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How To Keep Your Guard Up Against Predators

The increasing crime rate is a good indication that people need to start becoming more conscious about self-defense. Every day, many crimes are committed against individuals. The need to protect oneself using more effective solutions are even more vital to ensure your safety. It is your responsibility to make yourself and your loved ones less prone to being a victim.

You can start by increasing your knowledge about what can and cannot protect you. Indeed, everything begins with information empowerment. There are criminals in every part of the world, and the best you can do is to make yourself ready if they try to make you a victim.

Let’s begin by discussing how criminals work. Criminals make rapid decisions about who they are going to attack in as little as seven seconds. They are mainly concerned with two things.

  • Getting Hurt
  • Getting Caught

Anything that raises the chances of either of these will make the criminal look for an easier target.

One guy did a study where he videotaped people walking down a city street. He showed the tape to criminals, and the result was a victim profile. The criminals all basically targeted the same people, basing their decision on posture, body language, gait, stride, and situational awareness.

Here are some tips to keep you from becoming a victim:

First is situational awareness and good observational skills. Walk with your head up and your shoulders back. Stay alert. Make eye contact with people who show interest in you. Avoid distractions like wearing headphones or using cellphones, which make you less aware of your surroundings. Walk with purpose and stay in crowds if you can.

Some other rules include knowing where a crime is likely to be committed. Of course, when you can choose between a dark alley and a well-lit pathway, you should take the latter no matter if it takes you longer to get to where you’re going. Safety is always first, and even if you have to pay a small price such as walking a few more steps, you should pay it to protect yourself.

Informing people you know about your whereabouts is also be a good way to help protect yourself. Let your family or someone know your schedule, so when you don’t show up at home or call when you’re expected to, they can immediately be alerted that something might have gone wrong. They can go looking for you and hopefully come to your rescue in due time when and if you need it. They can also call the police when necessary. The sooner help gets to you, the less damage crime can cause you.

If you are in a situation where somebody is beginning to look like a threat, you need to stay composed and learn to trust your instincts. If you feel someone following you, act as if you’re sure and immediately go to places where there’ll be people around. If this is impossible, force yourself to move and act confidently no matter how much you’re shaking inside. Do not show any sign of weakness to a suspected attacker. Let him know that you know he’s there, and he’s planning something against you. Look guarded and look ready to fight back.

I hope this helps. Through these crucial moments, keep your presence of mind. I always advocate carrying a weapon of some type, so get your weapons ready or look through your bag and check if there’s something you can use against the potential attacker – a pen, a pair of scissors, anything sharp. Stun guns are a good companion wherever you go. Using stun guns will leave your assailant immobilized and buy you time to run and seek help. You might want to also consider getting some type of body armor or a protective shield you can carry in your backpack or purse should your attacker have a gun. Be ready to fight!

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