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Man Skills: Comstock and Teti’s warning

Jimbo here from the FightFast headquarters.

A few short weeks ago I was looking forward to a new and brighter year — and looks like 2021 is shaping up nicely. Appears the dumpster fire is now spreading to nearby buildings.

So here’s what up: I’ve managed to get my good friends and former DELTA Operative/Paramilitary Contractor Dale Comstock and survival expert and Special Ops combat vet Joe Teti on camera to share a few thoughts with you.

It’s about hotel security. This is serious business because you’ll see just how EASY it is for anyone to gain access to the inside of a hotel — or even an individual room.

Also… in a world gone nuts where you may desperately need food and water, this may clue you into an easy way to gain access to a hotel (to raid their breakfast bar. Those waffles are amazing).

It’s on our FightFast Channel now. Please help me out by clicking on the video screen below, (which will take you to Dale and Joe)… and then do two simple things after watching the video.

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  2. Leave a comment. Very important. Lets me and Dale and Joe and other hotlist guys know that you got something to say too.

Click Video For “Hotel Access” Trick!

We’ve been dabbling in the video business for over 3 decades now but only recently have we started giving regular YouTube tips to hotlist guys like you. (Lighten up… YouTube has only been around for 15 years).

>> Dale And Joe’s Warning HERE! <<

So please, get over there now and check it out.

We’re committed to creating at least one new video tip a week with instruction from Bob Pierce and Dale Comstock and Joe Teti and a whole bunch of other badasses as well.

Stay Manly,

Jimbo, Editor
Man Skills

P.S. Dale and Joe are both waiting to hear from you too. So subscribe (if you haven’t done so) and leave a comment. Thanks.

>> Dale And Joe’s YouTube Video HERE! <<


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