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Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It

Does Crime Pay?

Polite society likes to ignore some simple facts associated with crime. Take this one for example; We are raised hearing the mantra that “crime doesn’t pay.” Wrong. Crime does pay. It pays pretty well too.

Some might say it’s one of the best-kept secrets in personal finance, except it’s not a secret. It’s just a fact that makes a lot of folks uncomfortable, so they pretend it’s not true. So what’s my point? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you quit your day job and go knock off a liquor store.

Here’s The Real Lesson

If every criminal got caught the first or even second time they committed a crime, we would very quickly have them all locked up! The reality is that only the bad or unlucky criminals get caught and locked up, and many of those that do get locked up use prison as a place to hone their skills.

Once they’re back on the street, they are even more skilled. That means that if you are targeted by a criminal you must assume you’re going up against a pro. You are more than likely NOT their first victim. They have a plan, they know how to get what they want, and they even know how to get away with it.

They Feed On Our Fear

Frankly, they’re used to winning. Most people shrink when faced with a hardened criminal (or any criminal for that matter). Fearing for their safety, they nervously give the criminal what they want. Criminals thrive off the fear of violence. Violence is their business and they know it pretty well.

If you are reading this then this probably isn’t new information, but it’s easy (even for those of us who aren’t naïve about crime) to get lulled into a false sense of security. The completely naïve think that they are pretty much safe all the time.

Overconfidence Can Work Against You

Others think that because they are aware of crime and have thought about what they would do (maybe they even carry a self-defense weapon) that they are prepared. I’m not here to pass judgment on anyone, but there is a fine line between confidence and a dangerous level of over-confidence.

Remember, many criminals are very good at what they do. You need to train to survive a confrontation with a pro, not a beginner. You have to train to beat the best, so take your defensive training seriously.

Ask Yourself This

If you carry a weapon, when was the last time you trained in drawing and deploying it? Weapon or not, when was the last time you threw a few punches? Do you know how to transition from a weapon to bare hands in case of a malfunction (for firearms) or loss of control of an edged or blunt-force weapon?

Even masters have to go through the motions to keep their skills sharp, so set aside some time each week to practice. Keep your skills sharp, because when it hits the fan you never really know what you’re going up against. You could be facing anything from a rookie who’s all talk or a seasoned pro, and you definitely do NOT want to find out which you are facing the hard way.

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434 thoughts on “Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It”

  1. Excellent material. Vividly brought to mind in my immediate area last week. Local law enforcement raided a house and arrested the occupant when the interior was found to be filled with loot from literally years of burglaries in the area. Many of which had been committed while the homeowner was home. The burglar was known in the area and had lived there for years.

  2. I started training hand to hand when I was 15. The longer it trained I found out I was starting as one of the older kids in class. As I got older I new I had to train harder then most to keep up with the bad guys because I found out that they had keep training when I went to work & when I was teaching my kids how to handle themselves in school. For the younger guys when you have no time to train find it or before you know it you will be like I was out of shape & way behind on training. It is very hard to start when you are older.

  3. This has me on the edge, I live in a rural area, but I work in a larger city that I used to live in. I understand the things that I hear the guys that still live there tell that happen in the city. They don’t send their children to school wearing flashy clothes or cool gym shoes, They keep a low profile.

  4. I keep a couple of machetes about 18 inches of razor sharp steel around and have some butcher knives in kitchen also sharp. Then there is allways The hammer lying around or the broom. Don’t know but think that if they arenot expecting cold steel they may be put off when facing it.
    Often use the machetes to cut weeds and grass from under electric fence,, so am used to slashing with them. Sort of like the cavalry saber. That way the edge slides and slices. Then there is the cast iron frying pan.

  5. While it is true to be prepared a person with a disability is vulnerable to all kinds of predators so be at the ready be prepared in any case do your best be the best witness you can be .Practice anyway how does he dress head to toe scares or Tates etc.

  6. How very true! Watching, from time to time, many closed circuit TVs of shopkeepers being robbed and in most cases the perps getting away with it, I often wonder had the victim/s been prepared, or even thought a little quicker, they might have been able to “turn the tables” so-to-speak… What if the victim had simply handed over the cash or till-tray or whatever, and waited until the crim had taken the cash and turned to go away, then the victim had sprung into action taking the perp by surprise, and hit him with a hidden baton or perhaps used that secreted handgun to halt or slow the invader up…the idea being if the supposedly “timid, meek and mild” store=-attendant retailiated when least expected, the crim might no get away so easily. Many times I’ve read where the “victim” turned the situation around by unexpectedly fighting back – even in one case by actually throwing goods off a shelf at a cowardly thug!
    Thank goodness, however, the crime situation here in Australia, although bad in the big cities, isn’t anywhere near as bad as in the States!

