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Get Out Alive: A Guide for Urban Survival by Derek Smith

When it comes to urban survival, there is no one size fits all solution. You must prepare in various ways when it comes to surviving an emergency or crisis situation. Each situation may require a different and possibly unique set of skills to deal with the crisis. Because of this, it’s important for you to plan and be prepared for each emergency to ensure the survival of yourself and your family.

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The Importance of Knowing How To Swim A recent series of water-related tragedies reminds us of, at the very least, the vital importance of the ability to swim, and for the ready-warriors of the world an ability that goes a bit beyond that.

Martial Arts & Weapons When it comes to self-defense, I like to train in systems that are practical, especially when it comes to martial arts that train in weapons use. You probably don’t carry around samurai swords, spears, or nunchucks with you, but you might carry a pocket knife or stick. For years I have Read More

A New Era James “Gentleman Jim” Corbett is regularly acknowledged as the dividing line separating the brawler/slugger era of boxing to the gloved “scientific” era. Corbett himself would tout the “scientific” method of fighting, which meant more fluidity and the addition of finesse punches to the usual power arsenal. Hear Corbett himself on the differences: Read More

It Can Happen To Anyone As a veteran of the Navy, Air Force,Army, and a former federal and military special agent, I have seen my share of action that most never have, or never will experience. Due to these experiences, I have been diagnosed by the veteran’s administration as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, better Read More

More Than Meets The Eye Situational awareness is a much-touted attribute of the truly ready and the ready wannabes of the world. Observational prowess is a much coveted and complex skill set possessed by the best indigenous trackers, seaman, scouts, and explorers. But if we are honest with ourselves, what we often call “awareness” in Read More