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Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It

Does Crime Pay?

Polite society likes to ignore some simple facts associated with crime. Take this one for example; We are raised hearing the mantra that “crime doesn’t pay.” Wrong. Crime does pay. It pays pretty well too.

Some might say it’s one of the best-kept secrets in personal finance, except it’s not a secret. It’s just a fact that makes a lot of folks uncomfortable, so they pretend it’s not true. So what’s my point? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you quit your day job and go knock off a liquor store.

Here’s The Real Lesson

If every criminal got caught the first or even second time they committed a crime, we would very quickly have them all locked up! The reality is that only the bad or unlucky criminals get caught and locked up, and many of those that do get locked up use prison as a place to hone their skills.

Once they’re back on the street, they are even more skilled. That means that if you are targeted by a criminal you must assume you’re going up against a pro. You are more than likely NOT their first victim. They have a plan, they know how to get what they want, and they even know how to get away with it.

They Feed On Our Fear

Frankly, they’re used to winning. Most people shrink when faced with a hardened criminal (or any criminal for that matter). Fearing for their safety, they nervously give the criminal what they want. Criminals thrive off the fear of violence. Violence is their business and they know it pretty well.

If you are reading this then this probably isn’t new information, but it’s easy (even for those of us who aren’t naïve about crime) to get lulled into a false sense of security. The completely naïve think that they are pretty much safe all the time.

Overconfidence Can Work Against You

Others think that because they are aware of crime and have thought about what they would do (maybe they even carry a self-defense weapon) that they are prepared. I’m not here to pass judgment on anyone, but there is a fine line between confidence and a dangerous level of over-confidence.

Remember, many criminals are very good at what they do. You need to train to survive a confrontation with a pro, not a beginner. You have to train to beat the best, so take your defensive training seriously.

Ask Yourself This

If you carry a weapon, when was the last time you trained in drawing and deploying it? Weapon or not, when was the last time you threw a few punches? Do you know how to transition from a weapon to bare hands in case of a malfunction (for firearms) or loss of control of an edged or blunt-force weapon?

Even masters have to go through the motions to keep their skills sharp, so set aside some time each week to practice. Keep your skills sharp, because when it hits the fan you never really know what you’re going up against. You could be facing anything from a rookie who’s all talk or a seasoned pro, and you definitely do NOT want to find out which you are facing the hard way.

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435 thoughts on “Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It”

  1. Sweetheart,with all the training I have been thru,I am not scared.if a crook wanted to be crazy enough to try it would be thier last mistake.

  2. I agree that we need to be confident but not overly. I’m a former. Marine. grunt Vietnam Era. I have faced death more than once. I’ve made 3 static line jumps at 3000 feet. I was training in the martial arts for 2 year’s. I have been a. Trucker for 26 years and have been to all 48 states and Canada. Recently had double knee replacement and left hip also. I’m able to get around like a 34 year old. I’m 64.Im sold on fightfast and believe in it whole heartily. I try to be prepared for any situation. I’m adding some high tech. To my old school knowledge. Let’s be Americans good citizens and defend ourselves with what ever it takes. God Bless America and Israel!!!

  3. Thank you for supporting the Second Amendment rights. I like your products and training blogs & videos. Keep me posted on your promotions. Thanks again, Diego Triana

  4. When I was young I would get mad, people say they would see red HaHa that was the color of my hair.I would be all over them swinging and kicking so much I was proble hiring and kicking myself.When I was in basic training our platoon split into columns of 2 to pass another platoon their guide was tripping our people with his flag pole I looked to my left there was a big dude so I let him eat my right, then moved on in kicking and swinging the odds were 80 to 1 but I did not know another Marine had followed me in now it looked like I had the advantage odds 40 to 1 that day I learned to never loss my temper, Berry and I made a good show though bloodied they never took us off our feet.

  5. The only problem I see with getting professional training is that it can be used against you in a court of law if you did something outside of your training. This can be troublesome for the best lawyers to defend against. The question as to why you acted outside of one’s training will be asked. How the question & follow up questions are answered could mean the difference between winning & losing the fight in court. Naturally, we do not have to testify in court. If there is an aggressive prosecutor that paints the picture that you are some kind of vigilante and acted in a manner inconsistent with your professional training then you will definitely find yourself in a pickle. You may have saved your life or that of a loved one but will you be able to save yourself from going to prison for doing it. It is a real toss-up. Something people should know about when taking training classes from a professional.