  7. Your admonish is right on. While I have had extensive training, I am also an elder. I subsequently do not take anything for granted. Mental training is more important than most realize, and should get as rigorous attention as any other training. Being alert can save lumps and danger. Everyone must know their limits, however, and make sure they maximize all they do.

  8. I absolutely agree. The best way to defend yourself in the world today is to be able to be offensive. You have to first be willing to expire the aggressor, and second you really have to know how best to do that. This is one of the many reasons i follow everything you post.

    Yours truly

  9. It’s very true what you have said. And it’s very true that to really be prepared you need to be in shape and we’ll train to defend yourself at all times

  10. Your rjght I trained and found training has not gonev away tktly my neighbor came over when I was napping before I got my eyes open my 9mm was in my hand and pointed his way.need to brush up on a few things but at least my brain and body have not forgot everhthing

  11. Never heard a more true and frank blog. You’re dead right about the mongrels out there that see it as their right to prey on the honest and generally unprepared public. We work bloody hard for what we get then some low life reckons that they should have it! See it every day and am waiting for the time they come to my place. As you say, be as prepared as you can because they sure as hell will be, even the most useless of criminals are a big threat when they’re nervous and under pressure. Bad news if they have a firearm!
    In my 60’s now but still rehearse for that unexpected event.
    Cheers for the blog,

  12. I will fught if they don’t have a weapon.If they do I will give up what ever they want but I will not forget hus face if I see it.Then when I see him again,he will wish he never ran into me.

  13. Great information. Yes, I practice regularly with multiple items for self defense, as I always carry several different types of self defense tools.
    I do know what you’re talking about as far as those who actually end up in prison. Most are those who didn’t know how to cover their own butts or just plain got sloppy. I do also know that the most successful criminals inhabit a city called Washington D.C.. And as long as they make the rules, none of us are completely safe, so arm up and practice regularly. Your life depends on it.

  14. Let’s see where do I start with this one first off prisons for profit hasn’t helped the very first thing they did was to kill any and all training that would help them when they get out of prison and let’s not forget that a lot of people aren’t even making a liveable wage and what do people do in tough times they turn to crime it pays better then a minimum wage now I am not making excuses for them it’s just in human nature and due to are politics and economy it’s going to get worse period everyone has that survival instinct it’s in all of us it’s up to us to decide the best way to survive sincerely Travis Cole founder and ceo

  15. You are right. Constant training is the key, and so is constant vigilance of everyone and everything around you. It is also important to know what you can use as a good weapon in any situation from the things that are readily available to you in an instant. These things could mean the difference between life and death.

  16. very interesting…yes I do no all the scumbags that lurk around my surrounding area. A lot of illegals are here. I am a good shot but I have learned some good techniques to use if bothered by anyone. Solar plexuses. instep, nose and groin. Some good ones for the women who think they are badasses too. I don’t know how the out come would be but, I would not go down easily. My instructor says I could hold my own.

  17. Practice is essential. Making yourself not a target is vital. I ride my Harley to work most every day and it’s absolutely amazing at the amount of people who are clueless to their surroundings. Driving, walking whatever they are simple targets for anyone because they have no perception due to their inability to not use their little electronic gadgets. I rarely have anyone screw with me because I chose to be aware of my surroundings at all times. Maybe being a biker for over 46 years gives me a different advantage. Pay attention or die. Same when I’m not riding, I’m watching everyone around me. Criminals still like easy targets. Few prefer a challenge, that’s a fact. But there’s always the stoned or stupid one that comes around. If provoked be blunt, abrupt and extremely aggressive. Period

  18. FIght Fast is a good site and supplier…always offering new, and sometimes repeat, systems and tools. I’ve purchased many of their videos and they are always informative and easy to follow, and confirm, and remind me of, much that I learned in the Army and later learned to modify for civilian life to be just as effective but less lethal. I civilian life, you want to buy time, or stop (not necessarily kill) aggressors, just long enough for you to protect yours and get away safely to live another glorious day and survive any new challenges without creating them for yourself in the process of defending yourself.

  19. Bob: I’m 62 years old, live in a rural community in So. Utah, I carry 24/7, I just finished guiding elk hunters for 14 days at 9000 plus ft. altitude, was the oldest man in camp and put all of them to shame, even LEO’s 14 years my junior, I work out daily, am constantly aware of anyone near me or my wife, and am 6’4″ tall, weigh 200# and look meaner than hell, those anywhere around me steer a wide birth, I make it a point to make them feel like their very existence is endangered. I do read your articles and have enjoyed some of your videos, however I just don’t seem to ever get the opportunity to use your techniques as no one so far has wanted a piece of me or any one else in my presence so far but I keep hoping that maybe some fool might make the mistake of not realizing their limitations. Steve

  20. Crime most certainly pays big. Some of the worst criminals in the country are leaders in Washington, DC. They have practiced their trade for decades and they feel invincible because they have never had to pay for their felonies and misdemeanors.

