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How Does A REAL Private Investigator Conduct an Investigation?

In the fictional world of television or novels, clients (usually beautiful blondes) seek out a private investigator (trench coat and fedora included) to help them find something that doesn’t fall within the bounds of the police’s jurisdiction. They may have already tried working with the police or may be afraid of them, so they turn to private investigators because of the specialized skills they have.

In reality, your client may not be a beautiful blonde and you may have hung up your fedora a long time ago, but the reasons that clients hire investigators is about the same in fiction as it is in fact. Although operating on the periphery of law enforcement, an investigator is not in the business of enforcing laws. It is a subtle difference, but a critical one that you should understand.

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California courts have been wrangling with a case regarding the legality of police ripping the “patches” off of the jackets of a particular motorcycle “gang.” The “gang” in question prefers to be called The Mongols Motorcycle Club and to keep matters simple I will refer to this group as The Mongols from here on out. Read More

When I was a federal agent, one of the most critical tools I had was my bulletproof vest. It was important because it could save my life. ou have probably seen police officers wearing vests. For them, they could wear a nice thick vest. For me, I had to wear mine under my clothing, and Read More

No one likes a traffic stop, Not even cops. Next, to domestic disputes, this is probably the most dangerous thing police officers do every day. Every traffic stop is potentially deadly for the police officer. It’s not just the danger of gunfire or sudden assault that police officers face… more get killed by passing traffic Read More

If one is serious about conflict and combat studies, it is instructive to open the examination to other species. Such studies allow us to see the myriad similarities in aggression, stand-down tactics, flight behavior, et cetera and allow them to inform our own game. We humans often get a bit “theory-blind” and fail to see Read More

You don’t have to be a special agent to know that the first rule of winning a gunfight is to never get shot. Why? Well, getting shot greatly reduces your chances of emerging victorious. One thing we DID learn as agents is that if you DO get shot, it is not the end, you must Read More