  6. Bob, your warning is appreciated. Criminals often look for a particular type of individual; i.e., they’ll “size-up” someone based upon their appearance, walking and body movement, a vulnerable victim, someone they perceive to be weak with a low chance of resisting confrontation. They may mot always be right. Some guys and ladies are better trained, better equipped and mentally tough than they expect. And, to give them a run for their money. That’s why I bought a few of your products. I bought items that don’t appear to be threatening or, obviously look like any type of weapon; e.g., the cane and the short “musical instrument” stick that would deliver a serious blow in the right spot. Also, the more concealable item, the ball cap. It’s harmless looking but, can provide a nasty surprise if and when necessary. I prefer to deliver an unexpected surprise than show my hand. Knives, one I’ve bought, and a fold-able tool kit have more of a weapon-like appearance. In my view, as a short, older man I prefer a more subtle, unexpected means of defense rather than flashing a weapon. Nothing wrong with having a 9mm handy, or a sword. But, I like easily disguised, hidden and items ready to deliver a punch that will allow me to turn things around fast. Then, I can take out my knife. Furthermore, cops are always afraid and suspicious of someone who appears to be armed to the teeth. It causes them to do auto inspections, demand somebody empty their pockets, etc. Why arouse suspicion unnecessarily from either a criminal or a cop?

  7. Crime does pay, you’re right about that, it pays with our money and property. I have a concealed carry permit, and I never leave the house without my 9mm pistol. I also carry one of your Enforcer knives in my hip pocket, clipped to my pants, just in case I need it. I don’t take chances with my safety, or the safety of my loved ones.

  8. You asked for a comment well , here be it I grew up fighting but I read all your all your blogs and your emails. I’ve learned a lot from both. Spent time serving our country and have been on the streets but know you can learn a bunch more from you . Well I’m always listening keep up your great work and thank you Nick

  9. It’s a good thing to be prepared both mentally and physically. I have trained for quite a while and I have bought many of your EDC equipment. I have several of the stilettos I have a couple of karambits which by the way is a very wicked. I’ve even got the straw and a few other things. I’m prepared. And hopefully hopefully physical confrontation will never happen and I don’t think anybody ever wants it to happen one thing I was taught by a former Green Beret was that anybody who wants it is a fool. I thank you very much for everything you do for all of us it’s a good thing thank you Robert and

  10. I like to remain humble. I am strong, but I also know I haven’t over exerted myself physically in a while. That’s I why I rely on my adrenaline spike, never fails me. It saved my ass against my ex when I punched him the face in front of his grandma, after he shoved me. She said he deserved it btw, in case if anyone is wondering lol. But I learned how to throw my weight around along time ago, I don’t rely on my strength. Cause against someone larger than me and male, I’m 120-130lbs(it fluctuates) 5’3″, MY strength will mean nothing. I never underestimate my opponent because I know what happens to them when they underestimate me. But regardless, I like to spar with my friends once in a while just to keep in touch with what I know I can do.

  11. Oh,btw, my point was, if someone is offering teasing of any sort, I always find it wise to keep their teachings in mind. You can only grow from gaining more knowledge. I find it to ignorant to think one doesn’t need anymore information. In order to assess your situation properly, you must father the data of your current environment. So gather more techniques means more options for handling one’s current situation.

  12. What you’re saying about preparedness is vitally important. Since the COVID shutdown, we’ve had at least 5 break-ins in my area. Also, since I’ve had some rather strange incidents happen on my property, I’ve taken security precautionary measures for home protection. I’ve also picked up several different weapons from you guys. What you’re offering now appears to be really vital. I’ll be investigating that as well. Even though prior military…US Air Force and US Navy, I was never taught any close quarters type self defense. I had to take such courses like Judo, Karate, and Aikido on my own dime. Even so, it’s been years since I’ve practiced any of those skills. And it’s been years since I’ve fired a gun either a rifle (M1 or M16), .45, or 9 MM…all in the military…some 40 years ago. I hate the fact that there are criminals…especially the ones who get away with it from the top levels of government on down. It’s despicable, yet sadly too prevalent! Thanks for all you do…and thanks for posting the many positive comments.