  21. I think your advice is excellent for the U.S.
    In Canada, and especially in Manitoba, there are some neighourhoods where ‘bad guys’ would stand out so conspiciously, that they just don’t come here, and prefer safer (for them) neighourhoods to target, and the Police response would be so swift, that the chances of them being caught quickly are excellent, and being in remand awaiting a bail hearing or trial, is a really horrible experience, so in soime neighourhoods we can feel safe.

  22. Actually I don’t live in a neighborhood. I’ve already made steps to get away from general population. I am armed up, have lots of mre meals, beans, only eat venison and bear and elk for meat. I live in the woods. I have a lot of stuff prepared for the worst. I worked behind a gun counter for years and hand load my ammo. This is the country where there is very little crime because everyone in these mountains have many guns and know how to use them. I am a 2nd Amendment advocate. I know some of the best hand gun trainers there is. I’m not an expert by any means. That is why I wanted more knowledge from you. I have a friend here that is the grand master of hojitsu Royu. Jeff Hall. Have you heard of him. He teaches, marines, seals and so on. He is scary amazing. I am all about fightfast. I am a high end knife collector and always have a neck knife and horizontal belt knife karambit on and pistol. I think I can do ok. I have never had to shoot anyone. But I have had to defend myself a lot, As I was a fighter growing up. I am all in. Love you guys! 🙂

  23. I was a rural police officer for 21 years and had to learn to work without backup. I was no John Wayne, but I learned to survive violent confrontations. It took a while but I had some good mentors. I studied and taught defensive tactics for 20 years, before the military, during and after I entered law enforcement.. I fully believe that the best defensive tactic to avoid having to use it. However when pressed I have no compunction about striking first and hard whether hand to hand or with weapons, especially to protect myself, my family or an innocent.

    You are absolutely right, smart criminals rarely get caught. Mostly because they don’t do stupid things to get caught and they don’t talk. Most of the stuff survivalist talk about it B.S. and won’t help in a violent confrontation. Most fights last less than two minutes and if they last more than one minute usually both combatants come out with injuries or worse.. Surprise and stealth are the two best weapons a person can have. Nearly anything can be used as a weapon if a person uses their imagination. Ask anyone who has spent time behind bars.

    Staying fit and continuous training are necessary if you are going to survive an attack, which may not come from a smart criminal. It is usually the stupid or desperate person you have to watch out for first. Being prepared is being alert and knowing your surroundings. If you don’t know your surroundings then you should be on yellow alert all of the time and get to a safe place.

    I am 64 years old, I have slowed down some, but I am still training my grandsons personal defense. I hope they never have to use what I have taught them. One of my sons was attacked by a 250 lb teenager with 6 inches of height on him and took in out in a heart beat. He went to the defense of one of his students. He got sick of the school system that protected violent kids and joined the military. Now he is about to come home and I’m sure he will become my teacher rather than my student.

    Be prepared.

  24. I was just ranting about our supposed “civilized” culture. At any given time now we are 3 days from a total breakdown of society. Make up your mind now whether you will do all you have to do to protect your family.. .or are willing to die for some thug to take whatever they want.

  25. Well you are right. Where I live there are very few people that live around here that you see.
    I have gotten a little old so I do not depend on
    Fighting. I keep my guns in different places in
    The house. Lights around the house. However i am good with my guns and will stake my life on
    That. If I loose I loose . But the first one thru the door is going to need A Body Bag after that well what’s goes down is draw of the cards. I put my money on me. Can not say what I have its legal
    But should do the job.


  27. I am a 74 yr old and not in good shape because of illness. I think I have a better chance with a gun or knife, than Fighting Fast. I am careful of my surroundings and where I walk and park. I usually never go out after dark.

  28. I agree with you on this situation100%. I’m one who has been taken for a ride on the loony train. So now I know more but had to learn the hard way. I’m a ex Army Green Beret. I thought my past experiences and training would stay on point for ever. Now I have learned that I still have to train as I did, almost 20yrs ago. That’s to keep myself mentally and physically sharp and on to stay on point. Thanks LOVE your articles an training tips helps me refresh my memory a bit. Keep them coming, you are doing a Great job.

