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How To Tap Into Your Inner Warrior for Urban Survival

Since I was 17 years old, I have been in the military, law enforcement, or a private investigator. I have had to develop and depend upon my inner warrior, developed through years of experience and training, to get me out of some pretty intense situations. Each person is a unique individual capable of certain wonders, including you. Your mind possesses an inner strength that can help you become self-reliant so you can make clear and definitive decisions in a survival situation. For you to make good choices in a bad situation, you should delve deeply into yourself to know who you really are and develop your inner warrior fully. Here are some tips for doing so.


As you tap into your inner warrior, you will see more clearly that people in this world are capable of much cruelty towards each other. By incorporating frequent and realistic training into your routines, your inner warrior will more easily and quickly recognize your need to fight if you are targeted for violence.

You have to realize that not everyone has good intentions towards you. Some will not hesitate to hurt you and will do so without any remorse whatsoever.

Another part of the warrior mindset is recognizing and accepting that you might have to inflict violence yourself to protect you or a loved one. Your inner warrior must understand this and acknowledge the potential need for you to use force, including deadly force.

Your inner warrior must also understand that just because you are capable of violence, that does not mean that you are a violent person. As a matter of fact, you are likely the opposite, knowing that life is precious.


As you develop your inner warrior, you will become more aware. You need to become aware of your surroundings at all times not just when something unusual happens, which I refer to as situational awareness. For you to survive, awareness should be part of everything you do. When you walk to your car, sit in a restaurant, or even walk into your workplace, you should be aware of people and objects around you, and if something seems strange, make a mental note. This will make you proactive, like a military strike force, rather than reactive.


As your inner warrior becomes more aware, you will gain more confidence in your ability to protect yourself. You will know that you can protect yourself even in the worst situations because you are both physically and mentally prepared and aware. Think about a person walking down the street who you believe is confident and in control. What do you notice to make you feel this way? The person’s head is up, and he is walking with purpose. His confidence shows through his body language and his demeanor. You can do same. Work on developing your confidence to develop your inner warrior.

Once you begin to work on your confidence, you will have a confident stride, walking with your head up and fully aware. When you do, you will start to notice things before they become a problem. You will begin to notice people before they notice you, and your inner warrior will warn people that you are not an easy victim to be messed with. They will be able to see the fight in you. Developing your inner warrior will give you control of your mind and body.


Once you have developed your confidence, you will also start to see opportunities around you. For example, you will notice tools and other things around you that you can use for survival that you perhaps never thought of before. And if there are no improvised tools around you, your hands and feet will become your means of survival. This is because building confidence will lead you to do what is needed to be prepared. You will want to train your body and mind for battle.

Your sharper mind will remind you to carry your flashlight and a weapon into dark places and to be aware and prepared for possible violence around you. Ready warriors know how to use knives, guns, pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, and whatever is needed to survive a fight.


That brings me to training. The true warrior does not seek out fights but is prepared to deal with one if he has to. Your inner warrior will help you to grow in strength and recognize the need to be prepared for whatever you may encounter. This means that you may need to seek out training to hone your skills. This training should consist of hand to hand combat, firearms, knife, and stick skills. For your inner warrior, there is no limit to the type of training you can obtain.


I don’t want you paranoid walking around looking for encounters around every corner, but developing your inner warrior allows you to believe in yourself and know that you can depend on the skills and insight you have developed. You cannot depend on the police, military, or some stranger to protect you. You must be confident that your inner warrior will enable you to fight, win and survive any dangerous encounter.

If you have not already done so, start to develop and tap into your inner warrior. Get to know it, develop it, and welcome it in time of need. Your inner warrior will help you to build the proper mindset, awareness, and confidence you need to defend yourself and others.

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