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Man Skills: Secret Agent Man

Jimbo here bringing you a quick bio of yet another FightFast instructor.

On deck today is Derek Smith.

He’s served in THREE branches of the armed services — Navy, Air Force, and Army — which is very rare, (although I think my neighbor Ralph was booted out of all three branches, which is even more rare).

He was also chosen to protect the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Presidents (more than one)… and to perform the kind of undercover, counter-intelligence stuff that’d just plain scare the bejesus outta most mortal men.

I can’t even talk about the super-secret top-level government security work he was up to his eyeballs in. (Wait a second, I think technically I am talking about it now).

But it was classified stuff the government sometimes has to do, (and again, legally I can’t talk about the stuff that I’m talking about now).

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Many of you probably know that I served in the Navy as a Seabee, in the Air Force as a special agent in the Office of Special Investigations, and in the Army as a special agent in the Army Criminal Investigations Division. Additionally, I served as a Special Agent in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Protective Read More

Jimbo here to teach guys a new skill that will prove once-and-for-all that they still “got a set”, (without… you know… actually having to show them off and gross everyone out). So I ask you: Ever use a “cut-throat” straight razor? Most guys haven’t, (suggesting that men haven’t been men since the days of Al Read More

Military and law enforcement personnel prepare for danger BEFORE it happens. When it comes to self-defense, you should do the same because the time to prepare is before the need arises. I recommend that survival awareness, planning, and preparation become a part of your daily life. I am not talking about being paranoid; I am Read More

div id=”blog”> Jimbo here from the FightFast headquarters bringing you more “bam-bam he’s out” kinda tips.

When it comes to fighting and self-defense, your emotions play a significant role in how you will react. Most self-defense and martial arts classes don’t really get into the emotional aspect and those that do tend to limit their focus to a gross oversimplification of emotional response. But, beyond being scared or angry, what role Read More