  13. We live in a small village of 1000 just 5 miles west of Fairbanks, Alaska. One day on a break at work I looked at the sex offender registry and they were then 3 offenders here, one just a mile from our home, forced sex. The other 2 are home contractors who I will never hire. The other guy moved. A neighbor where my then new husbands house was on the river slept with his step daughter, consensually, but she was not 18 so it’s rape. He later committed suicide, he had been my Auto-Cad instructor, which I no longer use being retired landscape architect. By and large this area is populated with those holding advanced degrees, most PhDs, I have 2 masters, 3 certificates, and will again enter school in the fall for a MS Arch.
    It was good to know this information. We had a small granddaughter at the time but could be corralled in our yard. We can’t even see our neighbors for all the woods, land between us, all retired.
    I attended the Trooper Academy for the Alaska State Troopers in 1992. I did environmental enforcement thus was never armed. I don’t even own a gun, my husband inherited his fathers rifles and shotguns, bird hunter, and has some antique guns, one a WWII German handgun, but they are locked up, never fired. I own a shotgun, never fired, no slugs, just to rack the slide if someone broke in. Effective.

  14. I’m just a Florida boy living in the redneck Riviera. Small town USA getting crazy too. These thugs ain’t got no respect for Life property or anything else, so you best be getting some self-protection cuz one day you going to need it.

  15. Let’s just say this…if anybody is stupid.enuff to my home.while I’m here…they gonna for a big bang…im mean surprise

  16. Bob I have been enjoying read your post and watching your videos . I have learned a lot. I need all the training and knowledge I can get to live in this new world we are living in. So please keep them coming. I read every email and post

  17. It has been a while for any of that type of training. I gad gine thru a serious accident that left me with 8 broken ribs on my right side #4 thru 11. The skilled radiologists even after months said had broken 5 and 2 were nonunion. At a year I saw a surgeon he said broken 8 and 5 nonunion surgery was needed which they rebroke 1 that was not lined up and left the bottom #11 flooting still having problems with that one. That has been going on 3 years this July.
    So no I havent been doing much traing

    Thanks I needed to vent some and now we are quarantined because my better half tested positive for Covid 19 and I tested negative.

    Thanks again for all you great works.
    William M

  18. I want to say thankyou to you bth and all of my heroes who served and now help all old veterans I’m 64 I am to try and live with dignity with this Covid stuff our own governments failed at holding up laws to protect us because in the last three months I’ve lost my life I had the government took my home took my guns sent me to jail twice my wife took my sort by stealing from me n gone but even sleeping at rest stops under rental trucks I had the protection f my free knifes my water purification device my torch lighter rope cord and at that I thank you both owners and assistants at fight fast for giving me the confidence n equipment to survive all the videos nhelp was terrmendous until I came u against criminals and more then one pushed my room door open at 330 am my beloved cat ran out and I didn’t have my knife an froze I did stole my litte money becasue I didn’t listen to bob n my skill set wasn’t there I was put in the street well no more shelter so I quit living still look for my cat now but I started back looking for fightfast articles and bam here it is they it together a corse that I think will allow me to look at myself in the mirror as a man not an old picece of shit I’ll never repair my heart for losing Stubbs but if I find him I owe it all to bob n fightfast for my life I’ve been with them for awhile,great group of men and human beings this is long comment but nylon enough for this group so I’m going but when I finish this course and do what’s must I’ll write again but I thank you fightfast men all of the only true American men and god bless tim


  20. Bob….FightFast…..thank God for guys like you …your insight on good vs evil is very much appreciated in times like these…I look forward to learning and training to protect myself and others during the fight for the good of mankind….

  21. Always remember do not bring a knife to a gun fight.
    I was car jacked by a man with a knife.
    He was not successful. Richardson Tx
    Filed attempted murder charges against me for defending myself with a pistol. The Cheif of Police said there would not have been a problem if I did not have that gun. Yes your right. I would be dead and you would not know who killed me. Case File closed. He made no response back. That would have been a fact. Who really cares about You!

