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Self Defense for Your Home Computer by Derek Smith

In this article, I will provide you with 12 tips on how you can deal with security threats.

The internet is filled with many threats. For many of you, I probably don’t have to tell you the types of problems you can run into when it comes to computer and internet threats because you have already experienced many of them. Most of you have heard about internet threats, and perhaps due to a lack of education about computer security, do not take any precautions to protect your computers and other devices when working on the internet.

The web, as it is known today, is used to collect, store, and distribute information for commerce, for entertainment, and many other activities. There are also many companies, organizations, and individuals that either conduct business over or exist because of the internet. Hence, the inherent need to employ measures to deal with internet security threats that face both the companies and individuals daily when using the net.

Let’s explore the kind of threats and measures to take when on the internet.

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