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Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It

Does Crime Pay?

Polite society likes to ignore some simple facts associated with crime. Take this one for example; We are raised hearing the mantra that “crime doesn’t pay.” Wrong. Crime does pay. It pays pretty well too.

Some might say it’s one of the best-kept secrets in personal finance, except it’s not a secret. It’s just a fact that makes a lot of folks uncomfortable, so they pretend it’s not true. So what’s my point? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you quit your day job and go knock off a liquor store.

Here’s The Real Lesson

If every criminal got caught the first or even second time they committed a crime, we would very quickly have them all locked up! The reality is that only the bad or unlucky criminals get caught and locked up, and many of those that do get locked up use prison as a place to hone their skills.

Once they’re back on the street, they are even more skilled. That means that if you are targeted by a criminal you must assume you’re going up against a pro. You are more than likely NOT their first victim. They have a plan, they know how to get what they want, and they even know how to get away with it.

They Feed On Our Fear

Frankly, they’re used to winning. Most people shrink when faced with a hardened criminal (or any criminal for that matter). Fearing for their safety, they nervously give the criminal what they want. Criminals thrive off the fear of violence. Violence is their business and they know it pretty well.

If you are reading this then this probably isn’t new information, but it’s easy (even for those of us who aren’t naïve about crime) to get lulled into a false sense of security. The completely naïve think that they are pretty much safe all the time.

Overconfidence Can Work Against You

Others think that because they are aware of crime and have thought about what they would do (maybe they even carry a self-defense weapon) that they are prepared. I’m not here to pass judgment on anyone, but there is a fine line between confidence and a dangerous level of over-confidence.

Remember, many criminals are very good at what they do. You need to train to survive a confrontation with a pro, not a beginner. You have to train to beat the best, so take your defensive training seriously.

Ask Yourself This

If you carry a weapon, when was the last time you trained in drawing and deploying it? Weapon or not, when was the last time you threw a few punches? Do you know how to transition from a weapon to bare hands in case of a malfunction (for firearms) or loss of control of an edged or blunt-force weapon?

Even masters have to go through the motions to keep their skills sharp, so set aside some time each week to practice. Keep your skills sharp, because when it hits the fan you never really know what you’re going up against. You could be facing anything from a rookie who’s all talk or a seasoned pro, and you definitely do NOT want to find out which you are facing the hard way.

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434 thoughts on “Bad News: Most Criminals Get Away With It”

  1. Good!….i think this is very true…
    We…the general-public…have to remain
    Vigilant and sharp…

  2. It is very true Bob, some of our so called freinds and community are not what they seem. I am not saying live in fear just pay attention and be prepared. Good article, you all have a great day

  3. Although I am 80 years old, look 40, I still seem to emit confidence when in a confrontation,,,being a former S.A.S chappie probably is the reason..If a bunch of malcreants blocking the side walk with ( what they think is menacing demeaner ), I don’t veer left or right and walk firmly throuh the middle,,,It’s easy to pick out the ring leader and he is the one I aim for,.I havent carried a weapon in years but am toying with the idea of doing that again…COLIN

  4. Very well written & very informative. I do go to the gun range regularly & have several other weapons on me that I bought from you. I have a bullet in the chamber at all times & it is cocked & in a quick draw case

  5. So very true, a couple used to live just down the block from me. They didn’t expect me to carry a derringer so small that it fit in my shirt pocket. I know I can’t rely on it (I’m partial to my semi-auto anyway), you have to be aware all the time. Should that bush be moving? Things like that.


  7. Okay here we go. It sems that practice is key no matter what skill you wish to attain. That way you will know you limitation and develope
    Strategies to overcome them. Situational awareness in public is also key, Do not multitask when you are vulnerable to attack.

  8. I am not naive, I am ready 24/7,at home or away ! I have my house secure,no I am not saying a bad guy can’t get in,but I am saying he can’t do it with out me knowing it.My brother’s and I have a arsenal of weapon’s and ammo hid out in different place’s, but I have some ole raggedy shot gun’s, pistols nothing fancy, but they are hid out in different place’s in my home,my favorite and the closes one to me when in bed is ole 12 Ga.Double Barrel Shotgun Loaded Up With .00 buckshot and he is a bad boy,I got 10 more rounds on the stock and plenty more where they came from.You see I have six brother’s and I am the middle one and we have son’s, grandson’s and daughter’s and granddaughters and they know how to shoot ,trap and all good at Archery, we er-load our own ammo and that is everything except for 22’s and there just good to play around with.We all live in what I would call a family compound,the lane back to where we live is 3/4 of a mile.We have all been in different branches of the military and we have been preparing for the SHTF,for about 35 year’s. We also have a bug out plan in place the only problem is that we have to travail from our home’s,about 6 hour’s to Eastern Kentucky on 360 acre farm,our old home place that has been in our family since 1850,my oldest brother live’s there and keeps thing’s going and all 7 of us brother’s plus our many,many cousins on my dad side have not been raised as pampered brats and we did not raise our children as little pampered brats either.In other word’s Sir,we all are pretty confident we can handle most anything that comes at us! If we do have to bug out,we have pretty good plan in place to get to our ole Kentucky Home Place,we even hack a plane B and C in place if need be !
    Keep Safe,

