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Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake

This Is Critical

If you own a handgun this is some crucial information you must know. Having a gun can give you a huge advantage in a self-defense or home invasion situation. The problem is that although most gun owners know how to shoot their weapon at a range, many are lacking in close quarters shooting and weapon retention skills.

Even worse, some gun owners base their stance on what they see in movies. This can get you killed. This simple technique is one of the best ways to ensure that when you draw a weapon on an attacker, the gun stays in your hands, not his. One of the worst things you can do in any self-defense situation is to lose control of your firearm.

Breaking It Down

Like Bob said in the video, this technique will double or triple your chances of maintaining control of the weapon, even if your attacker is able to get close enough to attempt a disarm technique. The technique itself is so simple there is simply no reason not to learn and use it.

All you need to do is make sure your elbows are at your side and against your body. You don’t have to have them right up against your rib cage but they should be close. Keeping your elbows in will bring the gun closer to your body.

This stance puts your arms in a stronger position. Joints are most stable when they are right in the middle of their range of motion. This setup puts both your lower arm and upper arm roughly in the middle of their ranges of motion. Because of this, you are able to use your shoulders, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi (the big muscle in the back) to stabilize the weapon, not just your arm muscles.

If you own a firearm go and try this out. If you don’t have a dummy gun be sure to clear the weapon before practicing.

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338 thoughts on “Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake”

  1. Excellent tip ,as you said very subtle ,yet very much the difference between life & death ,love all the tips & pointers on something so very important thank you so much .

  2. Took a 5 day defensive pistol course at a well respected institute and this technique wasn’t covered , thank you for an important tip !

  3. To Comment 20 although not likely anyone here would need it, the sideway position was developed for use with level 4 entry shields. Some agencies have issued revolvers for the lead carrier. This is the one reason I don’t disconnect the magazine safeties on my Smith’s. Jumped by 4 scum dropping the mag bought the seconds needed to get my backup pistol and stay alive. The Gangsta grip is t.v. fantasy in other situations.

  4. Excellent information and demonstration . I hope everyone will not only watch this video but will actually practice these repeatedly to set to memory. As you know unless you can obtain the knowledge an react by instinct when needed . Which only comes from persistent practice. Knowledge alone , will not give you much help in a emergency unless you know how Instantly utilize it .

  5. Not sure. On gun defence they teach to hit gun away inside hand away , other hand pusb gun with other. Wouldn’t that still break your ,trigger finger??? Not trying to second guess, just need clarified.

  6. I got one of the other videos recently and I can tell you now this is good solid information. If you are considering purchasing a DVD or several do it and do it with absolute certainty that what you are getting is good professional instruction. In this world you must be careful what you buy and more so what you put your life on. And I’ll tell you this I’ll be getting more videos soon.

  7. Great info showing how such a simple adjustment can mean the difference between a good or not so good outcome! Thanks!

  8. Good info that every firearm owner should be aware of. I was taught years ago to keep your weapon as close to your body as possible but yet pointed away. Any extention at all may work to you disfavor. Extend weapon only to fire but it can also be fired when held against you. Motion pictures and television series must be lacking technical advisors

  9. Nice technique for close quick work, why let them get this close or better yet why put yourself in that position. Awareness

  10. Good advise …….my thinking is WHY would you Anyone allow a perp to get close especially if as I am way past hand combat age.couple hollow points and what’s for breakfast.

  11. Excellent presentation on the wrong way and proper technique.
    Explained the reasons why the proper technique would work best over the improper technique and the possible outcome in both situations.
    Video was short, informative and to the point.
    Excellent example of the “KISS” Method.
    Keep up the good work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Very very informative ! Such a small adjustment could mean the difference between life and death. So much for TV cop shows . Keep up your great work.

  13. Thanks that was good information to keep me from becoming a victim of my own weapon. Great information.

  14. Great info. I don’t have a gun yet but I want to learn all I can before and after I purchase it. Thanks.

  15. Wow! This was not addressed in my intro Pistol Training Course. I was firing with my Pistol out in front of my body. I need more practice. Thank you for this very important advisory.

  16. Amazing !!! Anyone who does not know that you do not extend your gun away from your body until you are ready to shoot slept through there training classes or never had any by a good instructor or never knew how to use a gun in the first place. Watch any YouTube training by a professional and you will see that by the time you extend your arms away from your body, your next action is to fire, not stand there and let some moron take your gun away from you. Even if you let some idiot get close enough to try this, by your own dirty fighting standards, you should be kicking the guy in black in the balls and when he flinches, bring both hands down smashing his skull in with your gun. When he falls down, stomp his neck and your big self defense move would kind of be nullified. Anyone going to attack you has probably been a street thug all his/her life, in jail. been in a fight or so him/her self and is not going to stand there while you disarm him or immobilize him like most of your “TIPS” show. To show these people just standing there like an idiot is dangerous to your audience. If you are that weak that someone can just knock you around, may be you should consider going to a gym and getting professional help…
    RULE #1: If you draw your gun, you should have reason to shoot and should not hesitate to start shooting. Otherwise leave it holstered, [because “flashing” your gun in most States is illegal] and run and/or hide.
    RULE # All the other rules: See RULE #1……..

  17. Very Excellent point!
    I know keeping your gun close was very important, but this was very good point.
    Thanks Ernie.

  18. Wow!!!
    I thought I had my shit together.
    I was so wrong.
    Thanks brother!
    I will implement the change.

  19. Excellent tip. Sometimes holding the weapon in one hand has its advantage depending of the proximaty of the opponent, but I had not though of this technique.

  20. This tip should help if your opponet tries to force your gun up, down, right, or left. You are stronger close to your body according to an Akido master. It is nothing fancy just body mechanics.

  21. TOTALLY correct, I’ve always thought that what I saw on TV was what was right. I do have one question . . . “on /tv: cops hold their wepon up, is this correct?

  22. As a teenager I was taught the correct way to hold a handgun. Over the years I’d forgotten what I had been taught. Thank you ver much for this video. It reminded me of my correct arm position.