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Man Skills Video Tip: Firing from your butt.

First of all, Merry Christmas.

If you can make it just one more week or so…

…you will have officially survived 2020 — the hellish “Year Of The Dumpster Fire”, (although it’s hard to say if melting into the couch binge-watching Breaking Bad with chicken wings and a jumbo bag of Doritos counts as surviving).

I’m on roll with this new YouTube thing. Apparently, some smart guy named Mr. Google (I think that’s Irish) made this whole internet video stuff kind of a big deal. (I’m still on-hold trying to thank him personally).

Anyway, today I bring you my buddy Joe Teti — a Special Forces badass — to show you the trick to shooting from your back, (without losing your twig and berries in the process).

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Joe Teti relaxing down at the range.

As a guy who’s seen a LOT of combat, Joe Teti knows from brutal experience that you can be knocked off your feet and forced to shoot from your back. (Or perhaps you just don’t want to get off the couch).

After watching the video (and practicing this move on a few neighborhood muggers), I ask that you please do two very simple things:

1. Subscribe. Pretty easy to do. Just hit the “subscribe” button.

2. Leave a comment. Me and Joe Teti and Dale Comstock and Bob Pierce and a bunch of other hotshots down here read through every one of the comments. Unlike the ballot box, your thoughts actually matter here.

Okay… it’s December 23rd, time for me to start thinking about Christmas shopping. You know what?… never mind, I’ve got another day.

Back to see what Mr. White is cooking up to in his meth lab.

Stay Manly,

Jimbo, Editor
Man Skills


P.S. I’m serious about subscribing and leaving a comment.

It means you’ll automatically be notified every time we upload a new video tip. And the comments give the crew over here (and other hotlist guys like you) a chance to get some feedback, (even if it’s only a simple “thanks”).

There are lots of killer videos and tips that are yours for the taking.

So hit the link now. I’ll see you inside.

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