  22. Bob,

    This is exactly why I have bought all my secret (weapons) from Fight Fast and TRS. I used to be the guy that didn’t need a reason to fight. I find myself trying to avoid the fight since I’m older and don’t heal as quickly as I used to. I train in close quarter combat were its get-in, get-out and use whatever is around.

    US Army Combat Veteran

  23. The criminals would not make it out alive where I live if they tried to come here. I live in Onalaska Texas. I am a former active duty Marine Vietnam Combat Vet. I train everyday in my own fighting style and go to the range to keep myself in practice with firearm or knife. The people in my area would never put up with the BS that is going on in the democrat cities.

  24. What I have come to realize over time spent in/on the streets and even in nice peaceful neighborhoods is that some people just are not equipped or made to be aggressive, i. e. fight or flight. Regardless of the amount of training or prep they do. Going to the range and firing case after case of ammo will not get them the real world experience. I’ve seen people lock up and freeze, some have even become mumbling idiots when faced with adversities. I, myself have had the horrible experience of facing off with a strong arm robber. We both went to the hospital. I guess what I’m trying to say here is, you either got it or you dont! By the way, I really dig everything that I have purchased, excellent quality! Really helped out in supplying me and my family’s bugout bags. Keep up the good work!

  25. Hi Bob, as you know our Law broken and weak, because I think the Law not protect good people. As you see some Democrats State release many criminal back on the street, so we can’t do anything about that.

  26. I will defend my home by any means necessary!! I’d rather be judged by 12, then be carried by 6—- BELIEVE IT!!!!

  27. I hear you. At 78 how many Jack Lalanes are their? Not me. I live in a rural state,Maine, and am concerned about spread of lawlessness. I read all you send. I am on verge of shopping for two 9mm pistols, two extra clips, & 100 rounds of ammo. Brought up with guns in the 50’s for hunting, not for defence then. Realize I would need training for survival. Thanks

  28. Bob, I’m just a regular ol 42 year old man who is on the verge of having to draw disability with my arthritis issues and degenerative cartilage issues but I have been fairly skilled in fighting and self defense all my life. I grew up in a rough neighborhood in the ghetto in Northwest Atlanta. I am a white guy and I can tell you that I was the minority in this town. I was picked on, abused and mistreated due to the fact that I was different. I got tired of it so I started training to defend myself. Needless to say it wasn’t long and folks started learning to respect me for me instead of mistreating me due to racial differences. My parents moved us away soon after due to the dangerous situation it became for us. Self defense is a must for all that are honest and hard working folks that want their families to be safe in the world we now live in. Bob, you have a great thing going here and I’m learning alot being in contact with your plans and programs. I am teaching my children to defend themselves in this world today and using alot of your skills and training programs to get it done. Your doing great Bob!!! Keep it coming Brother!! Your doing God’s work and We love ya Brother!!!!
    Thank you
    Peejay Southern

  29. Jason,
    You’re correct about the criminal and prison… Please, do not shy away, for I am a former criminal, ex-con so to speak, however I have completely turned my life around. You see, I gave up the life of boozing, druging, and all around criminal stuff. I got away with selling dope fore along time and when I did get caught I served my time in prison. Let me tell you, prison was enough to break me, I have now been sober and crime free since October 2015. Anyway, I keep getting off point because I do not to be falsely judged for my past, yes I was a real life piece of shit. When I was in jail, and then prison it was a school for honing up on your criminal skills and empire. You literally have nothing to do all day but sit around and listen to all the stories of why and how people got busted, and if you are the least bit intelligent you can put 2 and 2 together and you do not come up with 5 well then you can easily hone up on your skills. You learn where the hard ass cops patrol and where they do not. However, I decided that I was going to take another route, I was done getting into trouble, after nine felonies and 57 separate arrests I decided to go college while I was there this last time. And, before going home I even voluntarily put myself through a behavioral modification program.
    Now, I may not be able to ever legally own a firearm, and the criminal inside has me always sitting on edge, because I know. I know what it was like, I know how to spot them, I know that come November 4th our country is going to be a different America, bit you best believe that I am prepared for what is hiding just around the corner. I now have 2 babies, a wife, and a decent job. The first 2 I will protect up till my dying breath, the job well, lets just say I was looking when I found it, right.



