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Home Defense Do’s and Don’ts

I live in a really nice neighborhood, but four days ago my neighbor two doors away had 5 shots fired into his home. I was out walking my dog a few minutes before it happened. We have a private road next to my house with a small pond. This road leads to 3 of my neighbor’s homes. In the past year teens and young adults have been parking on the road near the pond to smoke dope and do other adult activities. After this incident, I have started calling the police and had 2 guys arrested while in possession of drugs just one day after this event. I plan to call every time I see them now.

But let me tell you what happened…

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Pankration, or sometimes pancratium, the Ancient-Hellene version of 21st-century MMA is often touted (rightly) as a forerunner of a sport so many of us enjoy today. Careful studies of the past can allow us to glean wisdom, both tactical and strategical, to be applied to our own game in the present.

As we weave our way through 2019 there are lots of things people are worrying about now: government shutdowns, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, concerns about the worsening economy, and worsening crime to name a few. This is a good opportunity for me to take a look at some practical urban survival techniques to stay safe Read More

As we so often do, let’s start with a quote: “Chance favors the trained mind.” – Louis Pasteur Oh, that’s a good one, one so worthy of repeating that we all have heard/encountered some version or variation of it in this or that business office or sundry Facebook status update. The truth of it is Read More

When learning self-defense you learn a lot of techniques, weapons, and skills that make up the system you are studying. Of the many techniques you learn, which ones are really the most important for close quarter combat? If you’re serious about learning how to protect yourself using the techniques you learn, then you need to Read More

I include this now illegal tactic for a bit of historical delving. First things first — Do Not Fire Kidney Punches in the Sport. What happens in a self-defense or street application is a horse of another color. Firing shots to the kidneys has likely been a feature of armed and unarmed combat since man Read More