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The Warrior Mindset

The best security practices come from your being vigilant and situationally aware. These two things are rooted in your having a warrior mindset.

The defining characteristic of a warrior’s mindset is their determined focus on the next challenge that needs to be overcome. The key difference comes from the way that these challenges are defined. Some choose to “Major in the minors” and focus on small problems. These people frequently find that many big things move past them while the objects of their focus are being attended to.

Other people consistently move their bar of personal achievement to higher and higher levels. Some people view life in terms of what they ‘can,’ or ‘cannot’ do while others think in terms of what trade-offs must be made to achieve their goals. Some view their circumstances as the result of events that are beyond their control, while others see themselves as the master of their fate and the captain of their destiny.

The path to becoming a warrior is not an easy one and is mainly made up of how disciplined you are. To be a warrior, you have to master your spherical awareness, meaning being ever vigilant. You have to be able to maintain your senses in difficult situations, know your operational environment, and be able to improvise, adapt and overcome adversities that may arise. Although you should understand that you, nor anyone else, is invincible, you must be willing to face adversity head-on.

A good warrior fights with his or her mind, body, and soul. And while a warrior has emotions, he must be able to suppress them to fight without letting his emotions interfere with his clarity. This is not an easy task, but don’t become discouraged because I am going to give you some tips to help you achieve that warrior mindset in this article.

The only way to master the warrior arts is through working hard to do so and push aside fear, self-doubt, anxiety and panic. Once you can eliminate these debilitating useless thoughts, you are on your way to mastering the warrior mindset.

The root of these emotions comes from a lack of experience. But being a warrior means you can set aside your feelings to diminish any self-doubt you may have and instead project self-confidence to an attacker. Confucius allegedly said, “He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.”

The most significant contributor to fear and panic is the unknown and the best way to conquer the unknown is to face it. By engulfing yourself in your fear, you will achieve “stress inoculation” where you will be able to function and think with clarity under stressful conditions, where you usually might have panicked.

Being a warrior is about striving for greatness, so you experience the delight of high achievement and victory or at least be able to hold up your head proudly, knowing you fought as hard and as best you could for your life and your family.

What defines you a true warrior is your ability to face danger. That does not mean you have to be a hero, but you must have the mentality that you will fight no matter what the situation is.

To be an excellent warrior you have to become really good at a few things by repeating them over and over again and learn from your, and other people’s mistakes. I try to do as much as possible. This is evident by my having five black belts, nine college degrees, publishing five books, being an actor, having a full-time government job while also owning two businesses and the list goes on. And, if there is something I don’t know, I look for someone good at it, like the many experts here at TRS Direct, and learn from them. I consider myself a Jack of All Trade, but Master of None. For instance, while I have five black belts, they are first degree. I have friends who have stuck with one are to become 10th degree black belts in that art. But for me, I have always tried to stay good at a few skills. That way I could choose the skills that are most important to me for the situation and make practicing those my priority.

I have found that in the streets, some martial art techniques work and some don’t. By experiencing many arts, I have been able to come up with a simplified system that actually worked for me as a military and civilian special agent. You master skill through repetition, doing them over and over until you become really good at them. You may only need a few good techniques to survive most street encounters. I would rather you learn how to do a few techniques the correct way, rather than having hundreds of techniques that you practice bad over and over again. This just makes you really good at doing something really bad. Remember that all skills are perishable and just because you master a skill today does not guarantee that you will be a master years from now.

For myself, I am now retired from the military (I am a Coast Guard Auxiliary member) and I am no longer working full time as a special agent (I am a reserve officer and private investigator) so I no longer have to function as I did during those times. But I do carry a concealed weapon and still have to maintain my technique and qualification and therefore have to practice. I cannot function with the fact that I used to know how to do something a long time ago and expect those skills to stay with me for life. I have to maintain my skills as I go along and practice. That is one of the reasons I still practice martial arts too.

The ultimate realization that warrior minds come to is that their success must be built on a sequence of progressive challenges that move them to higher levels of achievements. Another critical insight is that the warrior mind will not be satisfied by “taking it easy” once their previous vision of success has been achieved. This is what drives many highly successful people to continue their endeavors of higher achievement.

Once you obtain the warrior mindset, understood, and internalize it, it becomes quite apparent that the key to being able to defend yourself effectively is to undertake things that will challenge and educate you. Fully embracing a warrior mindset requires the realization of a driving passion that will motivate your actions and inspire achievement. Fully understanding the importance of new challenges leads the truly prepared to approach their lives as a broad spectrum of challenges. Ultimately, it is the challenges that you choose to pursue and the way that you choose to prioritize them that will turn you into a warrior.

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