  29. I agree even if they are caught they release them early because of over crowding you have no idea what’s going on out there I am a wheelchair defendant handicapped man I have to ride in it wherever I go so your damn right I’m packing more than just one weapon I am always afraid that I’m seen as an easy target so I try to keep prepared for what may come

  30. I have a 20 gauge shotgun and won’t hesitate to use it. I used to be in the police dept and have been certified on many different guns, and have many guns all over the house hidden. I am retired now and intend to play music now

  31. It is a shame that law abiding citizens have less rights and abilities than criminals. I lost my wife September 22, 2016 after a long fight with cancer. Then less than a week after her funeral my car was broken into and vandalized. I made a report and called the insurance company and to my surprise nothing could be done other than that. So another dirt bag got away with a crime with no repercussions. Evan though every person in the neighborhood knew who did it. Knowing it and proving it is two very different things. Its just a shame.

  32. I do practice drawing my knife and getting into a defensive position. I also shadow box and, admittedly, need to exercise. I need to increase endurance and strength without a doubt.

  33. I realize that one must be vigilant, and have responses to violent attacks. Not everyone has the time or inclination to train to be a deadly street-fighter, though, particularly older people. The TRS lessons are supposed to be designed to not require a lot of training.

  34. My wife and I are both 70 years Young and we are all buy are shelf out here there isn’t much we can bo to stop a group of bad guys all I can do is take out A’s many as I can No group of people to organize anything out here they stay to them self l Gus I have not lived out here long enough only here 6 years.any thoughts? Larry

  35. You are correct number all points.
    My issues are that I have had a big batch of neck and spine surgeries.
    Throwing punches would be difficult but I would do what I have to do. Punches may be the last thing fot me.
    I sure ad hell wouldn’t give up!

  36. And thats why our brains are weapon one…it only takes alittle perception to see all the outcomes…always be ready to take it to the level needed…are you really prepared to hurt break a bone or cut a fool..if you get the opportunity to de escalate, always go there…convince ur adversary its a losing game..these are not the droids you are looking for…but if they really mean harm, you dont have a choice….enjoy ur sparring partner..they volunteered!…yes im a woman…valkyrie…godspeed…

  37. You are so right! Crime does pay, and the criminals do get away with it, and when they are finally caught – the blame everybody, but themselves! This is why I believe in the death penalty for the career criminal. A Good Career Criminal is
    a Dead Career Criminal!

  38. Having worked in the business of security and protection for many years, I have learned, used, & taught many of the techniques you explain. I also am always open to learning more and have found quite a few “New” things on your website that have been found to be very useful!
    Please continue the great work!!

  39. I do practice deploying my weapon regularly. I was walking to my substance abuse class the other day and i came damn near pulling my cold steel ti lite on a little bitty ankle bitter dog than caught me by supprise and startled me. I turned to face this ambush and had my hand on the handle. I thought a pit bill was chargeing me for a second! Lol. I never allow myself to be overconfident, and i keep my mind exerciseing basic unarmed combatives to keep these simple tools quickly accessible.

  40. well I think that you hit the hot button , from my experience I feel that over confidence is a bigger real problem than most think it is. Talking about a confrontation is way different than being in the middle of one… Recently a younger man than myself asked me why I trained at my age , My response was I might be almostt 80 years old but if I have 10 minutes left to live its my damn 10 minutes so dont try and take it away from me . I know Iam not as fast and might even be counted as slow by some but that slow is trained slow and hopefully will count as as a surprise to the badguy . As a former Marine I know that you have to be ready but keeping that guard up is hard to do day in and day out.. I have done what I can do to protect my home and wife of 60 years , she knows what to do and we practice those moves at least 3 times a month. We live in ac remote location and I feel it is no more safe than the city in many ways . Proper lighting and warning systems are employed here , if the grid goes down Im still up and running , with the addition of two trained dogs it that gives me an edge but dogs can be taken out also. Ovrer confidence is a killer.. I also keep up with the known crimes in the area , I dont know if that helps or not . But keeps up of activity here bouts … At my age I am an automatic target and know it So being aware is part of the program . Thinking you are aware can be an over confidant trap as well though . And all of us are human and you cannot live your life constantly in fear . I have plans for the future and at my age many may not ever see the light of day but part of life is living it . Thanks for the reminder Bob ..

    Dude McLean

  41. I carry everywhere it is legal. I practice 3 or 4 times a week with L.A.S.R and a couple times a month at the range. I have taken several handgun defensive classes. I tried edged weapon training.
    I have a bad back. My knees have 10s of thousands of hard miles on them. I can no longer go one on one with or out run anyone. I try to know what is happening or about to happen around me. I do not live in fear, I just like being prepared, but my resources are limited.
    So where do I go from here?

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