  9. I am NEVER sure I can win in a confrontation with anyone. But I am sure I can do something to make him or her wish they found someone else to mess with. These guys are looking for the people who will not do anything to protect them self or their family. I will show them I will if I need to and that usually makes them think they need to go some where else. This takes practice to react this way. And if that doesn’t work I know enough about self protection to cause them a lot of pain so they leave my family alone. I credit a lot of this to Fight Fast training videos. Please keep it up. People do depend on your training. Thank you for the help.

  10. Yes sadly most criminals are better at what they do then the victims they pick. And years of street experience have provided them the ability to quickly read and size up potential victims. They have have had enough street experience that they have learned how to use violence, or the threat of violence to intimidate their prey. Now I agree that a false level or amount of overconfidence is dangerous and can get you killed. It’s very easy to deceive yourself as to what your abilities or combat skill levels are if you have only been in dojo or gym training exercises. Now don’t think I am putting down formal training and instruction. I AM NOT. It is in the gym, dojo or training field that we learn the basics, and develope self confidence, and muscle conditioning and proper mental attitude. But it is on the street, or in physical combat situations. Where you learn or find out what a real knock down, stomp their ass fight is like. Or the combat situation of kill or be killed, where everything is a weapon and you do what is necessary to survive. Training, the conditioning and learned responses to threats or attack till they are second nature is essential. Daily, even weekly training is necessary to maintain a level of peak physical fitness, as well as maintain the needed level of conditioning to respond to a threat or assault.

  11. Definitely true reminder. I train all the time to keep the mind of a vicious attacker but to use my training for defense only. The tactics that we use are deadly or very maiming. Nothing pretty about being the dead or injured party. Survival can get pretty nasty looking. Thanks for the reminder again.

  12. So… If a felon is killed in the commission of a crime and no evidence is left behind, AND there is no connection to them AND there are no witnesses? I guess no crime was committed.

  13. In my physical condition, it is hard to train. I mostly rely on my weapons and a few of the tricks that you have shone me.

  14. Hello friend! I know what you say is true. I am a disabled 63 yr old woman who lives alone. My resources are limited but I do have a machete under my bed. I have taken self-defense classes in my younger days. A criminal my get the best of me now but I will surprise the hell out of him. Maybe get away. ? teehe

  15. I am an older man. In my sixties. But I do remember things learned in the war and you have to look at everyone with suspicion. Your videos have taught me more things that are easier when you are older and also your self-defense products are GREAT. Keep up the good work and you are right.

  16. Informative as is most articles. You could use a proof reader, hah. It’s also good to remain loose, limber, relaxed in a way. Strike time and reactions get faster when muscles are not taught. Be aware, Be safe, Be alive Thank you looking forward to more.

  17. Very well said…i live in cardiff bay…and work nites as security/nite-concierge in a busy plaza..some of the assholes i have to deal with you would not believe…drugged-up…pissed..or just damn-right nasty…
    Don’t put up with it!…
    Show these punks who’s in charge!…
    Remember….if they get the better of you…
    They could kill you!….d

  18. Every year the law does more and more to protect the criminal and less and less to protect the people who pay taxes and try to do the right thing. we are not far from the wild west days.

  19. I try to constantly be alert to my surroundings and people around me at all times,you have to now in this day and age,situational awareness my late son use to say being an ex Marine.

  20. We live in a civilized society…….surrounded by many who are uncivilized. This is a great, not good site “FightFast”. I was thinking how good it would be to obtain the instruction that is easily offered here years ago, but at the time there was no easy way to obtain it. The training offered is commonsensical, simply demonstrated…very learnable. Everyone should look to the things taught here as a necessary discipline for a good foundation early on in life. I am older, but still fairly strong. I feel more vulnerable each day as age sets in. Not a nice feeling. I have learned several things here that give more of a sense of security than I had before. It feels good to have the knowledge. Like a education of sorts. I follow this site regularly and would not miss a post. Thanks, to the minds behind “FightFast”

  21. Thanks for this Article

    The world we live in is Dangerous and people in general have zero or no respect for there elders.

