the groin. You should see the expression on people’s faces when the attack is successful on them. If, however, the opponent slides in off tangent toward me I am now to close to execute a second front roundhouse kick and my opponent is in a good position for hand counter-attacks.

As a side, I advise you to use caution when executing kicks. There is a tendency to lower one’s hands and drop one’s head and eyes when executing a low kick thus leaving one vulnerable to a counter-attack to the head usually by the opponent’s hands since the low gaze would catch a foot movement.


The double-tap is an excellent martial art and self-defense strategy to add to your repertoire of tools and weapons. Try it out, make changes, and make it yours.

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