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Man Skills: The fearsome ‘Chopper’ move. [Video]

Hey, it’s Jimbo again with another YouTubie tip.

This one’s about a wicked little “Chopper” strike, (and no, it doesn’t require an axe).

You don’t need an axe (or a Hockey mask)
to make this awesome “Chopper” move work.


This is another old “street-boxing” technique that will allow you to transition into the devastating close-quarters “trapping” range while inflicting some well-deserved pain on your opponent.

It’s pretty easy stuff, even if you don’t have a lot of training (or if you’re as old-as-dirt like me).

Your teacher is Mark Hatmaker — a student of filthy “illegal” boxing techniques, (not to be confused with the underground S&M website).

You’ll also see how to use your EDC 330 tactical flashlight to not only to throw light on your opponent — but also as a nasty little force-multiplier to make “The Chopper” even more devastating. (Okay, go ahead and wear the Hockey mask too… just for fun).

Snap up your own EDC Tactical Flashlight kit right now.

More YouTube video tips to come. For now, I’m gonna run down to the “Mask Required” store wearing a hockey face cover just to shake things up.

Stay Manly,

Jimbo, Editor
Man Skills

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