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How To Tap Into Your Inner Warrior for Urban Survival

Since I was 17 years old, I have been in the military, law enforcement, or a private investigator. I have had to develop and depend upon my inner warrior, developed through years of experience and training, to get me out of some pretty intense situations. Each person is a unique individual capable of certain wonders, including you. Your mind possesses an inner strength that can help you become self-reliant so you can make clear and definitive decisions in a survival situation. For you to make good choices in a bad situation, you should delve deeply into yourself to know who you really are and develop your inner warrior fully. Here are some tips for doing so.

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The increasing crime rate is a good indication that people need to start becoming more conscious about self-defense. Every day, many crimes are committed against individuals. The need to protect oneself using more effective solutions are even more vital to ensure your safety. It is your responsibility to make yourself and your loved ones less Read More

This may surprise you, and it may not quite sound ethical or moral or just, but as a general rule, no one has a legal duty to come to the aid of another person in trouble, no matter how great the danger or simple the rescue. If you see an injured stranger lying in the Read More

When I was in the military working as a special agent for both the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and for Army CID, I spent time as a protective services agent, also known as a bodyguard. I have had the pleasure of guarding countless generals and politicians as well as Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Read More

Hey… it’s Jimbo. Over the last 33 years or so (but who counting?) FightFast has been blessed to work with gutsy operatives who work undercover. I’m talking about plainclothes agents hunting bad guys on foreign soil… black operatives who need to blend-in to get close to their targets… hardened undercover street cops… and generally the Read More

The role of a bodyguard is to protect people who are typically wealthy, famous, political figures, and other at-risk persons and sometimes to protect their property. To become a bodyguard, you need to possess or acquire a broad range of skills in order to be considered for the job. When I was in the military Read More