    I have three young sons and train daily but only would use force if I felt threatened or seen someone taking a liberty with someone unwilling or unable to defend themselves. Such an act has seen me bottled stabbed and due to fight fast I’ve still come out on top. And I truly believe that god spared me in the later.
    I teach my oldest son how to defend himself but always to choose walking away if and where possible and to stay in control as we can loose control during confrontation and I have been in serious trouble once for hurting some A hole who thought it was ok to beat on an old drunk gentleman.

    I’d rather chose life and to live in peace but agree fully that some people just don’t get paid or there sick kicks out of doing the same. Thanks again Jim

  22. Totally agree, I haven’t trained properly for years due to some troublesome injuries but I still knock out a few shadow boxing combo’s whenever I get the chance, it’s a great idea to keep yourself at a level no matter how hard it is, as you say Bob it could make all the difference when the shtf.

  23. I couldn’t agree more. Confidence could get you killed quicker than anything else. I’ve done been there and done that. Thanks for continueing to teach us. Your vastly appreciated.

  24. Your self defence tips are great, but remember that here in the U.K. It’s illegal to carry a self defence weapon! Sometimes you have to improvise…

  25. The real problem is not that criminals don’t get, they do. The real problem is in the justice system. Criminals in our country as a whole understand that when caught, it’s not the end of the line but a mere hiccup in the road. The prosecutors would rather get a simple and quick win/conviction, rather than spend time in court fighting for real punishment. Criminals learn the system and use it to their advantage and see no serious time in prison until after the 5th or 6th time in custody. Plea-bargains, probation requests, pre-trial time served and a host of our legal mombo-jumbo round out the broken scales of justice…What does this mean to the average good citizen? It means that the criminal that broke into your home or car when you were gone will serve very little time if any and will be back out on the streets to commit more crime, now a bit smarter from their last mistakes. So good people can no longer stand by and expect nothing will happen to them. You must learn skills and train to prepare for the inevitable…sooner or later you will become a statistic. Whether you are a survivor or a victim, relies on what quality of training you lean and how much you continue to practice to hone your abilities…This is what I have learned for the last 40+ years of a combination of military and law enforcement service. 4+ years retired, and I still continue to train…

  26. You are truly raising awareness! A lot of the thing you talk about, I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for the education . We approach these things with “it will never happen to me”

  27. Hey. I live in David, Panama and we had a neighbors house robbed just last week while the lady of the house was there. She had no idea it was happening until it was all over and the crook was gone. Our house was hit one night while we were sleeping (about 8 or 9 years ago) and they ran instead of risking a confrontation. I do carry and I do practice, but no one is perfect and each situation is unique. I try to be ready and in the mean time pray that it never happens. I really don´t want to shoot someone, but I certainly will to protect my family. I am an old Nam vet and had two tours over there so I know I can operate in stressful situations. Thank you for the good information your giving to the public. EVERY PERSON needs to know how to defend themselves and their families.

  28. My reply is very simple,I have security around my home,in my home,on me,in my vehicle’s and a strategy not many think about,if I hear something outside or inside my home,I never turn on a light,I know my home better than anyone else does.I also carry several different types of weapon’s and I am considered an expert in all of them.Now another thing I do not do and that is expose any weapon to impress or try to scare anyone,so you see if the scumbags attacts me or my family,they die,because I don’t say shit,I use which ever weapon I decide to use and the story is going to be told one way and that is my way ! I am not afraid to kill,I killed many people in Vietnam and I didn’t blink an eye aND hell all they were trying to do was kill me,because I to them was the scumbag ! Do you understand ?

  29. There were several very relevant thoughts listed. Practice is never a waste of time. It hones skills physically and mentally. Keeping sharp in both ways is productive. The only HIT i ever got was at school when I broke up a fight between 2 students. I leaned forward to separate them and my timing was bad. That was exactly when one of the kids threw a punch. I got nailed in the face. Fortunately it was not a hard hit. It devastated the kid and he was in tears because he had hit me. It made me realize that I needed to be more observant in situations like that. The issues were over immediately and both boys very sorry. I still took them, to the office and let the principal have a chat with them. They were Jr. High age and that can be a rough time in life. I taught school for 42 years. there were only about 4 or 5 times in those 42 years where there were some difficult situations, but I think that would be a good requirement for prepping for school. “what to do or how to handle a fight.”

