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How To Safeguard Your Home From A Home Invasion

No matter where you live, a home invasion can occur anytime and anyplace. In one of my other articles, I wrote about one my family experienced. This is especially true during civil emergencies or if there is a collapse in society. During these times, there will be mean break-ins, robberies, hostage taking, rapes, and murders.

In this article, I will provide you with several do it yourself (DIY) tactics that you can use and apply BEFORE there ever is a true civil emergency.

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It’s official: We are spiraling down into the hellscape of a zombie apocalypse. Last week while protestors began setting fires, looting buildings, attacking police, and triggering a new wave of business shutdowns across the country… …the egg-heads emerged from their labs with an ominous warning: A second and much worse wave of COVID infections is Read More

Two days deep in a mission based in Turkey, I went out with a fellow agent. I was briefed before going out that if gunmen tried to stop us, don’t stop. Do what we can to barrel through them and get away, or we would surely be taken hostage and perhaps killed. I was also Read More

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