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How To Increase Your Shooting Ability Without Firing a Single Shot

If you carry or even own a weapon, you should want to be a better shooter. We all want to be better shooters. Well, in this article, I am going to give you a tip to make you better, and that is increasing your grip strength to improve your shooting.

Let’s begin with how to develop a stronger grip. Having a stronger grip will help improve your shooting, and there are a couple of things you can do to improve your grip strength. First, you can start with a good old-fashioned grip-strength trainer. In fact, buy yourself a couple of them; keep one handy at your job and have one in front of the TV at home. When you are sitting around watching TV, reading a book or whatever, pick one up and squeeze it often to build up your hand strength.

There are even some brands that are designed to allow you to work your individual fingers. However, these only offer 9 pounds of resistance per finger. The problem with this is that the trigger pulls on some long, double-action revolvers like the two Taurus 856s I own, which have a double-action weight of 11 3/4 pounds, can be about 12 pounds. So, as you can see, it falls a little short for building that kind of strength.

I bought one of the two 38’s for my wife, and unfortunately, she was having trouble pulling the trigger so I started having her do some dry-fire training while she was watching television. However, I wanted to get her something that really isolated the movement of her trigger finger so I bought her the Trigger Trainer below. I am not advocating the sale of this product, just informing you of its existence. The Trigger Trainer provides the closest you can get to the feel of a real pistol grip combined with a weighted spring to help you improve your trigger pull.

Hand strength will be beneficial to your shooting prowess, but strong forearms will also help you improve your shooting. Stronger forearms make for better shooting by ensuring you have a stable shooting platform and by helping you to control the recoil you will experience when you shoot.

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One of the best ways I know to increase your forearm strength is by doing wrist roll-ups. There are several companies that make devices to help with wrist roll-ups, but you can create the workout gear yourself. Get a 1-foot length of 1.5-inch-diameter dowel and drill a hole through it at the 6-inch mark. Insert a 2-foot piece of 550 cord and make a knot in the end. Attach a weight on the other end. You get to choose how heavy you want to go.

Now, grab the dowel and, holding your arms straight out in front of you, roll your hands to raise and lower the weight. This should cause a burning sensation in your forearms before too long. Holding your arms out straight will also help strengthen your arm as well. Another benefit is that you can perform this movement while assuming an isosceles stance, which is the stance you should be using for shooting.

After completing your strengthening exercises, I recommend you practice what is called the “Wall Drill.” The “Wall Drill” is a dry-fire training sequence that forces you to focus on sight picture and trigger-finger discipline. To execute the “Wall Drill” correctly, unload your pistol, or double-check it if already unloaded, and move all the ammo out of reach. Now triple-check that your gun is unloaded. Assume the isosceles stance shooting position (I included a photo in case you don’t know what that is), keeping the muzzle of your pistol within an inch of a plain wall.

There should be nothing on the wall to distract you. Obtain the correct sight picture and, focusing intently on the front sight, operate the trigger in such a manner that you add no additional movement to the front sight. That means you will be pressing the trigger slowly with the tip of your finger — so slowly that you are not moving your sights at all. You should not see any bounce in the sight when the trigger breaks. Repeat this ten times, resting as you need to.

These are just a few tips to help you improve your marksmanship skills. There is a lot you need to do to improve your shooting, and it takes work. However, increasing your trigger strength is a good start and I hope this advice helps.

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