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Street Self-Defense: Recognize When, and When Not, To Shoot

If you carry a gun, you have to face the reality that someday you may find yourself in a situation where you must use your gun. Unfortunately, there are many people who never fully think this through. They were lucky enough to get a concealed carry license because they felt they needed it. However, they don’t practice and they don’t really think about what it will mean to actually use their gun in self-defense to shoot another person. Something not that easy to do.

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These are dangerous times. Almost anytime you are on social media or watching the news on television, you see them filled with criminal activity including muggings, robberies, school shootings, home invasions, etc. If this is not enough to scare you, then the general state of the world should. Terrorism, civil unrest, murder, these things have Read More

Finding food is one of the most essential survival skills you can have. Even though many of you are living snugly inside your home, when disaster strikes, there will be a lack of many things. This includes food shortages people, without the proper training and skills, are left hungry to fend for themselves. However, you Read More

Since I served in the Navy, Army, and Air Force I learned to survive situations at sea and on the ground. Preparing shelter is one of the most essential survival skills you can have. When it comes to civilians, there are two types of people in this world, those that prepare for the worst and Read More

First of all, Merry Christmas. If you can make it just one more week or so… …you will have officially survived 2020 — the hellish “Year Of The Dumpster Fire”, (although it’s hard to say if melting into the couch binge-watching Breaking Bad with chicken wings and a jumbo bag of Doritos counts as surviving). Read More

As some of you know, I spent many years as a Counterintelligence Agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and Army Military Intelligence. I have trained and worked with some of the best military and government agents in the world. During that time,I have conducted surveillance, counter-surveillance, intelligence collections, and protective services. During Read More