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Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake

This Is Critical

If you own a handgun this is some crucial information you must know. Having a gun can give you a huge advantage in a self-defense or home invasion situation. The problem is that although most gun owners know how to shoot their weapon at a range, many are lacking in close quarters shooting and weapon retention skills.

Even worse, some gun owners base their stance on what they see in movies. This can get you killed. This simple technique is one of the best ways to ensure that when you draw a weapon on an attacker, the gun stays in your hands, not his. One of the worst things you can do in any self-defense situation is to lose control of your firearm.

Breaking It Down

Like Bob said in the video, this technique will double or triple your chances of maintaining control of the weapon, even if your attacker is able to get close enough to attempt a disarm technique. The technique itself is so simple there is simply no reason not to learn and use it.

All you need to do is make sure your elbows are at your side and against your body. You don’t have to have them right up against your rib cage but they should be close. Keeping your elbows in will bring the gun closer to your body.

This stance puts your arms in a stronger position. Joints are most stable when they are right in the middle of their range of motion. This setup puts both your lower arm and upper arm roughly in the middle of their ranges of motion. Because of this, you are able to use your shoulders, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi (the big muscle in the back) to stabilize the weapon, not just your arm muscles.

If you own a firearm go and try this out. If you don’t have a dummy gun be sure to clear the weapon before practicing.

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338 thoughts on “Most Common Hand Gun Carry Mistake”

  1. Damn good information. I tried it and it works. I can see and feel the difference with the gun closer to my body

  2. Great pointer today; simple, easy to use and will give you the edge. Sometimes winning or loosing gets down to basics. Thanks.

  3. thanks, enjoyable and informative, i’ll now practice,practice,practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. i am disabled and in a power wheelchair, so i will have to adapt several technices,i’ll let you know if i need any assistance.
    tks. dave

  4. I agree, keep your elbows close to your body, not tight but close. When you see most of the shooters rapid firing on a competion their elbows are almost straight. Besides if you get into a fight you will be close enough to see his eye twitch. If you are far enough away you can stretch your arms out and point and shoot. Practice, practice, practice!

  5. Another good point is keep your weapon upright, the bad guys in the movies turn their weapons sideways which looks cool but doesn’t help you aim. If you practice dry firing you’ll find out which is best. Try placing a penny on your front sight and pull the trigger, if you do it right the penny will stay there. And your trigger control will improve.

  6. That is crucial for the ready position close and tight. But always keep at least one step between you and the agressor, and never get backed into a wall.

  7. Thank you I am taking a conceal carry class this comming weekend. This vidio will give me a leg up.

  8. This is the same advice most martial arts instructors and pilates instructors teach. You get your strongest powerand most secure and stable stance from your center core.

  9. When I was a kid my grandfather told me if I needed a gun in a close quarters situation I should hold it at my hip because aiming is not necessary in close quarters. He also said if I went into a room that might have an assailant inside I should hold the pistol in the same position; that it should never precede me into a room because the assailant could take it with little effort. When I see cops in TV shows hold their pistols at arm’s length I see clearly that if I were the person they were coming to get I could get the first man’s gun very quickly. They actually seem to stop and aim carefully at someone just a few feet in front of them. It looks dramatic, I guess, but I have never seen dramatics in an actual shootout.

    Dave G.

  10. This is a great course, I have made that carry/draw mistake many times.
    Thanks to your course, I’ve learned the correct method and will practice and train until this method becomes a normal reaction.
    Thank You

  11. Very good!,and very well explained, you can see the difference very easily, and yet it’s the difference between maybe getting killed or not!…

  12. I just got together with a small (100#) female friend who had just completed a 3 hour class entitled THREAT DYNAMICS and although the training offer useful info and allowing her to handle a weapon she was taught to present the weapon shoulder high and straight out in front of her. She was grateful when I demonstrated for and to her the technique offered in this video. Thanks for the demonstration shown in this video it may save someone’s life by letting them walk away unharmed when confronted with a treatening situation

    1. I’m glad you shared this with her. Too many instructors never consider the fact that in close quarters or when clearing a house it is extremely common for someone to grab a hold of a gun. If you ever watch active or former special operations guys move with a weapon it is always under control and close to the body unless they are engaging a target.