  30. I think you don’t know my neighborhood and I don’t care anyways.
    Besides I prefer a gun. You see I’m old school.

  31. I have layered defenses around my house. my last ditch is a knife/sword/bayonet. I sleep pretty well.

  32. Unfortunately,true(MOST DO get away with it; look at “ROLE models”,who may or may not use ‘thugs’,&steal billions(&KEEP stealing)..better odds than playing lotterys. Train,be AWARE(&aware of what you CANT see,or,the ,”huh,IF Somebody REALLY DID..then..”;GAME out the POSSIBLES). Comments,some “talkers”,are “spot on”(who KNOWS if they’re JUST ‘talking’;)With a convincing performance ,maybe they Never have to “PUT UP or shut up”?./One point; Don’t count on Criminals LUCK,if you DO have to “Stop a threat,cold”;some of these Insurance programs,USCCA,,for instance;13 bucks a week?Cheaper than ANY jail time;REMEMBER,IF You WIN,the LAW SEEs YOU as the PERP (until convinced otherwise;that is the nature of the SYSTEM) .So,”do it yourself”,after-ward,ISN’T recommended;COPS here,years later,Caught by ‘loose lips remorse'(&BECAUSE they “did it themselves”,though it WAS”justified”,they are Still in jail). Law is ADMINISTRATIVE;justice is dropping the ‘creep'(friend??),who trys to hurt you or yours,in the darkness. &ALMOST ANYTHING can be a weapon.”Naked Kill”,is a good addition,if you never investigated it.

  33. I’m a 66 yr old woman and I can’t tell you threw my life the dirt bag I have encountered just recently I was leaving a 711 that’s right next to m residence in a nice neighborhood I said excuse me to two young people coming in as I was leaving the girl was verbally abusive and then her boyfriend they wanted to beat me up ! I just kept walking I have been verbally assaulted when I don’t give change I’m sure if I had man by my side I wouldn’t see half the S ive been subjected to over the years.

  34. I was injured in a racing accident years ago that left me partially paralyzed from the chest down. Even in the shape I am in I can still pickup on some things that could come in handy. I’ll have to admit that I rely mostly on my weapons that have come in handy a few times.

  35. im do not trust anyone,these days cause this world is domed to fall. i have a few weapon.but not trained.i.m afraid for my well my family.i want to learn how to defend myself in any situation..need your help..yours truly …jerry.

  36. Hi
    Just a comment about a previous technique regarding someone grabbing you. The one thing I noticed is that when someone grabs their fist is normally closed so grabbing their little finger or such like is probably not an option. Just wanted your thoughts. If that makes sense.

  37. I carry a tactical folding knife on each front pocket a folding razor knife on my left rear pocket a 4 inch boot knife in the center of my back clipped to my belt ,A set of 3 throwing knives on my belt right side as well as a 9mm with 17+1magazine. And an extra clip. I am very situationally aware of my surroundings at all times .I can shoot the wings of a fly at 20 yards .I am very well trained at self defence and have taken on 5 guys at a time in hand to hand combat. I can hit you center mass with all 3 throwing knives at 15 yards in under 10 seconds or 18 rounds center mass with the 9mm at 25 yards.

  38. Australia,particularly in the cities, is getting as hostile as the US.
    I train older people in self defence..pretty basic stuff given their age..and your in close, put down and run information is great.
    I,m 73 and ex NAVY ,it keeps me fit and focused, I try to instil the attitude and confidence into my people that they need not to be a victim.

  39. Bob, this is very very true. I am a Ranger and I see what are judicial system does, when we lock up the criminals,they go to jail or prison and and they have access to billions of books and weights, so they don’t get punished they get stronger and smarter and then they come back even tougher and wiser than when they were locked up the 1st time, so now your in twice as much danger as you were before, so now you need to trian even harder.

  40. Tthanks that meant alot to me and yes i have been watching the videos .i have learned a few more techniques . and i am very sutible with every thing .and i am refreshing my skills and i was going tof to stsrt tomorrow again and practice wwitfh my knives and wwhen i get to that level like you say no telling when you haveto use it im gonna start building my cardio up so in case there is morethan 1 i wil be good to go.

  41. I agree with you the world as we once knew it doesn’t exsist anymore. To think one is weak is a weakness in itself. Never underestimate your opponent. I’ve been in situations no normal person should ever be in. I AM HERE. Stand ready always 3 %

  42. I think this makes very good sense. We see in the news a lot of times a person not being indicted for a murder but someone involved in a domestic will serve time.

    What’s up with that!

    For the self defense, I’ve always told my wife and children when out in public always be aware of your surroundings.

    I don’t think any of us really know what we would do if confronted by an assailant.
    Those who train with self defense have an advantage .
    Those who Think and don’t panic have an even more advantage.

    Just because you have a cow dose not make you safe. You just might be carrying a weapon to be used against you and not for you.

    So yeah, take it from those pros that know; practice to be effective and efficient.

    Take care all and God bless.

  43. What you say is very true ,,the thugs are in most cases =95% are the ones in control,, that leaves the rest of us at there mercy. unless we try to keep in training, but most of ==us== have gotten lazy though our elderly years==im 62 and not in very good shape/ im retired-at 900 per mth. and I would probably say im not alone ..we have grate intentions at our age but very seldom do we try to change our lifestyles==so we become sitting ducks===.mentally and fiscally.. great intentions and doing are not the same thing ..