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Man Skills: Madman Driving Tips

Hey, it’s Jimbo here.

Today I’m bringing you a YouTube video on how to drive like a freakin’ maniac… hammering through roadblocks… and generally turning the roads into your own personal playground of death and destruction, (in other words, how to drive like my wife).

The wife on her way to get milk.

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Considering what’s happening out there… and that the word “meltdown” is no longer the exclusive vocabulary of “dem crazy preppers”… this is an important skill to know.

The YouTube video that’s waiting for you (just click on the picture above to check it out) stars a certified high-speed technical driver, (yeah, that’s really a thing).

This dude also happens to be a hardened combat vet who used these bad-ass driving skills in combat, often under enemy fire.

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Why do you need to know this (besides just for loads of fun)? Because as you’ve probably seen for yourself, (on TV hopefully)… when it hits the fan, the first innocent victims of the mob are usually the poor saps dragged from their car (can’t we all just get along?).

Which is why you need to understand (among other things) how to perform a spinning reverse 180 (Hollywood has made this move famous)… how to handle a car that’s gone off the road… and how to bust through the good ol’ fashion roadblock.

>> This video training is waiting for you HERE! <<

It’s all on this new thing fangled thing called YouTube.

And our channel is where you and other YouTubey guys can get a LOT of freebie tips, (which explains why it’s becoming the most popular girl at the ball).

Stay Manly,

Jimbo, Editor
Man Skills

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