  13. this is a technique I practice constantly, especially for home defense when adrenaline is flowing ….Awsome tip. Simple but very effective. Thanks again

  14. Excellent tip I’m sure will save some innocent lives. Many people carry their weapons too loosely. Thank you

    1. Hello Harvey, the best advice is to seek out knowledge and skills and train them. The key to winning any confrontation is having the right mindset. That’s something you have to train as well. Our free Mini-Clinic is a great place to start. Go to this page:

      And sign up on the left hand side. You’ll start getting the lessons in your email inbox.

  15. well done sir. im a 22 year paratrooper and special forces vet and i though this is not new to me, im glad to see someone teaching this to the rest of we the people. im going to sign up for your 11 free classes ans see where we go from there. after all we should never stop learning about anything regardless of our past history and studies/training. agian well done!

  16. If (R) handed keep (L) hand out & open to confuse and holler to startle if bad guy too close. Keep (R) wrist against hip bone, and rotate on balls of feet as necessary. Practice firing @ 3 feet, then 5, and 10 feet. Further as you gain accuracy using 6″ target. Fire three shots, and then check target(s), each time. Apply safety or open cylinder each pause of shooting. Age 74.

  17. Keith Fulton says:
    How do you take the weapon if someone God forbid holds the weapon correctly ???
    Alan replies:
    Step to the 10 or 2 position (to clear the weapon) – if to the 10 position, step with your left leg to fully clear the front of the weapon (turn your body slightly as well), web of right hand under the slide & fingers over the slide, left hand directly over the hammer & back of the slide (not on the hand of the ‘perp). drive the pistol directly to the face and then downwards past the chest in a round bicycle wheel motion. the hand grip of the frame will hurt the hand, the hand will pronate, weakening the grip and the pain of the move will encourage him to let go of the pistol. there is a whole lot more after that . . . . but that is for another discussion.

  18. Excellent tip. Most folks don’t have a clue about how fast the SHTF and can use this tip to maintain control of their weapon and sucessfully defend themselves. I love your courses and ordered the “How to survive the most critical 5 seconds of your life” Just started it. Thank you for all you do to help keep good Americans safe from the ugliness of life.
    Sgt, J W Metts

  19. Thank you for tip. Time is starting to become the enemy. It’s seems a lot low life want to start picking on the elderly. Once you reach 65 your a walking target. I’m most the actual stealing is done on the Internet. Some electronic way. Still it’s nice to know. I’ll be getting the gun real soon. Please be patient and keep sending me information. I’m a member od Squad Bay. It’s non-profit organization. Again thank you continue the good work. A true Patroit

  20. Good technique, weapon retention is one of the first things you are taught, in any situation you try to keep your opponent just outside the area they can come to grips with you. I enjoy some of your seminars I live in the UK so a lot of your situations will not come up however it is always good to see and adapt your techniques I have a 13 year old son who is studying to attain his black belt in karate he is very good and the best thing is he understands that the dojo is a sporting arena and the streets are very different, keep up your excellent seminars I enjoy passing your knowledge on to my son and daughter and I hope they do not have to use them but if they are put into a situation where they are in danger they have the tools to get themselves out of it safely.

  21. Friggin wonderful! thanx for the illistration i got it! I know a little karate but that made perfect sense.

  22. Thanks….I would have never thought of this…at the range my gun is held arm bent….but not at my side…next time I go shooting I will try this idea…as it makes great sense.

  23. I like that, I have practiced this and it does work well,besides if you practice enough you will find that shooting your weapon at close range for you placesd it at the right height for your oponent to receive the maximum hits. Remember this is not the old west where you stand 20 paces from each other and draw you weapon

  24. After training in disarming weapons I will takt t he weapon before they can shoot. You have about 3/10 of a second to take there weapon before they can pull the tigher This technique requires years of split second training and a lot of muscle memory. Thx for your info