  32. Thank you Bob for keeping us informed and updated on the many aspects of how to prepare for the many scenarios that we may encounter in life as well as the many great deals you offer your First Tier members. I have always enjoyed my receipts of the merchandise you have offered over the years. Always first tier.

  33. I say let them punks ass bitches bring it on, I am one American that keeps a arsenal of guns loaded in my home, Believe me I am a frim believer if they crash your home, shot them right in the baby Maker, so that will always remember you.

  34. People always think or believe they are prepared and say I would do this or that. But have never been put in a situation where they had to do this or that. So we need to train and practice for what ever comes you never know when or how things get bad and just try to be focused on what we can do in any situation we’re faced with.

  35. Sorry I am not a guy, I am an 81 year old widow. but that is not relevant. I was interested in your observations and agree with them, hope those unaware wake up before they need to have options they have not been thinking of. i Need to get going on a program of protection for myself. I believe your observations on criminals are right on. and most of us need to sit up and pay attention. I will be looking forward to any tips you send my way,

  36. Actually I didn’t know that. I do revisit the training videos and practice either alone or with my brother as he can benefit from it too, in order to keep the moves fresh in mind. I’m practicing right now as of this writing and really hope to explore my options, as far as fighting goes. Thank you.

  37. Like what you’re teaching, Bob. I’m the middle of four living generations of Vets, Army, Navy, Air Force. Going back to the Civil War, where my 6th Great grandfather served as a Union army surgeon. We heard the call. No regrets. Brother and I keep the family farm (compound, really) up and running. Can’t agree more about the importance of regular training. We’ve started each new generation out with the basics: fun camping, hunting & fishing trips that grew into responsible weapons ownership, resource management, and fieldcraft skills that gave us confidence in self and family. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Mitchell out.

  38. Oh yeah..
    I was talking to a sht yesterday about crime he pulled up homicide numbers so far in detroit the number is 319…I am here visiting and looking to find part time work.its unsafe and my close kin are still here.situational awareness is an absolute along with a combat mindset.its bad in Colorado too and getting worse

  39. Don’t sweat it, I grew up in Detroit Michigan and I am always ready.
    You can take the street kid out of the city, but you can never take the city out of the street kid.
    Plus I already know what is coming, if the socialist demon crats take control, the Republic is Dead.
    After they let the savages trash this country some more, then comes the invasion, it’s coming.

  40. I ounce had an altercation with a young criminal. He had to be stopped before he ran over shoppers because he was on a drug induced rage . what drug I don’t know but he needed his mind set straight before he killed. I yeld at him to please slow his actions.but that only started a reaction from him. We fought the police was called the police let him go and told me they could arrest me for starting the fight all because I used verbal words to the criminal. HELLO AMERICA and welcome to the new world order. Makes me so mad I could bust a walnut shell with my gums.

  41. Thanks for all the useful info you pass out on your site. Your products are definitely “Hot Stuff” I’m training right now with the Titan Knife I just bought and received last week. Keep it up. Also, thanks for supporting the constitution.

  42. I learned one thing the hard way. When someone pulls a knife or gun…don’t bother talking…strike first and strike the hardest you can. The only good bad man is the one on the ground in serous pain so you and your family can get away.. Call the cops when safely away.
    I am 68 years old and have been through several encounters that could have potentially gone bad if delayed.
    Even in a group…hurt a couple and the rest just magically disappear.
    The streets still belong to the people, NOT the punks.

  43. Dear Sir, I’m a 5th degree black belt , ahead to hand (level 3) ,and a retired lrrp. I truly believe l can hold my own.

  44. Preparation is always a sapient decision for anything. I wonder about how a well-prepared individual might “survive” a criminal and/or civil battle in the court system.

  45. Sir, being a cop over 24 yearsi know a thiing or two. i like what you do and would like to add to your arsenal. you have my email.

  46. I’m 63 with two types of cancer but still try and stay in shape and fight ready. I trained with seal team 5 back in my navy years and trained under a sensei and sifu after my navy time. I still believe I can defend myself and my wife if necessary. I enjoy fight training videos to remember some moves and learn new ones. Thanks for the information